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MOH2 - Salvation History with God as Lord of History (Biblical Revelation)

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Last Name First Name Title Publisher Year Group
BARON David A Divine Forecast of Jewish History: a Proof of the Supernatural Element in Scripture London: Morgan and Scott,2nd ed. 186? MTH MOH2 MOH3 RJI3
Israel Unique Webshop Reprinted by Keren Ahvah Meshihit.
CLOSE Albert The Hand of God and Satan in Modern History London : Thynne & Co 1933 MOH2
CONNOLLY James M Human History and the Word of God New York: Macmillan 1965 MOH2
COOKE Bernard J The Distancing of God: the Ambiguity of Symbol in History and Theology Fortress Press 1990 MOH2
ELLIOTT Ralph H. ed. God's Doing: Man's Undoing Valley Forge: Judson Press 1967 MOH2
See Extended comments here
GILBERTSON Michael God and History in the Book of Revelation: New Testament Studies in Dialogue with Pannenberg and Moltmann Cambridge Univ. Press 2003 MOH2
Revisited and updated version of the author's dissertation (Ph.D.), Durham, 1997
HARBIN Michael A. The God Who Acts: a Preliminary Study of General Revelation in History TREN fiche 2000 1997 MOH2
ETS 4960
HERBERG Will Faith Enacted as History Westminster Press 1976 MOH2
HORTON Michael S. Covenant and Eschatology: the Divine Drama Westminster John Knox 2002 MOH2
See Extended comments here
LEWIS & DEMAREST Gordon R., & Bruce A. Integrative Theology Zondervan 1996 MOH2
See Extended comments here
NEWMAN Carey C. Jesus & the Restoration of Israel: A Critical Assessment of N.T. Wright's Jesus and the Victory of God InterVarsity Press 1999 MOH2 RJI4
See Extended comments here
RICHARD Ramesh P. Premillennialism as a Philosophy of History Bibliotheca Sacra 1997 MOH2
SAUER Erich From Eternity to Eternity: An Outline of the Divine Purposes Eerdmans 1954 MOH2
SCHOEMAN Roy H. Salvation is from the Jews (John 4:22): The Role of Judaism in Salvation History from Abraham to the Second Coming Ignatius 2003 MOH2
SOKOLOVSKY Meir Simcha Prophecy and Providence: The Fulfillment of Torah Prophecies in the Course of Jewish History Jerusalem/New York: Feldheim Publishers 1991 MOH2 RJI2
VIVIANO Benedict T. The Kingdom of God in History Wilmington, DE: M. Glazier 1988 MOH2
KEILLOR Steven J. God's Judgments: Interpreting History and the Christian Faith IVP Academic 2007 MOH2
See Extended comments here
VAN DER HOEVEN Jan W. Babylon or Jerusalem? Which Will Rule The World? Destiny Image Publishers 1993 MOH2 PRO3 PRO6
2009 reprint by Deeper Revelation Books now available: Amazon Review/s; and First edition; French edition also on Amazon]]
HAYGOOD Elmer M. The Cross Trap: A Layman's Theory Harvest House Publishers 2010 MOH2
Amazon Review/s
LÖWITH Karl Meaning in History University of Chicago Press 1949 MOH1 MOH2
Lists 10 Philosophies of History and compares them with the Biblical View of History.
CULLMANN Oscar Christ and Time Westminster Press 1950 MOH2
O. Cullmann, Christus und die Zeit. Die urchristliche Zeit- und Geschichtsauffassung, Zürich 1946; 3rd 1962, 86.
FLYNN Leslie What the Church Owes the Jew Magnus Press 1998 JCR8 MOH2 MOH5
SHOWERS Renald What on Earth Is God Doing? Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry 2003 MOH2
Amazon Review/s
RICHARDSON Don Eternity in Their Hearts: Startling Evidence of Belief in the One True God in Hundreds of Cultures Throughout the World Regal Books 2006 MOH2
Amazon Review/s
CHRISTOPHER J. Salvation Is From The Jews: Moses, Judaism, and the Jewishness of Christianity WestBowPress 2011 JCR1 MOH2 JCR3
Amazon Review/s
THONG Chan Kei Finding God in Ancient China: How the Ancient Chinese Worshiped the God of the Bible Zondervan 2009 MOH2 PRO2 MOH4
Amazon Review/s
WHITE Dan L. The Jubilee Principle: God's Plan for Economic Freedom WND Books 2009 MOH2 AIC3
Amazon Review/s and WND webstore
NORTH Gary Victim's Rights: The Biblical View of Civil Justice Institute for Christian Economics 1990 MOH2 AIC8 PMO4
American Vision and I.C.E.Free books
PHILLIPS Melanie The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth, and Power Encounter Books 2010 PMO4 MOH2 ANT2
Amazon Review/s; Here is her introduction to her own book.
FISHER Julia Israel: The Mystery of Peace--True Stories Demonstrating God's Roadmap for Peace in Israel Today Authentic 2004 AIC1 JCR7 JCR9 MOH2
Amazon Review/s
BUDZISZEWSKI J. The Revenge of Conscience: Politics and the Fall of Man Spence Publishing Company 1999 PMO4 PMO5 MOH2
Amazon Review/s and 2nd ed. 2010 Amazon
BAHNSEN Greg L. Theonomy in Christian Ethics Covenant Media Press 2002 PMO4 JCR1 MOH2
Amazon Review/s
ROSENBERG Joel Does God Love Israel's Neighbors? (v. 4 in ''What Does It Matter'' Series) Joshua Fund 2009 JCR8 MOH2
View online videofile here
HAMILTON James M., Jr. God's Glory in Salvation through Judgment: A Biblical Theology Crossway Books 2010 MOH2 PRO2 PMO4
Amazon Review/s
WRIGHT Christopher J.H. The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible's Grand Narrative IVP Academic 2006 MOH2 JCR1
Amazon Review/s
WETHERILL Richard W. Right Is Might Alpha Publishing House 1991 PMO4 JCR8 MOH2
Read for free online at Publisher's website. Also: Amazon Review/s and Kindle ed.
