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JCR4 - Medieval & Reformation History

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Last Name First Name Title Publisher Year Group
ABULAFIA Anna Sapir Christians and Jews in Dispute: Disputational literature and the Rise of anti-Judaism in the West (c. 1000-1150) Aldershot, Hampshhire; Brookfield, VT: Ashgate 1998 ANT1 JCR4
CHAZAN Robert Barcelona and beyond: The disputation of 1263 and its aftermath University of California Press 1992 JCR4 JID6
KATZ Jacob Exclusiveness and tolerance: Jewish Gentile relations in medieval and modern times New York: Shocken Books 1962 JCR4
REUCHLIN Johannes & Elisheva CARLEBACH Recommendation Whether to Confiscate, Destroy and Burn All Jewish Books: A Classic Treatise Against Anti-Semitism New York: Paulist Press 2000 JCR4
COHEN Jeremy, ed. Essential Papers on Judaism and Christianity in Conflict: from Late Antiquity to the Reformation New York University Press 1991 JCR4 PRO2
ELUKIN Jonathan M. Living Together, Living Apart: Rethinking Jewish-Christian Relations in the Middle Ages Princeton University Press 2007 JCR4
HOMZA Lu Ann, ed. The Spanish Inquisition, 1478-1614: An Anthology of Sources Hackett Publishing Company 2006 ANT1 JCR4 JID4
New Ed.
KAGAN & DYER Richard L., & Abigail , eds. Inquisitorial Inquiries: Brief Lives of Secret Jews and Other Heretics Johns Hopkins University Press 2004 ANT JCR4 JID4
NETANYAHU Benjamin Toward the Inquisition: Essays on Jewish and Converso History in Late Medieval Spain Ithaca: Cornell University Press 1997 ANT1 JCR4 JID
STÍHR Martin "Martin Luther und die Juden" Neukirchen-Vluyn 1985 JCR4
In: KREMERS, Heinz (Hrsg.): Die Juden und Martin Luther - Martin Luther und die Juden
CHAZAN Robert Fashioning Jewish Identity in Medieval Western Christendom Cambridge University Press 2003 JID12 JCR4
CHAZAN Robert Daggers of Faith: Thirteenth Century Christian Missionizing and Jewish Response Berkeley: University of California Press 1989 REM JID6 JCR4
TOMASONI Francesco Modernity and the Final Aim of History: The Debate over Judaism from Kant to the Young Hegelians Kluwer Academic 2003 JCR4 MOH3 MOH1
Amazon Review/s
SORKIN David The Religious Enlightenment: Protestants, Jews, and Catholics from London to Vienna Princeton University Press 2008 JCR4
Amazon Review/s
ISRAEL Jonathan I. Radical Enlightenment: Philosophy and the Making of Modernity 1650-1750 Oxford University Press 2002 MOH3 JCR4
Amazon Review/s
GILLESPIE Michael Allen The Theological Origins of Modernity University Of Chicago Press 2008 JCR4
Amazon Review/s
KATZ David S. Philo-semitism and the Readmission of the Jews to England, 1603-1655 Oxford University Press 1982 RJI4 JCR4
KETT Henry History, the Interpreter of prophecy: Or, A view of Scriptural Prophecies and their Accomplishment in the Past and Present Occurrences of the World Unknown Binding 1799 JCR4
MENDES-FLOHR & REINHARZ Paul & Jehuda The Jew in the Modern World: A Documentary History Oxford University Press, 2nd ed. 1995 JID12 JCR4 MOH5
Amazon Reviews
HOWARD George Hebrew Gospel of Matthew Mercer University Press 2005 GHT1 JCR4
Amazon Review/s; Also read or downooad various manuscript versions from Torah Resouce's Hebrew Matthew Project
SANDGREN Leo Duprée Vines Intertwined: A History of Jews and Christians from the Babylonian Exile to the Advent of Islam Hendrickson Publishers 2010 JCR3 MOH3 MOH4 JCR4
Amazon Review/s
YUVAL Israel Jacob Two Nations in Your Womb: Perceptions of Jews and Christians in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages University of California Press 2008 JCR3 JCR4
Translated from original Hebrew ed. published in 2000. Amazon Review/s
COHEN Jeremy Living Letters of the Law: Ideas of the Jew in Medieval Christianity University of California Press 1999 JCR4 ANT1
Amazon Review/s
NIRENBERG David Communities of Violence Princeton University Press 1998 JCR4 ANT1 PRO5 MOH4
Amazon Review/s
MENOCAL Maria Rosa The Ornament of the World: How Muslims, Jews and Christians Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain Back Bay Books 2003 JCR4 MOH5 AIC1 JCR10
