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AIC3 - Land of Israel in History

This page lists those entries in the AIC3 group.


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Last Name First Name Title Publisher Year Group
ARCHBOLD Norma Parrish The Mountains of Israel Phoebe's Song 1993 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
AVNERI Arieh L. Claim of Dispossession: Jewish Land Settlement and the Arabs, 1878-1948 Transaction Publications 1984 AIC3 ANT3
BONAR Horatius, 1808-1889 The Land of Promise: Notes of a Spring-Journey from Beersheba to Sidon London: James Nisbet 1858 AIC3
BOOKER Richard Blow the Trumpet in Zion Destiny Image Publishers 1985 AIC3 MOH3
Amazon Review/s
NEIL James Palestine Re-Peopled, or, Scattered Israel's Gathering: A Sign of the Times London: James Nisbet 1876 AIC3 RJI4
Read or download here or purchase there
REHOV Pierre Holy Land: Christians in Peril (DVD) SISU Home Entertainment 2002 AIC3 JCR2
Amazon Review/s and and Director's Webstore
TEPLINSKY Sandra Why Care about Israel: How the Jewish Nation Is Key to Unleashing Gods Blessings in the 21st Century Grand Rapids, MI: Chosen 2004 AIC3 MOH5
RUBIN David God, Israel, and Shiloh Mazo Pub. 2007 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
CASTLE Wilfrid T. F. Syrian pageant: the history of Syria and Palestine, 1000 B.C. to A.D. 1945: a background to religion, politics and literature London; New York: Hutchinson 1948 AIC3
EGERIA 4th/5th cent. Egeria's Travels to the Holy Land Jerusalem: Ariel Pub. House; Warminster, England: Aris & Phillips 1981 AIC3
FINTO Don God's Promise and the Future of Israel: Compelling Questions People ask about Israel and the Middle East Ventura, CA: Regal Books 2006 PRO3 AIC3
Amazon-review/s. French translation here
FRIEDMAN Isaiah The Question of Palestine New York: Schocken Books 1973 AIC3
GOLD Dore The Fight for Jerusalem: Radical Islam, the West, and the Future of the Holy City Regnery Publishing, Inc. 2007 AIC3 JCR10
Amazon Review/s
HOUSE H. Wayne, ed. Israel, the Land and the People: An Evangelical Affirmation of God's Promises Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel 1998 AIC3
Amazon Review/s; See Extended comments here
INTRATER Keith A. What Does the Bible REALLY Say About the Land? Revive Israel 2006 PRO3 AIC3
available here
JESCHKE Marlin Rethinking Holy Land: A Study in Salvation Geography Scottdale, PA: Herald Press 2005 AIC3 PRO3
Amazon Review/s
LAMBERT Lance Prophets and the Modern State of Israel (VHS) Christians For Israel ? PRO3 AIC3
PT. 1-2 (2 tapes)
LE STRANGE G. (Guy) Palestine Under the Moslems: A Description of Syria and the Holy Land from A.D. 650 to 1500 London: Alexander P. Watt for the Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund 1890 AIC3
Translated from the Works of the Mediaeval Arab Geographers
LINDSAY Mark R. Barth, Israel, and Jesus: Karl Barth's Theology of Israel Aldershot, Hampshire, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate 2007 JCR6 HOL AIC3
See Extended comments here
FISHER Julia Ces Arabes Qui Aiment Israel Editions Sénévé 2008 JCR9 AIC3
Available here
ROBINSON Edward Biblical researches in Palestine, Mount Sinai and Arabia Petraea: A Journal of Travels in the Year 1838 Boston: Crocker & Brewster 1841 AIC3
ROBINSON Edward Later Biblical Researches in Palestine, and in the Adjacent Regions: A Journal of Travels in the Year 1852 Boston: Crocker & Brewster 1856 AIC3
ROBINSON Edward Physical Geography of the Holy Land Boston: Crocker & Brewster 1865 AIC3
RÖHRICHT R. (Reinhold) Bibliotheca Geographica Palaestinae : Chronologisches Verzeichnis der von 333 bis 1878 verfassten Literatur über das Heilige Land mit dem Versuch einer Kartographie Jerusalem: Universitas Booksellers of Jerusalem 1963 AIC3
SCHUR Nathan Twenty Centuries of Christian Pilgrimage to the Holy Land Tel Aviv, Israel: Dvir Publishing House 1992 AIC3
SHARON Moshe The Holy Land in History and Thought: Papers Submitted To The International Conference on the Relations Between the Holy Land and the World Outside It, Johannesburg, 1986 Leiden; New York: E.J. Brill 1988 AIC3 RJI2
Google Books full text and Amazon Review/s
SIDEBOTHAM H. British Policy and the Palestine Mandate: Our Proud Privilege London 1929 AIC3
SIDEBOTHAM H. England & Palestine London 1918 AIC3
STONE Julius Israel and Palestine: Assault on the Law of Nations Johns Hopkins University Press 1981 AIC3 AIC4
Extracts in pdf. with additional material & commentary '''updated to 2003'''; Same in HTML format from AIJAC 2nd ed. 2003; Amazon Reviews for 1981 ed.
