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Bibliography of the Holocaust

This page lists those entries in the HOL group.


Select Group=HOL
Last Name First Name Title Publisher Year Group
BLACK Edwin The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine Carroll & Graf Publishers 2009 , 25th anniversary ed. AIC HOL
Amazon Review/s
BLACK Edwin IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation Dialog Press, exp. ed. 2012 HOL
Amazon Review/s
FACKENHEIM Emil The Jewish Return Into History: Reflections in the Age of Auschwitz and a New Jerusalem Schocken Books 1980 HOL MOH3 RJI2
JOCZ Jakób The Jewish people and Jesus Christ after Auschwitz: A Study in the Controversy between Church and Synagogue Baker Book House 1981 HOL JCR6 REM
KATZ Arthur The Holocaust: Where was God? Laporte MN: A.Katz 1998 HOL
Available online here
LIPSTADT Deborah E. Beyond Belief: The American Press And The Coming Of The Holocaust, 1933-1945 Touchstone Books 1993 AIC8 HOL
Amazon Review/s
PERRY & SCHWEITZER Marvin, and Frederick M. , Eds. Jewish-Christian Encounters Over The Centuries: Symbiosis, Prejudice, Holocaust, Dialogue New York: P. Lang 1994 HOL JCR1 JCR6 REM
Amazon; See Extended Comments
JAMES Harold The Deutsche Bank and the Nazi Economic War Against the Jews: The Expropriation of Jewish-Owned Property Cambridge University Press 2001 HOL
Amazon Review/s
KATZ Stephen T. Wrestling With God: Jewish Theological Responses During And After The Holocaust Oxford University Press 2007 HOL
KATZ Stephen T., ed. The Impact of the Holocaust on Jewish Theology New York University Press 2005 HOL MOH3
See Extended comments here
KATZ Stephen T., ed. Historicism, the Holocaust, and Zionism: Critical Studies in Modern Jewish Thought and History New York University Press 1992 HOL MOH
KNOLLER Freddie Desperate Journey Metro Books 2002 HOL
LINDSAY Mark R. Covenanted Solidarity: The Theological Basis of Karl Barth's Opposition to Nazi Antisemitism and the Holocaust New York: Peter Lang 2001 HOL JCR6
LINDSAY Mark R. Barth, Israel, and Jesus: Karl Barth's Theology of Israel Aldershot, Hampshire, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate 2007 JCR6 HOL AIC3
See Extended comments here
PAWSON David Lessons of the Holocaust for Jews and Christians web link here ? HOL JCR
POLJAK Abram Hitler als Feldherr und als Spiritist Neckargemünd: Braun 1949 ANT1 HOL
see our bibliography for all his books. For the English version click here.
POLJAK Abram Die Botschaft vom Reich   1956 ANT1 HOL
see our bibliography for all his books
WALLIS James H. Post-Holocaust Christianity: Paul van Buren's Theology of the Jewish-Christian Reality Lanham, MD: University Press of America 1997 HOL JCR6
Based on the author's thesis - Claremont Graduate School
WRIGHT Fred Father, Forgive Us: A Christian Response to the Church's Heritage of Jewish Persecution Monarch Books 2004 ANT1 JCR1 HOL
GORNY Yosef Between Auschwitz and Jerusalem: Jewish Collective Identity Crisis Vallentine Mitchell 2004 JID8 HOL
AGAMBEN Giorgio Remnants of Auschwitz: The Witness and the Archives Daniel Helter, Translator. Zone Books 2000 HOL JCR6
ALEXANDER Edward The Holocaust and the War of Ideas New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers 1994 HOL JCR6
ALEXANDER Edward The Resonance of Dust: Essays on Holocaust Literature and Jewish Fate Columbus, OH: Ohio University Press 1979 HOL JCR6
BAUER Yehuda Rethinking the Holocaust New Haven: Yale University Press 2001 HOL JCR6
BERKOVITS Eliezer With God in Hell New York: Sanhedrin 1979 HOL JCR6
BODENDORFER Gerhard "Excuse instead of Confessions of Guilt?" Jewish Christian Relations, 6 2002 HOL JCR6
