Apr 04, 2020


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Dedication of this site

  1. Considering the importance of Biblical prophecy reflected in the fact that approximately one third of the Bible is related to prophecy,
  2. considering the fact that the Christian church worldwide is in need of a Biblical understanding of its relationship to Israel and of the Jewishness of the NT, of God’s plan for Israel among the nations,
  3. considering the fact that during the last decades until today more Jews have turned to their Messiah than in the past almost 2000 years combined, and
  4. considering the fact that there are many hundreds of languages that only have a translation of the New but not of the so-called Old Testament (the Tanach)
we have come to the conclusion that this site is to be dedicated to the need and cause of OT Bible Translation. The two parts of the Bible, like the candle and its wick, are ‘a light for our path’ (Ps 105:109); they form a unity that must not be split apart as neither is complete without the other. (See for instance literature that deals with the topic on the Use of the OT in the NT) – Consider the statistics to substantiate this need: Of the 2426 languages that have at least parts or portions of the Bible, the NT has been translated into 1144 languages. The OT is available only in 20% of the language groups included in the above (429). If there are 2’286 languages in which Bible translation is still a ‘probable need’ the conclusion is that many hundred OT-translations are still not even started.
(Click here for up-to-date statistics .)
What is the implication of this conclusion? According to John 8:12 Jesus (Yeshua) is the light of the world – in fulfillment of the prophetic passages in Isaiah’s Servant songs (42:6; 49:6). Because of this he says to his followers “YOU are the light of the world” (Matt 5:14). This calling concerns the Jews and the Gentiles but historically the Jews in the first place: “The nations shall come to your light” (Is 60:1ff). If you understand this Biblical teaching that the calling of the Jews TOGETHER with the Gentiles is to be “the light to the nations” you may do well to consider supporting ministries that are dedicated to train, send out and support Hebrew speaking Israelis for the purpose of translating the Tanach. While there are ministries both inside and outside Israel that share this great vision the only Israeli ministry today that explicitly shares and realizes it is the Jerusalem Center for Bible Translation in cooperation with the Jerusalem Biblical Studies Society. May we recommend that you pledge your support for Israeli translators dedicated to OT translation among the nations. Pray that God’s Spirit will send many of them to the nations, for in Abraham all the nations shall be blessed.
2018 Update: The first training course for several Israelis exploring the possibility of a calling as Hebrew translation consultants is being launched in February 2018. Their website is accessible in Hebrew under Hebrew4Nations. The course is under the Jerusalem Biblical Studies Society in cooperation with the Jerusalem Center for Bible Translation. Further Details from Baruch Brian Kvasnica, JBSS, POB 24262, Jerusalem 9788706 Israel.
This recommendation also applies to the support of the 'Messianic Prophecy Bible Project' as those Bibles will respond to the need that we have expressed several years ago in our review of the Tim LaHaye Prophecy Bible. It is important to make the MESSIANIC PROPHECY Bible available to a new generation of English/Hebrew speaking Israelis.
TAKE NOTE: It will be a strategic tool to increase the number of potential Tanach/OT-translators and translation-consultants needed for the still unfinished task of bringing the whole Gospel to the whole world. See especially the prophecies under Section VIII of this site.
(Note that this is not an advertisement. Ours is an independent site.)

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