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Bibliography of The Jewish Remnant

This page lists those entries in the REM group.


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Last Name First Name Title Publisher Year Group
ARIEL Yaacov Evangelizing the Chosen People: Missions to the Jews in America, 1880-2000 University of North Carolina Press 2000 JCR7 REM JID6
Amazon Review/s
BENEDICT George Christ Finds a Rabbi: An Autobiography Philadelphia: n.p. 1932 REM
BENHAYIM Menahem Jewish Survival In Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism 1986 REM
3rd international consultation 1927
BEN-MEIR Moshe Immanuel From Jerusalem to Jerusalem: Autobiographical Sketches Jerusalem: Netivya Bible 2007 REM
Available here
BERNSTEIN Aaron Operative Jewish Converts' Institution Keren Ahvah Meshihit Reprint 1909 REM
Available here.
JOCZ Jakób The Jewish people and Jesus Christ after Auschwitz: A Study in the Controversy between Church and Synagogue Baker Book House 1981 HOL JCR6 REM
JOCZ Jakób The Jewish people and Jesus Christ: A Study in the relationship between the Jewish People and Jesus Christ London: S.P.C.K. 1949 JCR6 REM
PERRY & SCHWEITZER Marvin, and Frederick M. , Eds. Jewish-Christian Encounters Over The Centuries: Symbiosis, Prejudice, Holocaust, Dialogue New York: P. Lang 1994 HOL JCR1 JCR6 REM
Amazon; See Extended Comments
SCHIFFMAN Michael Return of the Remnant: The Rebirth of Messianic Judaism Lederer 1992 JID5 RJI3 REM
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TELCHIN Stan Betrayed Baker Book House 1998 REM
COHEN Steve Disowned Purple Pomegranate 1995 REM
CROMBIE Kelvin For the Love of Zion: Christian Witness and the Restoration of Israel Hodder & Stoughton 1991 AIC4 REM RJI4
DAMKANI Jacob Why Me? Whitaker House 1997 REM
French translation here
FRUCHTENBAUM Arnold G. Jews, Gentiles, and Christians Ariel Ministries 2007 PRO3 REM
Messianic Bible Study on biblical definitions of these three terms and their role in Biblical prophecy.
CCBJS   Messianic Jewish Theology: Mishkan 2 Caspari Center of Biblical and Jewish Studies 1985 MTH JCR7 REM
Mishkan 02
GARTENHAUS Jacob Famous Hebrew Christians Baker Book House 1979 REM
GARTENHAUS Jacob Traitor? A Jew, a Book, a Miracle: An Autobiography Nashville, TN: Nelson 1980 REM
HALFF Charles What it Costs a Jew to Become a Christian s.n. 1956 REM
KATZ Arthur Ben-Israel: Odyssey of a Modern Jew web link, click here ? REM
KJAER - HANSEN Kai Joseph Rabinowitz And The Messianic Movement: The Herzl of Jewish Christianity Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdsmans 1995 MTH REM
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LEVYTAM Gideon How I Found the Messiah s.n. ? REM
web link click here
NEREL Gershon Messianic Jewish Self-Identity in Eretz-Israel, 1917-1967: Trends and Changes in Shaping Self-Identity Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1996 MTH REM JID11
Ph.D. Thesis. Online article based on this thesis is available here
ØSTERBYE Per The Church in Israel Lund, Sweden: C.W.K. Gleerup 1970 REM MTH JCR1
PRITZ Ray A. Nazarene Jewish Christianity: From the End of the New Testament Period Until Its Disappearance in the Fourth Century Leiden; Boston: Brill 1988 JCR3 REM
Amazon Review/s
ROSEN Moishe and Ceil Witnessing to Jews Purple Pomegranate 1998 JCR7 REM
ROSEN Ruth Testimonies of Jews who believe in Jesus Purple Pomegranate 1992 REM
ROSEN Ruth Jewish Doctors meet the Great Physician Purple Pomegranate 1992 REM