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BRAITERMAN Zachary God after Auschwitz: Tradition and Change in Post-Holocaust Jewish Thought University of Notre Dame Press 1988 HOL JCR6
Link to Extended comments here
CARGAS Harry James Holocaust Scholars Write to the Vatican Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group 1998 HOL JCR6
CARGAS Harry James Problems Unique to the Holocaust Lexington: Kentucky University Press 1999 HOL JCR6
CARROLL James "The silence" The New Yorker, Volume 73:7, p.52, 18 Apr. 7, 1997 HOL JCR6
CARROLL & SHIFLETT Vincent, and David Christianity on Trial: Arguments against Anti-Religious Bigotry Encounter Books 2001 HOL JCR6
CESARANI David "Holocaust Memorial Day in Britain: David Cesarani reflects on the past, present and future of education about genocide and bigotry" History Today Feb. 2002 HOL JCR6
COHN-SHERBOK Dan, ed. Holocaust Theology: Jews, Christians and Liberation Theology New York University Press 2002 HOL JCR6
DIETRICH Donald J. God and Humanity in Auschwitz: Jewish-Christian Relations and Sanctioned Murder New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers 1995 HOL JCR6
Link to Extended comments here
DULLES Avery Robert The Holocaust Never to be Forgotten: Reflections of the Holy See's Document 'We Remember' " Commentaries by Leon Klenicki. Paulist Press 2001 HOL JCR6
EDITORIAL (by prominent Jewish spokesmen) "Did Christianity cause the Holocaust?" Christianity Today, Volume 42:5, 12-14 April 27, 1998 HOL JCR6
ELIACH Yaffa "The Holocaust as Obligation and Excuse" Perkins Journal, Volume 9, issue 181, 1-3 Nov. 16, 1979 HOL JCR6
FACKENHEIM Emil Ludwig "Concerning Authentic and Unauthentic responses to the Holocaust" Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Vol. 1:1, 101-120 1986 HOL JCR6
FACKENHEIM Emil Ludwig The Jewish Bible after the Holocaust Bloomington: Indiana University Press 1991 HOL JCR6
FASCHING Darrel Narrative Theology After Auschwitz Minneapolis: Fortress Press 1991 HOL JCR6
FISCHEL & ORTMANN Jack, and Susan M. The Holocaust and its Religious Impact: A Critical Assessment and Annotated Bibliography London: Westport, CT: Praeger 2004 HOL JCR6
FLEISCHNER Eva, ed. "Auschwitz: Beginning of a New Era?" New York. Ktav 1977 HOL JCR6
FREY & THOMPSON-FREY Robert Seitz, and Nancy The Imperative of Response: The Holocaust in Human Context Lanham, MD: University Press of America 1985 HOL JCR6
Authors are Jewish Christians
GUSHEE David P. "Learning from the Christian Rescuers: Lessons for the Churches" The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, 138-155 Nov. 1996 HOL JCR6
GUSHEE David P. The Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust: A Christian Interpretation Minneapolis: Fortress Press 1994 HOL JCR6
GUTMAN & AVITAL Yisrael, and Saf, eds. Major Changes within the Jewish People in the Wake of the Holocaust: Proceedings of the Ninth Yad Vashem International Historical Conference Jerusalem: Yad Vashem 1996 HOL JCR6
HACKEL Sergii "The Relevance of Western Post-Holocaust Theology to the Thought and Practice of the Russian Orthodox Church" Jewish Christian Relations, 13 2002 HOL JCR6
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HARRIES Richard After the Evil: Christianity and Judaism in the Shadow of the Holocaust Oxford: New York: Oxford University Press 2003 HOL JCR6
Link to Extended comments here
HUNEKE Douglas K. The Stones will Cry Out Westport, CT: Greenwood Press 1995 HOL JCR6
JACOBS Steven L., ed. Contemporary Christian Responses to the Holocaust Lanham, MD: University Press of America 1993 HOL JCR6
KATZ Stephen T. Post-Holocaust Dialogues: Critical Studies in Modern Jewish Thought New York University Press 1983 HOL JCR6