SWANSON R. N. The Holy Land, Holy Lands, and Christian History: Papers Read at the 1998 Summer Meeting and the 1999 Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society Woodbridge, Suffolk; Rochester, NY: For the Ecclesiastical History Society by the Boydell Press 2000 AIC3
TOBLER Titus Bibliographia Geographica Palaestinae: zunächst kritische Übersicht gedruckter und ungedruckter Beschreibungen der Reisen ins Heilige Land Leipzig: S. Hirzel 1867 AIC3
TOBLER Titus Descriptiones Terrae Sanctae ex Saeculo VIII., IX., XII. et XV Leipzig: J.C. Hinrichs 1874 AIC3
TOBLER Titus Titus Toblers dritte Wanderung nach Palästina im Jahre 1857: Ritt durch Philistäa, Fussreisen im Gebirge Judäas und Nachlese in Jerusalem Gotha: Justus Perthes 1859 AIC3
TREVES Frederick, Sir, 1853-1923 The Land That Is Desolate: An Account of a Tour in Palestine London: Smith, Elder & Co. 1913 AIC3
TUCHMAN Barbara Bible and Sword: England and Palestine from the Bronze Age to Balfour Orion Publishing Co. 2000 AIC3
Reprint of 1984 ed.
WACKER Marie-Theres, Elaine M. Wainright, eds. Land Conflicts, Land Utopias London: SCM Press 2007 AIC3
Concilium 2007/2
WARREN Charles, Sir, 1840-1927 Underground Jerusalem: With a Narrative of an Expedition Through the Jordan Valley and a Visit to the Samaritans London: Richard Bentley 1876 AIC3
WASSERSTEIN Bernard Divided Jerusalem: The Struggle for the Holy City Yale University Press 2002 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
WILSON & WARREN Charles William, Sir, 1836-1905 & and Sir Charles The Recovery of Jerusalem: a Narrative of Exploration and Discovery in the City and the Holy Land New York: D. Appleton 1872 AIC3
WRIGHT Thomas, 1810-1877 Early Travels In Palestine: Comprising The Narratives Of Arculf, Willibald, Bernard, Saewulf, Sigurd, Benjamin Of Tudela, Sir John Maundeville, De La Brocquière, and Maundrell London: Henry G. Bohn 1848 AIC3
See Extended comments here
NAGGAR David The Case for A Larger Israel DaJe 2007 AIC3
BARD Mitchell Geoffrey Will Israel Survive? Palgrave Macmillan 2007 AIC3
BARD & SCHWARTZ Mitchell Geoffrey & Moshe 1001 Facts Everyone Should Know about Israel Rowman & Littlefield 2005 AIC3
MASALHA Nur Expulsion of the Palestinians: The Concept of "Transfer" in Zionist Political Thought, 1882-1948 Institute for Palestine Studies 1992 AIC3
WEBER Leonard ...[et al.] Theology of the land Liturgical Press 1987 JCR6 AIC3 AIC8 PRO8
GLICK Caroline B. Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad Gefen Publishing House 2008 AIC3 AIC8
GREENSPAN Michael, Presenter Against All Odds - Israel Survives (DVD SET) Questar 2006 AIC3
Amazon-review/s. Consists of 13 episodes (25 min. each) documentary plus an extra feature film.