SCHOEMAN Roy H., Comp. Honey from the Rock: Sixteen Jews Find the Sweetness of Christ Ignatius Press 2007 REM
Amazon Review/s
RUNGE Albert A Brooklyn Jew Meets Jesus Christian Publications 2001 REM
SEVENER Harold A. A Rabbi's Vision: A century of Proclaiming Messiah: A History of Chosen People Ministries Chosen People Ministries 1994 REM
History of Chosen People Ministries
SIMON Marcel Verus Israel : Étude sur les Relations entre Chrétiens et Juifs dans l'Empire Romain (135-425) Paris 1964 JCR3 REM
English Translation 1996
SKARSAUNE Oskar We Have Found the Messiah! Jewish Believers in Antiquity: Mishkan 45 Jerusalem: Evangel Press & Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies 2005 REM JCR3
Mishkan store
SKARSAUNE & HALVIK Oskar & Reydar, eds. Jewish Believers in Jesus: The Early Centuries Hendrickson Publishers 2007 JCR3 REM MTH
WASSERMAN Jeffrey S. Messianic Jewish Congregations: Who Sold This Business To The Gentiles? Lanham, MD: University Press of America 2000 MTH JCR7 REM
ZWIRN & OWEN Rabbi Isidor & Bob The Rabbi from Burbank. Wheaton: Tyndale House 1986 REM
(Reprinted as: A Rabbi's Search for Messiah)
WILSON Stephen G. Related Strangers: Jews and Christians 70-170 C.E. Minneapolis: Fortress Press 1995 JID6 JCR3 MOH3 REM
RENGSTORF & KORTZFLEISCH Karl Heinrich von, und Siegfried von (Hrsg.) Kirche und Synagoge. Handbuch zur Geschichte von Christen und Juden, Darstellung mit Quellen Stuttgart 1968 (Bd.1) und 1970 (Bd.2) JCR1 REM1
STAUBEN Daniel Scènes de la Vie Juive en Alsace Paris 1860 JCR5 REM2
STRECKER Georg "Judenchristentum" In: TRE 17, p. 310-325   JCR6 REM1
S.E.K.K.D. Synode der Evangelischen Kirchen Kirchen in Deutschland Wort zur Judenfrage vom April 1950 In: R. RENDTORFF - H.H.HENRIX (Hrsg), Die Kirche und das Judentum Dokumente von 1945-1985, Paderborn / München 1988 JCR6 REM1
RYDELNIK Michael They Called Me Christ-Killer: A Personal Perspective on Who Killed Jesus RBC Ministries 2005 REM JID5 JID6
Amazon Review/s
ABRAMS Julius H. Out of the House of Judah New York: Fleming H. Revell Company 1923 REM
AMERICAN MESSIANIC FELLOWSHIP   100 Years of Blessing: the Centennial History of the American Messianic Fellowship Lansing, IL: American Messianic Fellowship c1987 REM
ANONYMOUS   The Jewish Question and the Mission to the Jews   1889, 1894; 2nd ed. 1900 REM
ANONYMOUS   An Historical Treatise concerning Jews and Judaism in England   1753 REM
ANONYMOUS   Considerations on the Bill to permit Jewish (naturalisation) London 1753 REM
ANONYMOUS   "A Daughter of Israel, the first instalment of an article by an anonymous writer" The London Society for Promoting Christianity amounst the Jews, London Feb.- May 1937 REM
Translated by the Rev. J.H.Adeney
BAGATTI Bellarmino The Church from the Circumcision Jerusalem: Franciscan Print Press 1971 REM
Translated by Eugene Hoade
BARON David Jews and Jesus Northwood, England: The Hebrew Testimony to Israel 1979 REM
BONAR A.A. Narrative of a Mission ... to the Jews from the Church of Scotland Edinburgh 1845 REM
BONAR & MCCHEYNE A.A., and R. Narrative of a Visit to the Holy Land and ... to the Jews Edinburgh 1878 REM
BOND Lyn Rosen "The Life and Times of Alfred Edersheim" Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism 1991 REM
BUKSBAZEN Victor Joel of Jerusalem, as told by Joel to Victor Buksbazen Philadelphia: Spearhead Press c1965 REM
BUKSBAZEN Lydia They looked for a City Philadelphia: Friends of Israel Missionary and Relief Society 1960, c1955 REM
2nd ed.