KNIGHT Henry F. Confessing Christ in a Post-Holocaust World: A Midrashic Experiment Westport, CT: Greenwood Press 2000 HOL JCR6
KNIGHT Henry F. "From Shame to Responsibility and Christian Identity: The Dynamids of Shame and Confession Regarding the Shoah" Journal of Ecomenical Studies, Vol. 35:1, 41-62 Winter 1998 HOL JCR6
KOLITZ Zvi Yossel Rakover Speaks to God: Holocaust Challenges to Religious Faith New York: Pantheon Books 1999 HOL JCR6
KRAJEWSKI Stanislaw "The Jebwabne Service: A Grand Gesture with No Immediately Perceptible Consequences?" Dialogue and Universalism, Vol. 11:5-6, 135 2001 HOL JCR6
KRAJEWSKI Stanislaw “Steps to Teshuvah” Dialogue and Universalism, Vol. 11:1/2, 59-62 2001 HOL JCR6
LANGER Howard The History of the Holocaust: A Chronology of Quotations Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson 1997 HOL JCR6
LANGER Lawrence L. Admitting the Holocaust: Collected Essays Oxford University Press 1995 HOL JCR6
LINDSAY Mark R. Covenanted Solidarity: The Theological Basis of Karl Barth's Opposition to Nazi Antisemitism and the Holocaust New York: Peter Lang 2001 HOL JCR6
See Extended Comments
PECK Abraham J., ed. Jews and Christians after the Holocaust Philadelphia: Fortress Press 1982 HOL JCR6
See Extended comments here
LITTELL Franklin H. The Crucifixion of the Jews: The Failure of Christians to Understand the Jewish Experience Mercer University Press Reprint of 1975 ed. 2000 ANT1 ANT5 HOL JCR6
Amazon Review/s
LINAFELT Tod, ed. A Shadow of Glory: Reading the New Testament After the Holocaust London; New York: Routledge 2002 HOL ANT1
See Extended comments here
LIPSTADT Deborah L. Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory Plume; Reprint ed., 304 p. 1994 ANT2 HOL
Amazon Review/s
BERENBAUM Michael Witness to the Holocaust New York: Yale University Press 2001 HOL
BERENBAUM Michael A Promise to Remember: The Holocaust in the Words and Voices of Its Survivors Boston: Bulfinch Press 2003 HOL
BERENBAUM Michael The World Must Know: The History of the Holocaust as Told in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Back Bay Books, New York: Little, Brown, and Company 1993 HOL
BERENBAUM & PECK Michael, and Abraham J., eds. The Holocaust and History: The Known, the Unknown, the Disputed, and the Reexamined Indiana University Press 2002 HOL
CHASE & JACOBS Kenneth R., and Alan Must Christianity be Violent? Reflections on History, Practice, and Theology Grand Rapids MI: Brazos Press 2003 HOL
Link to Extended comments here
COHN-SHERBOK Dan, ed. Holocaust Theology: A Reader New York University Press 2002 HOL
Link to Extended comments here
ELLIS Mark H. O, Jerusalem! The Contested Future of the Jewish Covenant Minneapolis: Fortress Press c1999 HOL
Discusses the influence of the Jewish Holocaust on the status of Israel as a nation and Jerusalem as its capital.
ERICKSON & HESCHEL Robert P., and Susannah, eds. Betrayal: German churches and the Holocaust Minneapolis: Fortress Press 1999 HOL
FACKENHEIM Emil Ludwig To Mend the World: Foundations of Post-Holocaust Jewish Thought Indiana University Press, Repr. ed. 1994 HOL
FIORENZA & TRACY Elisabeth Schüssler, and David, eds. The Holocaust as Interruption English language editor, Marcus LEFÈBVRE. Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark. Concilium (Glen Rock, N.J.); v. 175. 1984 HOL
GEORG & LANGER Manfred, and Michael, ed. Als Gott weinte: Theologie nach Auschwitz Regensburg: F. Pustet 1997 HOL
HAYNES Stephen R. Prospects for Post-Holocaust Theology Atlanta, GA: Scholars Press 1991 HOL
Link to Extended comments here
HAYNES & ROTH Stephen R., and John K., eds. The Death of God Movement and the Holocaust: Radical Theology Encounters the Shoah Westport, CT: Greenwood Press 1999 HOL