FISHER Julia A Future for Israel: Christian Arabs share their stories Authentic 2006 PRO3 JCR9 AIC3
DWORKIN Andrea Scapegoat: The Jews, Israel, and Women's Liberation Free Press 2002 ANT1 AIC3 RJI2
CLARK David The Israel Code Austin Douglas Publications 2006 AIC3 JCR8
CFI Oline Resources
DIXON Murray Israel: The Land of God's Promise Sovereign World 2006 AIC3 PRO3 JCR1
CFI Online store
HATIKVAH Film Trust The Forsaken Promise (DVD) Vision Video 2007 AIC3
Christian Cinema Review
CROMBIE Kelvin Cyrus Call : The Destiny of Britain (DVD) Vision Video & Hatikvah Film Trust 2004 AIC3
Vision Video
PENKOWER Monty Noam Holocaust & Israel Reborn: From Catastrophe to Sovereignty University of Illinois Press 1994 AIC3 HOL
QUESTAR   The Gates of Jerusalem: A History of the Holy City (DVD) Questar 2006 AIC3 PRO3
LIPKIN Avi Israel's Bible Bloc (Book & CD) click here 2006 AIC3
Alias Victor Mordecai
SHARFMA Daphna, Ed. The Secret of Coexistence: Jews and Arabs in Haifa During the British Mandate in Palestine,1920-1948 BookSurge Publishing 2007 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
KARMI Ghada Married to Another Man: Israel's Dilemma in Palestine Pluto Press 2007 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
JEWISH AGENCY FOR PALESTINE   Historical Connection of the Jewish People with Palestine: to The Palestine Royal Commission, 1936 Tel Aviv: Shohan's Press 1936 RJ3 AIC3
Read it (1946 rev. ed.) here
JACOB BLAUSTEIN INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF HUMAN RIGHTS   Mandate of Destiny: The 1947 United Nations Decision to Partition Palestine. Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights 2008 AIC3 RJI2
Read it here
LASSNER & TROEN Jacob & S. Ilan Jews and Muslims in the Arab World: Haunted by Pasts Real and Imagined Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2007 AIC3 RJI2 JCR9
Amazon Review/s
JOHNSTON & WALKER Philip & Peter W.L., eds. The Land of Promise: Biblical, Theological and Contemporary Perspectives InterVarsity Press 2000 AIC3 RJI5 ANT5 PRO10 PRO3
Collection of non-dispensationalist, amillennial essays by Anglican authors with the central argument that the modern Israelite state is not part of God's redemptive program, and that land promises have been "spiritualized" and "universalized" in Christ; Amazon Review/s
PRICE Randall The Battle for the Last Days' Temple Harvest House Publishers 2004 PRO3 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
McQUAID Elwood For the Love of Zion Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry 2007 AIC3 AIC5
Amazon Review/s
GOLDHILL Simon Jerusalem: City of Longing Belknap Press 2008 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
CLINE Eric H. The Battles of Armageddon: Megiddo and the Jezreel Valley from the Bronze Age to the Nuclear Age University of Michigan Press 2002 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
CLINE Eric H. Jerusalem Besieged: From Ancient Canaan to Modern Israel University of Michigan Press 2005 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
SHANKS Hershel Jerusalem's Temple Mount: From Solomon to the Golden Dome Continuum 2007 AIC3 PRO3
Amazon Review/s
RITMEYER Leen Jerusalem in the Year 30 A.D. Carta Jerusalem 2004 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
RITMEYER Leen Secrets of Jerusalem's Temple Mount Biblical Archaeology Society, Updated Enlarged ed. 2006 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
RITMEYER Leen Jerusalem in the Time of Nehemiah Carta Jerusalem 2005 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
RITMEYER Leen The Ritual of the Temple in the Time of Christ Carta Jerusalem 2002 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
ARIEL & RICHMAN Israel & Chaim Carta's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Holy Temple Coronet Books 2004 AIC3
***** Our favorite Amazon Review/s
RICHMAN Chaim A House of Prayer for All Nations: The Holy Temple of Jerusalem Temple Institute 1997 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
GARRARD Alec The Splendor of the Temple Kregel Publications 2001 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
EDERSHEIM Alfred The Temple: Its Ministry and Services as They Were at the Time of Jesus Christ Kregel Classics 1997 AIC3
Amazon Review/s and in Spanish
EDERSHEIM Alfred Sketches of Jewish Social Life Hendrickson Publishers, Updated ed. 1994 AIC3
In the first century C.E./A.D. Amazon Review/s and MJRI Webstore and Full-text
BAHAT Dan Carta's Historical Atlas of Jerusalem: An Illustrated Survey Carta Jerusalem 2004 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
BEN YEHUDA Eliezer Fulfillment of Prophecy: The Life Story of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda 1858-1922 BookSurge Publishing 2009 AIC3 PRO3
Amazon Review/s
KLEIN Aaron The Late Great State of Israel: How Enemies Within and Without Threaten the Jewish Nation's Survival WND Books 2009 AIC3 AIC5
WND Review and Amazon Review/s
GORDIS Daniel Saving Israel: How the Jewish People Can Win a War That May Never End Wiley 2009 MOH3 AIC3 MOH5
Amazon Review/s A political history book that lacks the Biblical perspective that sees Israel as God's chosen nation to make Himself known to the rest of the world. Neither 'Abraham' nor the 'Messiah' are included in the extensive Index.