CARLYLE Gavin "Mighty in the Scriptures": A Memoir of Adolph Saphir, D.D. London: John F. Shaw c1983 REM
CHAZAN Robert Daggers of Faith: Thirteenth Century Christian Missionizing and Jewish Response Berkeley: University of California Press 1989 REM JID6 JCR4
CHICAGO HEBREW MISSION   The Jew in History and Prophecy: Addresses Delivered at a Conference on Behalf of Israel Chicago: Chicago Hebrew Mission 1918? REM
Conference held at the Moody Tabernacle, North Clark Street and North Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, January 22 to 25, 1918
COHEN Adele Naomi The Judean Church, up to 70 A.D., Bibliography Witwatersrand, South Africa: Univ. of Johannesburg 1972 REM
COHEN S. American Assimilation of Jewish Revival? Bloomington: Indiana University Press 1988 REM
COHEN Steve Disowned! A Twentieth-Century Jew and His Experience with Jesus San Francisco: Purple Pomegranate 1995 REM
COHN Joseph Hoffman Beginning at Jerusalem New York: American Board of Missions to the Jews c1948 REM
COHN Joseph Hoffman I have Fought a Good Fight: The Story of Jewish Mission Pioneering in America New York: American Board of Missions to the Jews 1953 REM
COREY Muriel W. From Rabbi to Bishop. The Biography of the Right Reverend Michael Solomon Alexander, Bishop of Jerusalem London: The Olive Press   REM
CCBJS   Trends in Jewish Evangelism: Mishkan 10 Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies 1989 MTH JCR7 MOH4 REM
Mishkan store
DAVIES Alan T., ed. Antisemitism and the Foundations of Christianity New York: Paulist Press 1979 REM
DE LE ROI   Jewish Baptism in the Nineteenth Century     REM
DIMONT Max I. The Indestructible Jews: Is there a Manifest Destiny in Jewish History? New York: The New American Library 1971 REM
DIXON Murray The Rebirth and Restoration of Israel Chichester 1988 REM
DORSETT Lyle W. And God Came In New York: Macmillan c1983 REM
A biography of Joy Davidman, wife of C.S. Lewis
DOUGLAS C.G. Hermann Warszawisk: "The Little Messianic Prophet", or, Two Years Labour among the Refugee Jews in New York 2nd ed. with appendix   REM
DUNLOP John Memories of Gospel Triumph Among the Jews in the Victorian Era London: S.W. Patridge & Co. 1894 REM
DWIGHT H.O. Blue Book of Missions for 1907 New York 1907 REM
EBER Irene The Jewish Bishop and the Chinese Bible: S.I.J.Schereschewsky (1831-1906) Studies in Christian Mission, Vol.11. Leiden: Brill 1999 REM
EDWARDS Mrs. Missionary Work among the Jews in Modavia, Galicia, and Silesi   1867 REM
EGAN C. The Status of the Jews in England ... (1066-1845) London 1848 REM
EINSPRUCH Henry Jewish Confessors of the Faith Brookly, NY: American Board of Missions to the Jews 1925 REM
EPIPHANIUS   The Panarion of Epiphanius of Salamis, Book I Leiden: E.J. Brill 1987 REM
Translated by Frank Williams
EVEARITT D.J. Jewish-Christian Missions to the Jews: 1820-1935 Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms 1989 REM
EUSEBIUS VON CAESAREA   Kirchengeschichte Hrg. von Heinrich Kraft, München 1967 REM1
FISCHER John The Olive Tree Connection Rev.ed. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press 1983 REM MTH JID5 JCR7
Kindle E-Book
FLAD J.M. The Falashas (Jews) of Abyssinia London 1869 REM
FRESHMAN Charles The Autobiography of Rev. Charles Freshman, late rabbi of the Jewish Synagogue of Quebec, and Graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary at Prague, at present German Wesleyan Minister at Preston, Ontario Toronto: Samuel Rose 1868 REM
FRIEDMAN Bob What's a Nice Jewish Boy like you doing in the First Baptist Church? Glendale, CA: G/L Regal Books 1972 REM
FRUCHTENBAUM Arnold G. Hebrew Christianity: Its Theology, History and Philosophy Tustin, CA: Ariel Ministries 1992 REM MTH
Amazon Review/s
FRYDLAND Rachmiel I escaped from the Nazis Newark, NJ: Messengers of the New Covenant n.d. REM
GIDNEY William Thomas The History of the London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews, from 1809 to 1908 London: London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews 1908 REM
GIDNEY William Thomas The Jews and their Evangelization   1889 REM
GIDNEY William Thomas Missions to the Jews   1899 REM
GIDNEY William Thomas At Home and Abroad   1900 REM