Link to Extended comments here
BERGER & CRONIN Alan L. & Gloria L. Jewish American and Holocaust Literature: Representation in the Postmodern World State University of New York Press 2001 PMO1 HOL
KELLEY Shawn Racializing Jesus: Race, Ideology, and the Formation of Modern Biblical Scholarship London; New York: Routledge 2002 HOL
See Extended comments here
LEVENTHAL Barry R. Theological Perspectives on the Holocaust Thesis (Th.D.) - Dallas Theological Seminary 1982 HOL
LINAFELT Tod, ed. Strange Fire: Reading the Bible after the Holocaust New York University Press 2000 HOL
LOCKE Hubert G. Searching for God in Godforsaken Times and Places: Reflections on the Holocaust, Racism, and Death Cambridge, UK; Grand Rapids, MI: W.B. Eerdmans Pub. Co. 2003 HOL
MANEMANN & METZ Jürgen, and Johann Baptist, (Hrsg.) Christologie nach Auschwitz: Stellungnahmen im Anschluss an Thesen von Tiemo Rainer Peters Münster: Lit. 1998 HOL
MORGAN Michael L. Beyond Auschwitz: post-Holocaust Jewish Thought in America Oxford: New York: Oxford University Press 2001 HOL
See Extended comments here
MORRIS Rodler F. From Weimar Philosemite to Nazi Apologist: the Case of Walter Bloem Lewiston, N.Y,: Edwin Mellen Press, Studies in German Thought and History; v.7 1988 HOL
See Extended comments here
OLDENHAGE Tania Parables for Our Time: Rereading New Testament Scholarship after the Holocaust Oxford: New York: Oxford University Press 2002 HOL
American Academy of Religion Cultural Critiscism Series, no. 7
PHAYER Michael The Catholic Church and the Holocaust Bloomington: Indiana University Press 2000 HOL
PINNOCK Sarah Katherine Beyond Theodicy: Jewish and Christian Continental Thinkers Respond to the Holocaust Albany, NY: State University of New York Press 2002 HOL
See Extended comments here
POLIAKOV Leon Harvest of Hate New York: Holocaust Library 1979 HOL
RAUSCH David A Legacy of Hatred Chicago : Moody Press 1984 HOL
RITTNER & SMITH & STEINFELDT Carol, and Stephen D., and Irena, eds. The Holocaust and the Christian World: Reflections on the Past, Challenges for the Future New York: Continuum 2000 HOL
See Extended comments here
ROSENBAUM & CHARNY Alan S., and Israel W., eds. Is the Holocaust Unique? Perspectives on Comparative Genocide Westview Press, 2nd ed. 2000 HOL
RUBENSTEIN & ROTH Richard L., and John K. Approaches to Auschwitz: the Holocaust and its Legacy Louisville: Westminster/John Knox Press, Rev.ed., 2nd.ed. 2003 HOL
See Extended comments here
SPERO Shubert Holocaust and Return to Zion: A Study in Jewish Pilosophy of History Hoboken, New Jersey: Ktav Pub. 2000 HOL
SYDNOR Charles "The Holocaust" Lectures before the School of Jewish Studies, Richmond, VA 1993 HOL
GRUBER Ruth Exodus 1947: The Ship That Launched a Nation Union Square Press 2007 AIC4 HOL
ZERTAL Idtih From Catastrophe to Power: The Holocaust Survivors and the Emergence of Israel University of California Press 2003 HOL AIC6
PENKOWER Monty Noam Holocaust & Israel Reborn: From Catastrophe to Sovereignty University of Illinois Press 1994 AIC3 HOL
RAUSCHNING Herman The Voice of Destruction Pelican Publishing Company 2003 HOL
HAM Ken One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism Master Books 1999 HOL ANT1
MARKELL Jan The Holocaust: The Pain and the Praise (DVD) Olive Tree Ministries 200? HOL
available here
MARKELL Jan Trapped in Hitler's Hell: The True Story of Anita Dittman, as told to Jan Markell (+DVD) Lighthouse Trails Publishing, 3rd ed. 2005 HOL
Amazon Review/s and DVD available here
MUNDY Susi Hasel A Thousand Shall Fall: The Electrifying Story of a Soldier and His Family Who Dared to Practice Their Faith in Hitler's Germany Review & Herald Publishing 2001 MOH4 HOL
