Apr 04, 2020


Our Vision Blog

Why we changed to the wiki format:

  1. It allows worldwide cooperation without necessitating special software programs.
  2. The database stays on the server and can be accessed from any internet-computer anywhere in the world
  3. Anyone with a password can contribute to this site just as is the case with the Wikipedia Encyclopedia
  4. While a cooperative site makes quality control more difficult, a Bible oriented site allows the user to check the essentials for him/herself.
  5. This site reduces the risk of false Bible references as it makes use of the largest Bible Search engine on the internet - thanks to Bible Gatway com
  6. Another reason is is the financial consideration: we prefer content to artistry since artistry though beautiful is expensive.
  7. Web editing programs are more difficult to learn than wiki-based web editing. Open source is less vulnerble to changes in operating systems.
  8. Wiki websites are independent of platforms - they are just as accessible on PCs as on Macs.