GIDNEY William Thomas Alien (Jewish) Immigration London 1905 REM
GOBLE Philip E. Everything you need to Grow a Messianic Yeshiva Pasadena: William Carey Library 1981 REM
GLASSER Arthur F. Jewish Identity Yesterday and Today World Evangelical Fellowship, "Task Force on Jewish Evangelism", Chicago, Ill. May 2-4, 1991 REM
GOLDBERG Louis Our Jewish Friends Chicago : Moody Press 1977 REM
GOLDSMID F.H. Arguments Against The Enfranchisement of the Jews London 1833 REM
HANWAY J.A. Review of the Proposed Naturalisations of the Jews London 1753 REM
HEGESIPPUS   Memoirs, 5 vols (lost) Fragments preserved in Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History   REM
HEMAN F. Missions to the Jews     REM
Link here
HERSCHELL Ridley H., ed. Jewish Witnesses that Jesus is the Christ London: Aylott & Jones 1848 REM
HILPRECHT H.V. Explorations in Bible Lands during the 19th Century Edinburgh 1903 REM
JONES A. Jase Neighbors, Yet Strangers: The Jews and Christian Witness Nashville: Broadman Press 1968 REM
KALISHER Zvi The Best of Zvi: Fifty Years Telling the Story on the Highways and Byways of Israel Amy Julian, ed., Bellmawr, NJ: Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc. c1998 REM
KAPLAN Jonathan "A Brief History of Presbyterian Ministry Among Jewish People: 1820-2001" Zobel, B.Z. Hebrew Christianity: The Thirteenth Tribe (New York: John Wiley & Sons) 1974 REM
Full text here
KJAER - HANSEN & SCJOTT Kai, and Bodil F. Facts and Myths about the Messianic Congregations in Israel, 1998-1999: Mishkan 30-31 Jerusalem: United Christian Council in Israel & Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies 1999 MTH JCR7 MOH4 REM
Mishkan store
LEV Leigh From Yeshiva to Y'shua San Francisco: Purple Pomegranate 1990 REM
LEVITT & McGANN Zola, and D. How did a Fat, Balding, Middle-Aged Jew Like You Become A Jesus Freak? Wheaton: Tyndale House 1974 REM
LEVITT Zola Meshumed? Chicago : Moody Press c1979, 147 p. REM
Table of Contents here
LEW Ben-David From Hitler's Hell to God's Peace Oak Park, MI: Israel's Evangelistic Missions, Inc. n.d. REM
LIBERMANN Paul The Fig Tree Blossoms. Messianic Judaism Emerges Harrison 1976 REM
LITTELL John S. Some Great Christian Jews Keene, NH: John Littell 1913 REM
LONGENECKER Richard The Christology of Early Jewish Christianity Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House 1970 JCR3 REM
Regent College 1994 edition: Amazon Review/s
LYKE Helen B. The Faith of Abraham: The Biography of A.B. Machlin     REM
MCQUAID Elwood Zvi Bellmawr, NJ: Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry 1978 REM
MARGOLIOUTH Moses The History of the Jews in Great Britain London: R. Bentley 1851 REM
MASON J. Three Years in Turkey. Medical Mission to the Jews London 1860 REM
MENDELSOHN Bob Who Ever Heard of a Jewish Missionary? A Jew for Jesus Tells His Story San Francisco: Purple Pomegranate 1990-? REM
MEYER Louis, ed. Eminent Hebrew Christians of the Nineteen Century: brief biographical sketches New York: E. Mellen Press: Text and Studies in Religion 17 1983 REM
with an introduction by David A. Rausch.
MICHELSON Arthur U. From Judaism and Law to Christ and Grace: Life Story of Arthur U. Michelson Los Angeles: Jewish Hope Pub. House c1934 REM
OESTERREICHER John M. Walls are Crubling: Seven Jewish Philosophers Discover Christ London: Mollis and Carter 1953 REM
With a foreword by Jacques Maritain
PATTERSON J.H. With the Zionists in Gallipoli London 1916 REM
POLIN Samuel M. Anchored in Christ, or, From Law, Ceremony, and Tradition to Light and life Eternal Los Angeles: S.M. Polin c1952 REM
PORTNOV Anna Awakening: An Anthology of Articles, Essays, Biographies and Quotations about Jews and Yeshua Baltimore, MD: Lederer 1992 REM
PRUTER Karl Jewish Christians in the United States: a Bibliography New York: Garland 1987 REM
RAUSCH David A. Messianic Judaism: Its History, Theology and Polity Lewiston, N.Y.: Edwin Mellen Press 1982 REM
ROSEN & PROCTOR Moishe, and William Jews for Jesus Old Tappan, N.J.: Revell c1974 REM
ROSEN Ruth Jews for Jesus: If Jesus is the Messiah at All, Then he is the Messiah for All San Francisco: Messianic Jewish Perspective c1987 REM
320pp. Reprint 3rd ed.
