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Last Name First Name Title Publisher Year Group
DYER Charles H. The Rise of Babylon Wheaton: Tyndale House 1991 PRO7
HITCHCOCK Mark The Second Coming of Babylon Multnomah 2003 PRO7
Amazon Review/s
SEIF Jeffrey The Iranian Menace in Jewish History and Prophecy Zola Levitt Ministries 2006 PRO7 AIC2
ZLM Webstore; and Amazon Review/s
HOWSE Brannon Oprah’s New Spirituality, The Emergent Church and the Seduction of Christianity. Confronting The Lies of the New Spirituality (DVD) Worldview Weekend Tele-Productions 2008 PRO7 PMO4
Publisher description
SHOEBAT & RICHARDSON Walid, with Joel God's War On Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible Top Executive Media 2008 PRO6 PRO7 PRO8 JCR10
Available here or Amazon, with Contents here.
SKOLFIELD Ellis H. Islam in the End Times Fish House Publishing 2007 PRO6 PRO7 PRO8 JCR10
Amazon Review/s
MALICK Faisal The Destiny of Islam in the End Times Destiny Image Publishers 2008 PRO7 PRO8 JCR10
Amazon Review/s
RICHARDSON Joel Islam & The End Times Bundle (DVD set) Author's website 2010 PRO6 PRO7 PRO8 PRO10 JCR10
Series in 2 parts on 6 discs. Available here and there
HERDER Peter Babylon: The Resurgence of History’s Most Infamous City Forerunner Books 2009 PRO7 PMO5
Amazon Review/s also available at Exodus Cry
BUDDEN Chris Following Jesus in Invaded Space: Doing Theology on Aboriginal Land Pickwick Publications 2009 PRO7 AIC7
Amazon Review/s
HOWSE Brannon Religious Trojan Horse: A Woman Rides The Beast (Book & DVD) Worldview Weekend Tele-Productions 2011 PMO4 PRO7
Worlview Weekend webstore-DVD (Book will be out in Fall 2011)
VON HILDEBRAND Dietrich Trojan Horse in the City of God: How Godlessness Crept into the Sanctuary-And How to Thrust It Out Again Sophia Institute Press 1999 PRO7 PMO4 PMO4
Amazon Review/s
STALEY Jim The Great Church Audit - Grounds For High Treason? (DVD set) Passion For Truth Ministries 2010? PRO7 MTH
WND Webstore and PFTM webstore
WIERTZEMA John Islam, Whore of Babylon mazon Digital Services, Inc 2012 AIC2 PRO7
Amazon Review/s
GOODGAME Peter D. The Divine Council and the Kabbalah (EB) Online article 2004 MOH2 PRO7 GHT3 PRO12
Available online at the author's website
IBRAHIM Raymond Crucified Again: Exposing Islam's New War on Christians Regnery Publishing 2013 AIC2 PRO7 JCR10
Amazon Review/s
[ANNETT] [Kevin D.] Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust The Truth Commission 2001 HOL MOH4 PRO7
Amazon Review/s
ANNETT Kevin D. Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor John Hunt Publishing 2011 HOL MOH4 PRO7
Amazon Review/s. Also watch online The 2006 Documentary
ECKERT Harald Israel, the Nations and the Valley of Decision Online Book & Kindle, 2nd ed. 2014 PRO3 AIC3 PRO7 PRO8
Download Free Kindle or Free PDF (see bottom right for download choices)
BLACK Edwin Internal Combustion: How Corporations and Governments Addicted the World to Oil and Derailed the Alternatives Dialog Press 2008 AIC7 AIC8 PRO7 PMO6
Amazon Review/s
LAKE Michael The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition's Return Defender Publishing LLC 2014 PRO6 PRO7
Amazon Review/s and DVD
FORTNER Michael D. The Beast and False Prophet Revealed Trumpet Press 2014 PRO6 PRO7 AIC2
(Bible Prophecy Revealed Book 2)
QUAYLE Steve Empire Beneath the Ice End Time Thunder Publishers 2015 PRO7 MOH4 PRO9
Amazon Review/s

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