MILNE Garnet Howard The Westminster Confession of Faith and the Cessation of Special Revelation: The Majority Puritan Viewpoint on Whether Extra-Biblical Prophecy Is Still Possible Wipf & Stock Publishers 2007 MOH2 PRO2 PMO4
Amazon Review/s
MIDDELMANN Udo W. Neither Necessary nor Inevitable: 'History Needn't Have Been Like That' Wipf & Stock Publishers 2011 PMO6 MOH2 GHT1
Amazon Review/s
BAUCKHAM Richard The Testimony of the Beloved Disciple: Narrative, History, and Theology in the Gospel of John Baker Academic 2007 JCR3 MOH2 PRO2
Amazon Review/s
WETHERILL Richard W. Tower of Babel The Alpha Publishing House; 3rd ed 2004 PMO4 MOH2
Amazon Review/s and also Free download or read online
TORRANCE & TAYLOR David W. & George Israel, God's Servant: God's Key to the Redemption of the World Paternoster 2008 JCR1 PRO3 MOH2 MOH3
Amazon Review/s
GLASSER, ENGEN & GILLILAND Arthur F., Charles E. van & Dean S. Announcing the Kingdom: The Story of God's Mission in the Bible Baker Academic 2003 MOH2 JCR1
Amazon Review/s
FRANKFURTER David Evil Incarnate: Rumors of Demonic Conspiracy and Satanic Abuse in History Princeton University Press 2008 PRO6 MOH2
Amazon Review/s
CHASLES Raymond Israël et les Nations Librairie Lamarre 1945 MOH2 MOH3 MOH5 PRO8 JCR2
Avant-Propos de l'original français. Raymond Chasles était dans l'Eglise Catholique avant de se lancer dans l'enseignement Biblique en France. - "Le 21 juillet 1944 le millénarisme fait alors objet un décret de la Congrégation du Saint-Office année suivante dans son livre Israël et les Nations.
OBERLIN Kevin Paul The Ministry of Israel to the Nations: A Biblical Theology of Missions in the Era of the Old Testament Canon Bob Jones University thesis 2006 PRO3 JCR2 MOH2
Google Books
SCHWARZ Berthold Heilsgeschichte Verstehen Chr. Verlagsges. Dillenburg 2008 MOH2 MOH4
Untertitel: "Warum man heilsgeschichtlich denken sollte, wenn man die Bibel nicht missverstehen will." Dr. Schwarz lehrt an der Freien Theologischen Hochschule Giessen, DE. - Kapitel: 'Heilsgeschichte in der Kritik'
PIJS   The Uniqueness of Christ and the Jewish People: Mishkan 56 Paasche Institute of Jewish Studies 2008 MTH JCR7 MOH2 JCR1
Mishkan store
LAMBERT Lance The Eternal Purpose of God: Salvation Is Not the End, But Just the Beginning Sovereign World 2008 MOH2
Amazon Review/s
PRINCE Derek J. Promised Land: God's Word and the Nation of Israel Derek Prince Ministries - International 2003 PRO3 MOH2
Amazon Review/s
GOLDSMITH Martin Any Complaints, Blame God Authentic Media & Olive Press 2008 MOH2
Amazon UK and CMJ UK
GOODGAME Peter The Giza Discovery (EB) E-Book, 2 vols. 2005 MOH2
Available online at the author's website" Pt. 1 and Pt. 2.
GOODGAME Peter D. The Divine Council and the Kabbalah (EB) Online article 2004 MOH2 PRO7 GHT3 PRO12
Available online at the author's website
HURIASH Solomon Why Human Beings Do Not Need Blind Faith to Believe in Creationism Land Publishing Corp. 2007 PMO5 MOH2
Amazon Review/s and Publisher's website
CROSS John R. The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus (EB) GoodSeed International 1998 PRO3 MOH2
Originally published in 1998. Amazon 2010 review/s (5th ed.)
PRAGER Dennis The Ten Commandments: Still the Best Moral Code Regnery Publishing 2015 MOH2
Amazon Review/s
FARAH Joseph The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians, and the End of the Age WND Books 2017 JCR1 PRO3 MOH2
Amazon Review/s
QUAYLE Steve True Legends – Episode 1: Technology of the Fallen GenSix Productions 2013 MOH2 MOH4 PRO5
On Vimeo or DVD and Amazon Review/s or Amazon Video
QUAYLE Steve True Legends – Episode 2: The UnHoly See GenSix Productions 2016 MOH4 PRO6 MOH2
On Vimeo or DVD
QUAYLE Steve Genesis 6: Giants End Time Thunder Publishers, Rev, Upd. and exp. 2015 MOH2
Amazon Review/s
QUAYLE Steve Angel Wars: Past, Present and Future End Time Thunder Publishers 2011 PRO6 PMO4 MOH2
Amazon Review/s
RICHARDSON Joel When A Jew Rules the World: What the Bible Really Says about Israel in the Plan of God WND books 2015 JCR1 JCR2 MOH2 MOH3 MOH4 MOH5
Amazon Review/s

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