Dec 16, 2019


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Voices of Messianic Judaism: Confronting Critical Issues Facing a Maturing Movement
Baltimore, MD: Lederer Books: Distributed by Messianic Jewish Resources International
A collection of articles from various contributors.


  • The importance of Jewish liturgy / Stuart Dauermann
  • Messianic Jewish revival and liturgy / Joel Chernoff
  • Biblical authority / Dan Juster
  • Scripture and tradition / Mark S. Kinzer
  • Halakhic responsibility / Russ Resnik
  • Messianic Jews should attend Messianic Jewish synagogues / Bruce L. Cohen
  • Messianic Jews may join Bible-believing churches / J. Sibley
  • A representative presence / Barney Kasdan
  • A centrally run organization / Robert Cohen
  • Messianic Jewish higher education / Michael Rydelnik
  • Messianic Jewish institutions of higher learning / Paul Saal
  • Messianic Jewish children's education and church resources / Eva Rydelnik
  • Each generation must teach the next / Jeffrey E. Feinberg
  • Intermarriage can have a positive effect on Messianic Judaism / David Rudolph
  • Intermarriage can have an adverse effect on Messianic Judaism / Michael Schiffman
  • A case for Jewish leadership / Tony Eaton
  • Equal participants in the community / Patrice Fischer
  • Conversion of Gentiles: "no way" / Michael Wolf
  • The legitimacy of conversion / John Fischer
  • Women can be in leadership / Ruth Fleischer
  • Male leadership and the role of women / Sam Nadler
  • The traditional Jewish mission as a model / Michael Glaser
  • Messianic Keruv: gathering in, reaching out / Kay Silberling
  • Messianic Judaism's role in the diaspora / Murray Silberling
  • Messianic Jews should make aliyah / David H. Stern
  • Are we really at the end of the endtimes? / Richard C. Nichol
  • Eschatology and Messianic Jews / Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum
  • Challenges to Messianic Judaism / Shoshanah Feher
  • Thoughts from a longtime friend / Arthur Glasser