Feb 18, 2020


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Stephen T., ed.
The Impact of the Holocaust on Jewish Theology
New York University Press
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  • Is there a religious meaning to the idea of a chosen people after the Shoah? / Eliezer Schweid
  • The issue of confirmation and disconfirmation in Jewish thought after the Shoah / Steven T. Katz
  • Philosophical and midrashic thinking on the fateful events of Jewish history / Joseph A. Turner
  • The Holocaust : lessons, explanation, meaning / Shalom Rosenberg
  • Between Holocaust and redemption : silence, cognition, and eclipse / Gershon Greenberg
  • Ultra-Orthodox Jewish thought about the Holocaust since World War II : the radicalized aspect / Gershon Greenberg
  • Theological reflections on the Holocaust : between unity and controversy / Michael Rosenak
  • Building amidst devastation : halakic historical observations on marriage during the Holocaust / Ester Farbstein
  • Two Jewish approaches to evil in history / Zev Harvey
  • A call to humility and Jewish unity in the aftermath of the Holocaust / Shmuel Jakobovits
  • Is there a religious meaning to the rebirth of the state of Israel after the Shoah? / Shalom Ratzabi
  • The concept of exile as a model for dealing with the Holocaust / Yehoyada Amir
  • Is there a theological connection between the Holocaust and the reestablishment of the state of Israel? / David Novak
  • The Holocaust and the state of Israel : a historical view of their impact on and meaning for the understanding of the behavior of Jewish religious movements / Dan Michman
  • Theology and the Holocaust : the presence of God and diving [i.e. divine] providence in history from the perspective of the Holocaust / Yosef Achituv
  • Educational implications of Holocaust and rebirth / Tova Ilan.