Amazon Review/s
ROSENBAUM Ron Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of his Evil Harper Perennial 1999 HOL
Amazon Review/s
PATTERSON David Emil L. Fackenheim: A Jewish Philosopher's Response to the Holocaust Syracuse University Pres 2008 HOL
Amazon Review/s
SEGEV Tom The Seventh Million: The Israelis and the Holocaust Picador 2000 JID11 HOL
Amazon Review/s
GOLDHAGEN Daniel Jonah Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust Vintage, Reprint 1997 HOL
Amazon Review/s
BROWNING Christopher R. Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland Harper Perennial 1993 HOL
Amazon Review/s
DEAN Martin Robbing the Jews: The Confiscation of Jewish Property in the Holocaust, 1933-1945 Cambridge University Press 2010 HOL MOH3
Amazon Review/s
SYRKIN Marie Blessed is the Match: The Story of Jewish Resistance Victor Gollancz, 1st UK ed. 1948 HOL
E-Book Shuk/Varda Books 2002 ed. ; Amazon
GROSS Thomas Pelham & Doris Israel's Holocaust and Resurrection Xulon Press 2009 HOL PRO3
Amazon Review/s
EPSTEIN Helen Children of the Holocaust: Conversations with Sons and Daughters of Survivors Penguin Books 1988 HOL
Amazon Review/s
LIPSTADT Deborah E. The Eichmann Trial Schocken 2011 HOL
Amazon Review/s and Nextbook Review
ADELSBERGER Lucie Auschwitz: A Doctor's Story Northeastern 2006 HOL
Amazon Review/s
HERSONSKI Yael A Film Unfinished (DVD) Oscilloscope Laboratories 2011 HOL
Own website and Amazon. Study Guide
DWORK Deborah Children with a Star: Jewish Youth in Nazi Europe Yale University Press 1993 HOL
Amazon Review/s
MARKS Jane Hidden Children Ballantine Books 1995 HOL JCR5
Amazon Review/s
MEDOFF Rafael Blowing the Whistle on Genocide Purdue University Press 2008 HOL AIC8
Amazon Review/s
BLACK Edwin The Farhud: Roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust Dialog Press 2010 AIC2 HOL
Amazon Review/s
BLACK Edwin Nazi Nexus: America's Corporate Connections to Hitler's Holocaust Dialog Press 2009 HOL AIC8 PMO5 JCR5
Amazon Review/s
OSIEL Mark J. Making Sense of Mass Atrocity Cambridge University Press 2009 PMO5 HOL
Amazon Review/s
GRUBER Ruth Haven: The Dramatic Story of 1,000 World War II Refugees and How They Came to America Three Rivers Press; Rev. ed. 2000 HOL AIC8 JCR6
Amazon Review/s
SOROS Tivadar Masquerade: The Incredible True Story of How George Soros' Father Outsmarted the Gestapo Arcade Publishing 2011 HOL
Amazon Review/s; About the author's name
HARRISON John Kent, Dir. The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler (DVD) Hallmark Hall of Fame Production & Columbia Pictures 2009 MOH4 JCR6 HOL
Amazon Review/s and Hallmark Hall of Fame webstore
SKINNER Mary Irena Sendler: In the Name of Their Mothers (DVD) PBS 2011 HOL MOH4 JCR6
60 min. Amazon Review/s and PBS webstore
MAYER Jack Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project (Book & DVD) Long Trail Press 2011 HOL MOH4 JCR6
Amazon Review/s and Irena Sendler Project
MIESZKOWSKA Anna Irena Sendler: Mother of the Children of the Holocaust Praeger, 3rd ed. 2010 HOL JCR6 MOH4
Amazon Review/s
RUBIN Susan Goldman Irena Sendler and the Children of the Warsaw Ghetto Holiday House 2011 HOL JCR6 MOH4
40-page picture book for ages 9-12: Amazon Review/s
SAGI Avi "The Holocaust and the Foundation of Jewish Identity" In ''Azure (Techelet) online'': Autumn 5771 / 2010, no. 42 2010 HOL JID8 MOH3
Full Text Online
MENSCHENFREUND Yaki Menschenfreund "The Holocaust and the Trial of Modernity" in ''Azure (Techelet) online'': Winter 5770 / 2010, no. 39 2010 HOL JCR5 MOH3
Full Text Online
PRAGER Dennis Think a Second Time William Morrow Paperbacks 1996 JID2 HOL MOH5
Amazon Review/s
COMFORT Ray Hitler, God, and the Bible WND Books 2012 ANT1 HOL
