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Last Name First Name Title Publisher Year Group
SCHEINBERG Cynthia Women's Poetry and Religion in Victorian England: Jewish Identity and Christian Culture Cambridge University Press 2002 JID14
GOLDBERG Louis Our Jewish Friends Chicago : Moody Press 1977 REM
ANTONIUS George The Arab Awakening: The Story of the Arab National Movement Simon Publications 2001 AIC2
SANCHEZ Dell F. The Last Exodus Jubilee Alive Books 1998 JID4
BARBOUR Neville Palestine: Star or Crescent New York: Odyssey Press 1947 AIC4
ELLUL Jacques Ce Dieu injuste-- ? Théologie Chrétienne pour le Peuple d'Israël Paris: Arléa 1991 JCR1
RYKEN & WILHOIT & LONGMAN III Leland, J.C. , and T. , eds. Dictionary of Biblical Imagery IVP 1998 PRO1
FINDLEY Paul They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby Lawrence Hill & Co 2003 AIC8 ANT4
LIBERMANN Paul The Fig Tree Blossoms. Messianic Judaism Emerges Harrison 1976 REM
RIGGANS Walter Israel and Zionism Handsel 1988 AIC5 RJI4
McDURMON Joel Defeating The Myth-Storians (DVD) American Vision 2007 JCR3
DUNLOP John Memories of Gospel Triumph Among the Jews in the Victorian Era London: S.W. Patridge & Co. 1894 REM
MATHEWS Basil Supreme Encounter: the God of History in the World of To-Day London, Student Christian Movement Press 1940 MOH4
FULLER Michael E. The Restoration Of Israel: Israel's Re-gathering And The Fate Of The Nations in Early Jewish Literature And Luke-Acts Berlin; New York: Walter de Gruyter 2006 RJI4
RUNGE Albert A Brooklyn Jew Meets Jesus Christian Publications 2001 REM
CARROLL James Constantine's Sword: the Church and the Jews: A History New York: Houghton Mifflin c2001 ANT1
TAN Paul Lee The Interpretation of Prophecy Bible Communications Inc 1974 PRO1
UROFSKY Melvin I. American Zionism from Herzl to the Holocaust University of Nebraska Press 1995 AIC8
ICE & DEMY Thomas and Timothy Fast Facts on Bible Prophecy Eugene OR: Harvest House 1997 PRO8
BACHARACH Zvi (Walter) "Christianity and Judaism: Polemic or Dialogue?" Bar Ilan Studies in History, Vol. 2, 293-304 1984 JCR6
LAPIN Daniel "Misrepresenting the Holocaust" American Enterprise May 1999 JCR6
PRINCE Derek The last Word on the Middle East Lincoln, Va.: Chosen Books; Grand Rapids: Zondervan Pub. Co. 1982 RCI4
HEGG Tim The Letter Writer: Paul's background and Torah Perspective Littleton, CO: First Fruits of Zion 2004 JCR8 GHT1 MTH
FROMKIN David Cradle & Crucible: History and Faith in the Middle East National Geographic 2004 AIC1
ZUCK Roy B. Vital Prophetic Issues Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel 1995 PRO1
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