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Last Name First Name Title Publisher Year Group
ANTONIUS George The Arab Awakening: The Story of the Arab National Movement Simon Publications 2001 AIC2
BRUCE F. F. New Testament Development of Old Testament Themes Eerdsmans 1994 PRO2
ARIEL Yaacov Evangelizing the Chosen People: Missions to the Jews in America, 1880-2000 University of North Carolina Press 2000 JCR7 REM JID6
Amazon Review/s
AUMANN Moshe Conflict & Connection: The Jewish-Christian-Christian-Israel Triangle Gefen Books 2003 ANT1 JCR2
AVNERI Arieh L. Claim of Dispossession: Jewish Land Settlement and the Arabs, 1878-1948 Transaction Publications 1984 AIC3 ANT3
BAILEY Betty Jane & J. Who Are the Christians in the Middle East? Eerdmans 2003 JCR9
BAILEY Kenneth E Jacob & the Prodigal: How Jesus Retold Israel's Story InterVarsity Press 2003 JCR1 GHT1
BAROUD Ramzy Searching Jenin: Eyewitness Accounts of the Israeli Invasion 2002 Cune 2003 ANT4
BALDWIN Neil Henry Ford and the Jews: The Mass Production of Hate Public Affairs 2002 ANT1
Amazon Review/s
BRUSTEIN William I. Roots of Hate: Anti-Semitism in Europe Before the Holocaust Cambridge University Press 2003 ANT1
BARBOUR Neville Palestine: Star or Crescent New York: Odyssey Press 1947 AIC4
BUCHANAN George Wesley Revelation and Redemption: Jewish Documents Of Deliverance from the Fall Of Jerusalem to the Death of Nachmanides Western North Carolina Press 1978 MEX
BARD Michael Geoffrey The Complete Idiot's Guide to Middle East Alpha Books 2002 AIC1
2nd Ed.
BARD Michael Geoffrey, ed. Myths and Facts: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE), Reprint 2006 AIC1 ANT3
Amazon Review/s
BARON David, ed. Christ and Israel: Lectures and Addresses on the Jews London: Morgan and Scott 1911 RJI3
BARON David A Divine Forecast of Jewish History: a Proof of the Supernatural Element in Scripture London: Morgan and Scott,2nd ed. 186? MTH MOH2 MOH3 RJI3
Israel Unique Webshop Reprinted by Keren Ahvah Meshihit.
BARON David Zechariah: A Commentary on His Visions and Prophecies Grand Rapids: Kregel 2001 PRO2
Reprint of 1918 ed. Also Reprinted by Keren Ahvah Mishihit IsraelUnique Webshop
BARON David Israel in the Plan of God Grand Rapids: Kregel 1983 MOH3 MTH RJI3
Amazon Reprinted by Keren Ahvah Meshihit under the title The History of Israel, Its Spiritual Significance
BARON David Rays of Messiah's Glory: Christ in the Old Testament Alpha Publications/Keren Ahvah Meshihit 1979 PRO2
Amazon Review/s and IsraelUnique Webshop
BARON David The Servant of Jehovah Morgan & Scott, Ltd. 1922 PRO2
BARON David Types, Psalms and Prophecies American Board of Missions to the Jews 1948 PRO2 PRO3
Reprint of 1907 ed. Amazon and IsraelUnique Webshop
BARON David The Shepherd of Israel and His Scattered Flock: A solution of the Enigma of Jewish History London: Morgan and Scott 1910 MTH RJI3 MOH3
Reprint by Keren Ahvah Meshihit: IsraelUnique Webshop and Amazon
BASSER Herbert W. Studies in exegesis: Christian Critiques of Jewish Law and Rabbinic Responses, 70-300 C.E. Leiden; Boston: Brill 2000 JCR3
BATTELSTEIN Baruch Covenant: G-d's Plan for Israel in the Last Days Destiny Image Europe 2005 PRO3 RJI3
Amazon Review/s based on Kindle edition
Read online at Google Books (We recommend pages 7-9)
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BAWER Bruce While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within DoubleDay 2006 AIC7 PMO6
Amazon Review/s plus an urgent alert from the author
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