WND Webstore
SEESKIN Kenneth Seeskin Jewish Messianic Thoughts in an Age of Despair Cambridge University Press 2012 MOH1 MOH3 MEX2 PRO12 HOL PRO2
Amazon Review/s
TURNER David S. When Your Face Was Your Destiny: The Fruchtenbaum Family Story as told by Holocaust Survivors San Antonio, TX: Ariel Ministries 2011 REM HOL
Purchase E-Book or print from Ariel Ministries
BALESTON Mottel The Holocaust: History and Theology (6-DVD SET) San Antonio, TX: Ariel Ministries 2007 HOL MOH3 MOH4 MOH5
Ariel Ministries webstore and PDF outline
LEVI Primo Survival In Auschwitz Touchstone 1995 HOL
Amazon Review/s
LEVI Primo The Reawakening Touchstone 1995 HOL
Amazon Review/s
LEVI Primo The Drowned and the Saved Vintage 1985 HOL
Amazon Review/s
BROWNING Christopher R. Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland Harper Perennial 1993 HOL
Amazon Review/s
ARENDT Hannah Eichmann in Jerusalem Addison Wesley 2006 HOL
Amazon Review/s
DOUKHAN Jacques Benjamin Thinking the Shadow of Hell: The Impact of the Holocaust on Theology and Jewish-Christian-Relations Andrews University Press 2002 HOL JCR6
Amazon Review/s
MICHEL Alain Vichy et la Shoah, enquête sur le paradoxe français CLD 2012 AIC7 HOL ANT1
Amazon Review/s
ZAJDE Nathalie Enfants de survivants : La transmission du traumatisme chez les enfants de Juifs survivants de l'extermination nazie Odile Jacob 2005 HOL
Amazon Review/s
FIJALKOW & CABANEL JACQUES & PATRICK Histoire régionale de la Shoah en France : Déportation, sauvetage, survie Les Editions de Paris-Max Chaleil 2011 HOL ANT1 AIC7
Amazon Review/
MILLIÈRE Guy Comme si se préparait une seconde Shoah Les éditions de Passy 2011 PRO3 PRO6 HOL
Amazon Review/s
RUBENSTEIN Richard L. Jihad and Genocide Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 2011 HOL MOH5 AIC2 JCR10
Amazon's review/s
KERSHAW Alex The Envoy: The Epic Rescue of the Last Jews of Europe in the Desperate Closing Months of World War II Da Capo Press 2010 HOL MOH3
Amazon Review/s
ATWOOD Kathryn J. Women Heroes of World War II: 26 Stories of Espionage, Sabotage, Resistance, and Rescue (Women of Action) Chicago Review Press 2011 HOL MOH5
Amazon Review/s
GROSS Leonard The Last Jews in Berlin Basic Books 1999 HOL MOH3
Amazon Review/s
BRAUMAN & SIVAN Rony & Eyal Éloge de la désobéissance Éditions Le Pommier 2006 HOL
Amazon Review/s
NESSIM Daniel F. Jonathan "The Hebrew Christian Shoah and Its Soteriological Legacy" Kesher issue 26 online article 2011 REM MOH3 HOL MOH4
Kesher online article
Musser Mark R. Nazi Oaks Advantage Inspirational 2010 HOL
See Review under Amazon by E Calvin Beisner. Modern environmentalism and its roots in Nazi Germany. German Social Darwinism was rooted in ecology. Subtitle: "The Green Sacrifice of the Judeo-Christian Worldview in the Holocaust." - Bibliography and Index, 408 pages. Mark Musser's website with articles in line with his book: http://www.rmarkmusser.com/articles.asp
[ANNETT] [Kevin D.] Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust The Truth Commission 2001 HOL MOH4 PRO7
Amazon Review/s
ANNETT Kevin D. Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor John Hunt Publishing 2011 HOL MOH4 PRO7
Amazon Review/s. Also watch online The 2006 Documentary
ROSENBAUM Ron Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil Da Capo Press, 2nd ed. 2014 HOL
Amazon Review/s
BROWNING Christopher R. Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland Harper Perennial; Reprint ed 1998 HOL
Amazon Review/s
HOCHSTADT Steve Sources of the Holocaust (Documents in History) Palgrave Macmillan 2004 HOL
Amazon Reviews
NIEWYK Donald The Holocaust: Problems and Perspectives of Interpretation Cengage Learning; 4 ed. 2010 HOL