GORDIS Daniel Coming Together, Coming Apart: A Memoir of Heartbreak and Promise in Israel Wiley 2006 AIC3 AIC5
Amazon Review/s
DERSHOWITZ Alan What Israel Means to Me: By 80 Prominent Writers, Performers, Scholars, Politicians, and Journalists Wiley 2007 AIC3 AIC5
Amazon Review/s
MALTZ Steve Land of Many Names Authentic Lifestyle 2003 AIC3 PRO3
Author's website
GILDER George The Israel Test Richard Vigilante Books 2009 AIC3 MOH3
Amazon Review/s
BENJAMIN Marina Last Days in Babylon: The Exile of Iraq's Jews, the Story of My Family Free Press 2008 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
NETANYAHU Benjamin A Durable Peace: Israel and its Place Among Nations Grand Central Publishing 2000 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
PHILPOTT Ellie My Enemy My Friend Sovereign World 2002 JCR9 AIC3
RADOSH Allis & Ronald A Safe Haven: Harry S. Truman and the Founding of Israel Harper 2009 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
SENOR & SINGER Dan & Saul Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle New York: Twelve 2009 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
INBARI Motti Jewish Fundamentalism and the Temple Mount: Who Will Build the Third Temple? Albany : SUNY Press 2009 PRO3 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
WEIN Berel Faith & Fate: The Story of the Jewish People in the Twentieth Century (DVD Series) Destiny Films 2008- AIC3
DAVID PROJECT The The Forgotten Refugees: A film about the mass exodus of Jews from Arab countries and Iran in the 20th century (DVD) ISRATV 2005 AIC3
Judaism.com webstore
KATZ Shmuel The Aaronsohn Saga Gefen Publishing House 2007 AIC3
WND Summary
WHITE Dan L. The Jubilee Principle: God's Plan for Economic Freedom WND Books 2009 MOH2 AIC3
Amazon Review/s and WND webstore
CESARANI David Major Farran's Hat: The Untold Story of the Struggle to Establish the Jewish State Da Capo Press 2009 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
WALKER B. The Future of Palestine as a Problem of International Policy General Books 2009 RJI4 AIC3
Reprint of the London 1881 edition
DERSHOWITZ Alan What Israel Means to Me: By 80 Prominent Writers, Performers, Scholars, Politicians, and Journalists Wiley 2007 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
BURGE Gary M. Jesus and the Land: The New Testament Challenge to "Holy Land" Theology Baker Academic 2010 ANT5 RJI5 AIC3 JCR6
Amazon Review/s
BURGE Gary M. The Bible and the Land Zondervan 2009 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
LAQUEUR Walter A History of Zionism: From the French Revolution to the Establishment of the State of Israel Schocken 2003 AIC3 AIC4
Amazon Review/s
KARSH Efraim Palestine Betrayed Yale University Press 2010 AIC3 MOH5
Amazon Review/s and another review and the Jaffa case as example of betrayal with extended notes
SEGEV Tom One Palestine, Complete: Jews and Arabs Under the British Mandate Picador 2001 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
SEGAL Benjamin J. Returning: The Land of Israel as Focus in Jewish History iUniverse 2005 RJI2 AIC3 MOH3
Amazon Review/s
SUFIAN Sandra M. Healing the Land and the Nation: Malaria and the Zionist Project in Palestine, 1920-1947 University Of Chicago Press 2007 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
FREEDMAN Robert O. Contemporary Israel: Domestic Politics, Foreign Policy, and Security Challenges Westview Press, illustrated ed. 2008 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
SPILLMAN Steven M. & James R. Breaking the Treasure Code: The Hunt for Israel's Oil True Potential Publishing 2007 AIC3 PRO3
Amazon Review/s; Olive Tree
KIESER Hans-Lukas Nearest East: American Millenialism and Mission to the Middle East Temple University Press 2010 AIC3 AIC8 RJI4 JCR5
Amazon Review/s
WILKEN Robert L. The Land Called Holy: Palestine in Christian History and Thought Yale University Press 2009 PRO3 AIC3 RJI4
Amazon Review/s