Amazon Review/s
MOORE Robert Ian Formation of a Persecuting Society: Authority and Deviance in Western Europe 950-1250 Wiley-Blackwell, 2nd ed. 2007 JCR4 ANT1
Amazon Review/s
CHAZAN Robert European Jewry and the First Crusade University of California Press, 1st paperback ed. 1996 JCR4 ANT1
Amazon Review/s
MARCUS Jacob Rader The Jew in the Medieval World: A Source Book, 315-1791 Hebrew Union College Press, Rev. ed. Hebrew Union College Press JCR3 JCR4
Amazon Review/s
GLICK Leonard B. Abraham's Heirs: Jews and Christians in Medieval Europe Syracuse University Press 1999 JCR4
Amazon Review/s
COHEN Mark R. Under Crescent and Cross: The Jews in the Middle Ages Princeton University Press 2008 JCR4 MOH5 AIC2
Amazon Review/s
GERBER Jane S. Jews of Spain: A History of the Sephardic Experience Free Press 1994 JCR4
Amazon Review/s
STOW Kenneth Alienated Minority: The Jews of Medieval Latin Europe Harvard University Press 1998 JCR3 JCR4 MOH4 ANT1
Amazon Review/s
CHAZAN Robert The Jews of Medieval Western Christendom, 1000-1500 Cambridge University Press 2006 JCR4
Amazon Review/s
CHAZAN Robert Church, State, and Jew in the Middle Ages Behrman House 1979 ANT1 JCR3 JCR4
Amazon Review/s
STARK Rodney God's Battalions: The Case for the Crusades HarperOne 2009 JCR4 MOH4 JCR10
Amazon Review/s
COUDERT & SHOULSON Allison P. & Jeffrey S., eds. Hebraica Veritas?: Christian Hebraists and the Study of Judaism in Early Modern Europe University of Pennsylvania Press 2004 JCR4 MOH4
Amazon Review/s
RUDERMAN & VELTRI David B. & Giuseppe Cultural Intermediaries: Jewish Intellectuals in Early Modern Italy University of Pennsylvania Press 2004 MOH3 JCR4
Amazon Review/s
FREEHOF Solomon The Responsa Literature Varda Books 2001 JCR4
E-Book Shuk ; Amazon
Newman Louis I. Jewish Influence on Christian Reform Movements Columbia University Press 2002 JCR4 JCR5
E-Book Shuk/Varda Books with contents & excerpts ; Amazon
COHEN & USQUE Martin A. & Samuel Samuel Usque's ''Consolation for the Tribulations of Israel '' Jewish Publication Society of America, 3rd ed. 2002 MOH3 JCR4
E-Book Shuk/ JPS/Varda Books ; Amazon 1977 2nd ed.
BAER Yitzhak History of the Jews in Christian Spain (2 vols) Jewish Publication Society of America 1993 JCR4
2002 ed. E-Book Shuk/ Varda Books v. 1 & v.2 ; Amazon
MARYKS Robert Aleksander The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews: Jesuits of Jewish ancestry and purity-of-blood laws in the early Society of Jesus Leiden; New York: E.J. Brill 2010 MOH4 JID6 JID4 JCR4
Amazon Review/s
ISRAEL Jonathan I. European Jewry in the Age of Mercantilism 1550-1750 Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, 3 rd ed. 1998 JCR4 JCR5
Amazon Review/s
HAINES Dorothy, ed. Sunday Observance and the Sunday Letter in Anglo-Saxon England D.S. Brewer 2010 JCR4
Amazon Review/s
GRAFTON & WEINBERG Anthony & Joanna "I have always loved the Holy Tongue": Isaac Casaubon, the Jews, and a Forgotten Chapter in Renaissance Scholarship Belknap Press of Harvard University Press 2011 JCR4 MOH4
Amazon Review/s
HOFFMAN Lawrence A. All These Vows--Kol Nidre (Prayers of Awe) Jewish Lights Publications 2011 JID2 JCR4 JCR2
Amazon Review/s
KAPLAN Debra Beyond Expulsion: Jews, Christians, and Reformation Strasbourg Stanford University Press 2011 JCR4
Amazon Review/s
SHATZMILLER Joseph Shylock Reconsidered: Jews, Moneylending, and Medieval Society University of California Press 1990 JCR4 MOH4
Amazon Review/s; and Journal Review.
HUSIK Issac A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy Kessinger Publishing; Reprint of 1916 ed. 2010 JCR4 MOH3
Amazon Review/s
FRANK & LEAMAN Daniel H. & Oliver, eds. The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Jewish Philosophy Cambridge University Press 2003 MOH3 JCR4
Full-text online and Amazon Review/s
MALECH George David History of the Syrian Nation and the Old Evangelical Apostolic Church of the East: From Remote Antiquity to the Present Time (1910) Kessinger Publishing 2009 JCR3 JCR4 JCR5
Amazon Review/s

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