Apr 04, 2020


God Speaks Every Language

(c)1963-2001 Inge Meier

An autobiographical account of how translating God's Word into three of Africa's 1500 languages became the fulfillment of the Great Commission thanks to teamwork of Western and African personnel. [Information on Bible Translation see WBTI.]

Available sections (in PDF format):

Chapter 1 - How it all began (413KB)
Chapter 2 - God prepares us (170KB)
Chapter 3 - In the "house" of the Chief (1.200KB)
Chapter 4 - Retreat to Abakaliki (221KB)
Chapter 5 - From this day on, I will bless you (1.610KB)
Chapter 6 - Uncertain future (306KB)
Chapter 7 - Out of suffering searched songs (453KB)
Chapter 8 - New tasks ahead (455KB)
Chapter 9 - Counting trials as joy? (4171KB)
Chapter 10 - Helpers become Team-Mates (237KB)
Chapter 11 - Putting the translation to the test (746KB)
Chapter 12 - From "talking box" to "cassette church" (513KB)
Chapter 13 - "There is no rest in the middle of a journey" (183KB)
Chapter 14 - Sprinting with last strength towards the goal (619KB)
Chapter 15 - First Harvest (1.260KB)


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