FRANK Mitch Understanding the Holy Land: Answering questions about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Viking Juvenile 2005 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
OHANA David Political Theologies in the Holy Land: Israeli Messianism and its Critics Routledge 2009 AIC3 JID11
Amazon Review/s
MISSLER Chuck Missler Betrayal of the Chosen - MP3 Koinonia House 1997 AIC3 PRO3
Download here
SHECHTER Jack The Land of Israel: Its Theological Dimensions: A Study of Promise and of a Land's "Holiness" University Press of America 2010 PRO3 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
GRIEF Howard The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law Mazo Publishers 2008 AIC3
Amazon Review/s and William Mehlman's review
ELIAV Arie L. New Heart, New Spirit: Biblical Humanism for Modern Israel Jewish Publication Society of America 1989 AIC3 AIC6
Amazon Review/s
BAUER Yehuda From Diplomacy to Resistance: A History of Jewish Palestine, 1939-1945 Jewish Publication Society of America 2001 AIC3
E-Book Shuk Varda edition
BARON Salo W., ed. Violence and Defense in the Jewish Experience (E-Book) Jewish Publication Society of America 2002 AIC3
E-Book Shuk Varda Books ed. ; Amazon
ELATH Eliahu Zionism at the UN: A Diary of the First Days Jewish Publication Society of America 2001 AIC3 AIC7
E-Book Shuk/Varda Books
BRUEGGEMANN Walter E. The Land: Place as Gift, Promise and Challenge in Biblical Faith Fortress Press, Rev. ed. 2002 PRO3 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
Habel Norman C. The Land is Mine: Six Biblical Land Ideologies Fortress Press 1993 AIC3 PRO3
Amazon Review/s
MARCH W. Eugene God's Land on Loan: Israel, Palestine, and the World Westminster John Knox Press 2007 AIC3 PRO3
Amazon Review/s. Reprint: 1st ed. entitled ''Israel and the Politics of Land: A Theological Case Study'' (1994).
BLOCK Daniel Israel: Ancient Kingdom or Late Invention? B&H Academic 2008 AIC3 AIC5
Amazon Review/s
BUBER Martin On Zion: The History of an Idea Syracuse University Press 1997 AIC3 AIC4
Amazon review/s
KOOK Abraham Isaac Orot Jason Aronson 1993 RJI2 AIC3
Full title: '''Orot Teshuva''' or '''The Lights of Penitence''' (Return) Amazon Review/s
KOOK Abraham Isaac The Essential Writings of Abraham Isaac Kook Ben Yehuda Press 2006 RJI2 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
HOFFMAN Lawrence, ed. The Land of Israel: Jewish Perspectives University of Indiana Press 1986 AIC3 RJI2
Amazon Review/s
ST. JOHN Robert T. Tongue of the Prophets: The Life Story of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda New York: Doubleday 1952 AIC3 MOH3
Read it online
MEIR Golda A Land of our Own: An Oral Autobiography New York: Putman 1973 MOH3 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
KARK Ruth, ed. The Land that Became Israel: Studies in Historical Geography Yale University Press 1990 AIC3
KATZ Yossi Between Jerusalem and Hebron: Jewish Settlement in the Pre-State Period Bar-Ilan University Press 1992 AIC3
ADLER Joseph. Restore the Jews to Their Homeland: Nineteen Centuries in the Quest for Zion Jason Aronson 1997 AIC3 RJI2
Amazon Review/s
TUTEN Eric Engel Between Capital and Land: The Jewish National Fund's Finances and Land-Purchase Priorities in Palestine, 1939-1945 Routledge 2005 RJI2 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
KARSH Efraim, ed. Israel: the First Hundred Years (Multivolume Series) Routledge 2000- AIC3 AIC4
GILBERT Martin In Ishmael's House: A History of Jews in Muslim Lands Yale University Press 2010 MOH3 RJI1 JID14 AIC1 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
AVNER Yehuda The Prime Ministers: An Intimate Narrative of Israeli Leadership The Toby Press 2010 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
? Shaul & Ora Yishmael, The Weapon of Chastisement of The End Times Sukkat David 2010 MTH PRO3 PRO5 AIC2 AIC3
Available in several languages at Sukkat David website
REELANT Adriaan Palaestina ex veteribus illustrata Monuments Libraria Guilielma Broedelet, 2 vols. 1714 AIC3 JCR5
Rare Book in Latin Download v. 1. here; Download v. 2. here