Amazon Review/s
BERGEN Doris L. War and Genocide: A Concise History of the Holocaust Rowman & Littlefield Publishers; 2nd ed. 2009 HOL
Amazon Review/s
ODER Werner Battling with Nazi Demons: The Astonishing Journey of the Son of an Austrian War Criminal Onwards and Upwards 2011 AIC5 HOL ANT3 JCR8
Amazon Review/s
WEIKART Richard From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism in Germany Palgrave Macmillan 2006 HOL ANT1 JCR5
Amazon Review/s
WEIKART Richard Hitler's Ethic: The Nazi Pursuit of Evolutionary Progress Palgrave Macmillan 2011 HOL ANT1
Amazon Review/s
KUNTZ & BACHRACH Dieter & Susan, eds. Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race The University of North Carolina Press 2004 HOL ANT1 JCR5
Amazon Review/s
WEISS Sheila Faith The Nazi Symbiosis: Human Genetics and Politics in the Third Reich University Of Chicago Press 2010 HOL ANT1
Amazon Review/s
CHARLES Daniel Master Mind: The Rise and Fall of Fritz Haber, the Nobel Laureate Who Launched the Age of Chemical Warfare Ecco 2005 MOH3 HOL JCR5
Amazon Review/s
CORNWELL John Hitler's Scientists: Science, War, and the Devil's Pact Viking Adult 2003 HOL PMO5 JCR5 MOH3
Amazon Review/s
ANNAS & GRODIN George J & Michael A., Eds. The Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg Code: Human Rights in Human Experimentation Oxford University Press 1995 PMO6 HOL JCR6
Amazon Review/s
ALY, CHROUST & PROSS Götz, Peter & Christian...et al. Cleansing the Fatherland: Nazi Medicine and Racial Hygiene Johns Hopkins University Press 1994 HOL PMO5 JCR5
Amazon Review/s
PROCTOR Robert N. Racial Hygiene: Medicine Under the Nazis Harvard University Press 1990 HOL
Amazon Review/s
SPITZ Vivien Doctors from Hell: The Horrific Account of Nazi Experiments on Humans Sentient Publications 2005 HOL
Amazon Review/s
LIFTON Robert Jay The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide Basic Books 2000 HOL
Amazon Review/s
DRIEDLANDER Henry The Origins of Nazi Genocide: From Euthanasia to the Final Solution The University of North Carolina Press 1995 HOL MOH3 JCR5
Amaozon Review/s
BLACK Edwin War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race Dialog Press, exp. ed. 2014 AIC8 PMO5 HOL
Amazon Review/s
FISCHER, BAUER & LENZ Eugen, Erwin & Fritz Grundriss der menschlichen Erblichkeitslehre und Rassenhygiene Ulan Press 2012 ed. HOL ANT1 JCR5 PMO5
Amazon Review/s
MACINA Menahem R. Les Églises et les Juifs (1933-1945) (EB) Limoges: éditions Tsofim at Smashwords 2013 HOL JCR5 ANT1 MOH3
Livre en ligne et téléchargement gratuit
MACINA Menahem R. Le signe de Saül: A propos du sévère avertissement de Paul aux chrétiens (Rm 11, 19-22) (EB) Éditions Tsofim at Smashwords 2013 JCR1 JCR6 HOL
livre en ligne Éditions Tsofim et Smashwords téléchargement gratuit
MACINA Menahem R. L'apologie qui nuit à l'Eglise - Révisions hagiographiques de l’attitude de Pie XII envers les juifs (EB) Éditions Tsofim at Smashwords 2013 HOL JCR5 JCR6
livre en ligne Éditions Tsofim et Smashwords téléchargement gratuit et Amazon
KUNTZEL Matthias Djihad et haine des Juifs:Le lien troublant entre islamisme et nazisme à la racine du terrorisme international Editions de l'Oeuvre 2009 ANT2 HOL
SILVER Daniel B. Refuge in Hell: How Berlin's Jewish Hospital Outlasted the Nazis Mariner Books, Reprint ed. 2004 HOL
Amazon Review/s
GRAGG Rod My Brother's Keeper: Christians Who Risked All to Protect Jewish Targets of the Nazi Holocaust Center Street 2016 HOL
Amazon Review/s
MEGARGEE & DEAN Geoffrey P. & Martin, eds. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933–-1945 (7 Vols.) Indiana University Press 2009-2025 HOL
Amazon Vol.1; Amazon Vol. 2

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