TURNER Kenneth J. The Death of Deaths in the Death of Israel: Deuteronomy's Theology of Exile Wipf & Stock Publishers 2011 RJI4 AIC3 MOH3 PRO3
Amazon Review/s
DYER & ELLISEN Charles H. & Stanley Who Owns the Land? The Arab-Israeli Conflict Tyndale House Publishers, Updated and rev. 2003 AIC3
Amazon Review/s "Judged on biblical grounds, the nation today does not pass divine muster. The promise of the land is directly tied to the nations's response to Messiah. Though her international right to the land can be well defended, her divine right by covenant has only sentiment in its favor." (p. 174)
ROSENBERG Joel Were The Jews Given The Promised Land? (v. 2 in ''What Does It Matter'' Series) Joshua Fund 2009 AIC3PRO3
View online videofile here
ANKERBERG & DeYOUNG John & Jimmy Israel Under Fire: The Prophetic Chain of Events That Threatens the Middle East Harvest House Publishers 2009 PRO3 AIC3
Amazn Review/s
COHEN Chuck & Karen Grounded: The Promised Land in the New Testament Watchmen for Jerusalem 2008 AIC3 PRO3
IFI Webstore
COLLINS & LAPIERRE Larry & Dominique O Jerusalem! Simon & Schuster 2007 AIC3
Amazon Review/s and Movie on DVD
KATZ Shmel Lone Wolf: A Biography of Vladimir (Ze'ev) Jabotinsky (2 vols.) New York: Barricade Books, Inc. 1996 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
BLACK Edwin The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine Dialog Press, 25th Anniversary Ed. 2009 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
ISAAK Jon, ed. The Old Testament in the Life of God's People: Essays in Honor of Elmer A. Martens Eisenbrauns 2009 JCR6 JCR3 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
FRANKEL David The Land of Canaan and the Destiny of Israel: Theologies of Territory in the Hebrew Bible Eisenbrauns 2011 AIC3 RJI2
Amazon Review/s
ERLICH Avi Ancient Zionism: The Biblical Origins of the National Idea New York: Free Press 1995 AIC3 RJI2
Amazon Review/s
DAVIES W. D. The Territorial Dimension of Judaism Fortress Press 1992 AIC3 RJI2 RJI4 RJI5
Amazon Review/s
STRECKER Georg, ed. Das Land Israel in biblischer Zeit: Jerusalem-Symposium 1981 der Hebräischen Universität und der Georg-August-Universität Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 1983 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
RUITEN & VOS J. van & J. Cornelis de, Eds. The Land of Israel in Bible, History, and Theology: Studies in Honour of Ed Noort Leiden; Boston: Brill 2009 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
OHLER Annemarie. Israel, Volk und Land: Zur Geschichte der wechselseitigen Beziehungen zwischen Israel und seinem Land in alttestamentlicher Zeit Verlag Katholisches Bibelwerk 1979 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
WEINFELD Moshe The Promise of the Land: The Inheritance of the Land of Canaan by the Israelites University of California Press 1993 AIC3 RJI2
Amazon Review/s and by permission, Netlibrary fulltext
STAVRAKOPOULOU Francesca Land of Our Fathers: The Roles of Ancestor Veneration in Biblical Land Claims T&T Clark International 2010 AIC3 RJI2
Amazon Review/s
RIFKIND Simon Hirsch The basic equities of the Palestine problem New York 1947 AIC3
Google Books FULL TEXT of 1977 Arno Press ed. and Amazon
PENKOWER Monty Noam Decision on Palestine Deferred: America, Britain and Wartime Diplomacy, 1939-1945 Routledge 2002 AIC3 AIC8
Amazon Review/s
MEOTTI Giulio A New Shoah: The Untold Story of Israel's Victims of Terrorism Encounter Books 2010 AIC3
Amazon Review/s. Author's view of Antisemitism in Italy, 06.13.11
DERSHOWITZ Alan M. The Trials of Zion Grand Central Publishing 2010 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
CHURCH Philip ... [et al.] The Gospel and the Land of Promise: Christian Approaches to the Land of the Bible Cascade Books 2011 ANT5 RJI5 AIC3
Amazon Review/s; Anti-Christian Zionist literature based on the central premise that the modern Israelite state is not part of God's redemptive program, and that land promises have been "spiritualized" and "universalized" in Christ (The Fulfilment View).
WOLFF Katherine Elena "Geh in das Land, das ich Dir zeigen werde...": das Land Israel in der frühen rabbinischen Tradition und im Neuen Testament Peter Lang 1989 RJI2 AIC3 RJI4
BIRKS Adrian "Israel and the Church: Fulfilment of Promise" Online Paper 2010 PRO3 PRO8 JCR6 AIC3
Downloadable Online
RICHMAN, KLEIN & HUTCHINS Chaim, Ken & Noah The Temple Mount Dilemma DVD Ken Klein Productions 2007 PRO3 AIC3
Amazon Review/s and Webstore
AKENSON Donald Harman God's Peoples: Covenant and Land in South Africa, Israel, and Ulster Cornell University Press 1992 AIC7 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
    Israel, A Journey of Light (6-DVD SET) Christians for Israel, Canada 2010 MOH3 PRO3 AIC3
WND Webstore
McGAHERN Una Palestinian Christians in Israel: State Attitudes towards Non-Muslims in a Jewish State Routledge 2011 AIC2 AIC3 JCR9 JCR10
Amazon Review/s
BROWN & PENNER Wesley H. & Peter F. Christian Perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict William Carey International University Press 2008 JCR10 JCR8 JCR9 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
LODEN, WALKER & WOOD Lisa, Peter & Michael The Bible and the Land: An Encounter Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation 2000 JCR9 JCR3 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
BOHRER Yehuda The Geographic Codes of the Bible Studio Bat Ami, Beth-El 2000-? AIC3 AIC5
A collection of twenty six essays illuminating key issues and biblical events by exploring the relationship between the geography of the Land of Israel and the biblical message. 256pages. Author's website
SABAR Ariel My Father's Paradise: A Son's Search for His Jewish Past in Kurdish Iraq Algonquin Books 2008 JID14 AIC3
Amaozn Review/s Contents
MEYDANI Assaf The Israeli Supreme Court and the Human Rights Revolution: Courts as Agenda Setters Cambridge University Press 2011 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
MAUTNER Menachem Law and the Culture of Israel Oxford University Press 2011 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
BARAK-EREZ Daphne Outlawed Pigs: Law, Religion, and Culture in Israel University of Wisconsin Press 2007 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
MAZIE Steven V. Israel's Higher Law: Religion and Liberal Democracy in the Jewish State Lexington Books 2006 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
GOODMAN Hirsh The Anatomy of Israel's Survival PublicAffairs 2011 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
OHANA David The Origins of Israeli Mythology: Neither Canaanites Nor Crusaders Cambridge University Press, Reprint 2012 AIC3 AIC4
Amazon Review/s
VAN CREVELD Martin The Sword And The Olive: A Critical History Of The Israeli Defense Force PublicAffairs 2002 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
LAKSIN & HOROWITZ Jacob & David Obama and the War Against the Jews (E-Book) David Horowitz Freedom Center 2010 AIC8 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
MUNAYER & LODEN Salim J. & Lisa, eds. The Land Cries Out: Theology of the Land in the Israeli-Palestinian Context Cascade Books 2012 AIC3 PRO3
Amazon Review/s
Wright Fred Israel...His People, His Land, His Story Thankful Books 2006 PRO3 RJI3 REM3 JCR8 AIC3 MOH3
Amazon Review/s
ALEXANDER Paul Christ at the Checkpoint: Theology in the Service of Justice and Peace Pickwick Publications 2012 AIC3 PRO3 ANT4 ANT3
Amazon Review/s and Publisher website. These are the papers presented at the "Christ at the Checkpoint conference held at the Bethlehem Bible College in 2010. The recent meeting (2012) was admittedly ''hosted and organized entirely by Palestinian evangelicals.'' The Israeli messianic voice is suppressed if it is too Zionist. How can a just settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict be attained without the clear authentic voice of Israeli Messianics?
EIZENSTAT Stuart E. The Future of the Jews: How Global Forces are Impacting the Jewish People, Israel, and its Relationship with the United States Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2012 AIC8 MOH3 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
PIJS   The Legitimacy of Israel: Mishkan 65 Paasche Institute of Jewish Studies 2010 MTH JCR7 AIC3 JCR1
Mishkan store
PIJS   Legal Challenges for Believers in Israel: Mishkan 63 Paasche Institute of Jewish Studies 2010 MTH JCR7 RJI2 AIC3
Mishkan store
PIJS   Israel, the Land, and Christian Zionism: Mishkan 55 Paasche Institute of Jewish Studies 2008 MTH JCR7 AIC3 AIC5
Mishkan store
CCBJS   The Messianic Jewish Movement and Academic Work: Mishkan 27 Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies 1997 MTH JCR7 AIC3
Mishkan store
CCBJS   The Messianic Jewish Movement and The Land: Mishkan 26 Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies 1997 MTH AIC3 JCR6 RJI2
Mishkan store
WALLACE Cynthia D. Foundations of the International Legal Rights of the Jewish People and the State of Israel: Implications for a New Palestinian State Creation House 2012 AIC3 PRO3 AIC1
Amazon Review/s
GAUTHIER Jacques “Whose Jerusalem Is It?”: Sovereignty over Jerusalem and its Old City Online Video 2011 AIC3 AIC4
ICEJ Free Video
BEZIMRA Salomon The Jewish People's Rights to the Land of Israel CILR 2011 AIC3 AIC4
Amazon Review/s
HITCHCOCK Mark Iran and Israel: Wars and Rumors of Wars Harvest House Publishers 2013 AIC2 AIC3 PRO3 PRO5
Amazon Review/s
RUBIN David The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama Shiloh Israel Press 2010 AIC8 AIC2 AIC3
Amazon Review/s and Book website
CUFI Christians United For Israel Israel 101 (EB) online article by CUFI 2013 AIC3
Read it here. It's free.
STAV Arieh, Ed. Israel and a Palestinian State: Zero Sum Game? (EB) Zmora-Bitan Publishers and ACPR Publishers 2001 AIC3
Read Full-Text online and Table of Contents
STAV Arieh The Threat of Ballistic Missiles in the Middle East: Active Defense and Counter-Measures Sussex Academic Press and ACPR Publishers 2004 AIC3
ACPR Web and Amazon Review/s and Full text of original Hebrew version
ISRAELI Raphael Arabs in Israel: Friends or Foes? (EB) Eli Gabbai with with ACPR Publishers 2008 AIC3
ACPR Review. Read or download Full Text. Also Amazon Review/s
TSIDON-CHATTO Yoash ... (et al.) Peace with Syria: No Margin for Error (EB) ACPR Publications 2000 AIC2 AIC3
Read or Download online. Also Table of contents
BARDER Christopher Oslo's Gift of "Peace": The Destruction of Israel's Security ACPR Publishers 2001 AIC3
Table of contents and Amazon
OREN Yosef An Unconventional Attitude Toward Israeli Literature (EB) ACPR Publishers 2002 JID11 JID8 AIC3 AIC4 JID13
Full Text and ARC Review
GOTTIER Richard F. Aliyah: God's Last Great Act of Redemption Sovereign World 2002 AIC3 MOH3 PRO3
Amazon Review/s
Bennett Ramon The Wilderness (EB) Shekinah Books, Kindle ed. 2013 PRO3 MOH3 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
BENTLEY with GILLESPIE Ray with Genevieve The Holy Land Key: Unlocking End-Times Prophecy Through the Lives of God's People in Israel WaterBrook Press 2014 PRO3 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
GIL Moshe A History of Palestine, 634-1099 Cambridge University Press 1997 MOH3 AIC3 REM
Amazon Review/s
BOCK & GLASER Darrell & Mitch The People, the Land, and the Future of Israel: Israel and the Jewish People in the Plan of God Kregel Publications 2014 PRO3 AIC3 JCR1 JCR6
Amazon Review/s
ECKERT Harald Israel, the Nations and the Valley of Decision Online Book & Kindle, 2nd ed. 2014 PRO3 AIC3 PRO7 PRO8
Download Free Kindle or Free PDF (see bottom right for download choices)
SALUS Bill Nuclear Showdown in Iran, Revealing the Ancient Prophecy of Elam Prophecy Depot Publishing 2014 PRO5 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
MURAVCHIK Joshua Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel Encounter Books; Reprint ed 2015 ANT2 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
TENENBOM Tuvia Catch The Jew! Gefen Publishing Hous 2015 AIC3 AIC4
Amazon Rview/s
EPHRON Dan Killing a King: The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the Remaking of Israel W. W. Norton & Company; 1 ed 2015 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
TEPLINSKY Sandra Why Still Care about Israel?: The Sanctity of Covenant, Moral Justice and Prophetic Blessing Chosen Books; Upd Rev ed 2013 AIC3 JCR1 JCR8 MOH5
Amazon Review/s
FRIEDMAN David Will the Nazi Eagle Rise Again?: What the Church Needs to Know about BDS and Other Forms of Anti-Semitism Lederer Publishers 2017 ANT2 AIC7 AIC3 JCR1
Amazon Review/s
McDERMOTT Gerald R. The New Christian Zionism: Fresh Perspectives on Israel and the Land Intervarsity 2016 AIC5 AIC3
Amazon Review/s
BRUEGGEMANN Walter Chosen?: Reading the Bible Amid the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Westminister John Knox Press 2015 AIC3 AIC4 JCR1
Amazon Review/s and Russel Resnik's review

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