ROTH Sid., ed. They Thought for Themselves Brunswick, GA: MV Press 1996 REM
online here. French translation here
SAFIR Adolph Christ and Israel Karen Ahvah Meshihit   REM
SAMUEL Elijah Bendor David Baron and the Hebrew Christian Testimony to Israel London: The Hebrew Christian Testimony to Israel 1943 REM
CCBJS   History of Jewish Christians and Missions: Mishkan 14 Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies 1991 MTH JCR7 REM
Mishkan store
SAN-DONATO Demidoff The Jewish Question in Russia London 1884 REM
SANDMEL Samuel Judaism and Christian Beginnings New York: Oxford University Press 1978 REM
SAUCY Robert L. God has Not Rejected His People, Has He? A Theology of Hope World Evangelical Fellowship, "Task Force on Jewish Evangelism", Chicago, Ill. May 2-4, 1991 REM
SCHIFFMAN Lawrence Who was a Jew? Hoboken, New Jersey: Ktav Pub. 1985 REM
SCHÜRER Emil A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ New York: Scribner 1896 REM
5 vols.
SCULT Mel Millenial Expectations and Jewish Liberties: A Study of the Efforts to Convert the Jews in Britain, up to the Mid-nineteenth Century Leiden: Brill c1978 REM
SCHOEPS Hans Joachim Jewish Christianity: Factional Disputes in the Early Church Philadelphia: Fortress Press 1969 REM JCR3
STEVENS George H. Jewish Christian Leaders London: Oliophants 1966 REM
TUCKER Ruth A. Not Ashamed: The Story of Jews for Jesus Sisters, OR: Multnomah Pub. 2000 REM
Foreword by Packer, J.I.
THE THAILAND REPORT ON JEWISH PEOPLE   Report of the Consultation on World Evanglization. Mini-Consultation on Reaching Jewish People Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, Wheaton, Illinois 1980 REM
Consultation held in Pattaya, Thailand, from June 16-27, 1980. 24pp.
THOMPSON A.E. A Century of Jewish Missions Edinburgh 1902 REM
VERKUYL Johannes The Communication of the Gospel to the Church and the Jewish People Grand Rapids 1978 REM
In: "Contemporary Missiology. An Introduction", p.118-162
WEIGAND Edith S. Out of the Fury: The Impossible Odyssey of Eliezer Urbach, as told to Edith S. Weigand Bethesda, MD: The Messianic Jewish Movement International 1987 REM
WERTHEIMER Max From Rabbinism to Christ Ada, OH: Wertheimer Publications 1934 REM
WILKINSON Samuel Hinds In The Land of the North: The Evangelization Of The Jews In Russia London: Marshall Bros. c1905 REM
WILLIAMS A.L. Missions to the Jews   1897 REM
CCBJS   History of Missionary Activity in Israel: Mishkan 15 Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies 1991 MTH JCR7 JCR8 REM
Mishkan store
WINNER Lauren F. Girl meets God: On the Path to a Spiritual Life Chapel Hill, NC: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill 2002 REM
Amazon Review/s
WURMBRAND Richard Tortured for Christ Glendale, CA: Diane Books 1969 REM
ZIONIST ORGANISATION   Great Britain, Palestine and the Jews: A Survey London 1918? REM
ARING Paul Gerhard Christliche Judenmission. Ihre Geschichte und Problematik dargestellt und untersucht am Beispiel des evangelischen Rheinlandes Neukirchen-Vluyn 1980 REM1
ARNOLDI Udo Pro Iudaeis. Die Gutachten der hallischen Theologen im 18. Jahrhundert zu Fragen der Judentoleranz Berlin: Institut Kirche und Judentum 1993 REM1
BAUMANN Arnulf "Judenchristen. 2. Geschichtliche Entwicklung Judenchristen heute" In: Evangelisches Kirchenlexikon, Bd.2, p.851-854 1986 REM1
BAUMANN Arnulf "Judenmission" In: Evangelisches Kirchenlexikon, Bd.2, p.854-857 1986 REM1
BEDARRIDE I. Les Juifs en France, en Italie et en Espagne Paris 1859 REM2
BENJAMIN J.J. Eight Years in Asia and Africa, 1846-1855 2nd edition, Hanover 1863 REM
BERNOW P. "Judenmission" In: Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart, 3, S.973   REM1
BURCHARTZ Alfred Christliches Zeugnis für Israel heute Evangeliumsdienst für Israel, Leinfelden o.J. REM1
In: BURCHARTZ, Alfred - MAOZ, Baruch: "Israel - unsere Liebe. Beiträge zur gegenwärtigen Diskussion um eine Erneuerung des Verhältnisses zwischen Christen und Juden", S. 10-14
BURCHARTZ Alfred Jüdische Christen in Israel Evangeliumsdienst für Israel, Leinfelden o.J. REM1
In: BURCHARTZ, Alfred - MAOZ, Baruch: "Israel - unsere Liebe. Beiträge zur gegenwärtigen Diskussion um eine Erneuerung des Verhältnisses zwischen Christen und Juden", S. 28-32
CHADWICK Henry Die Kirche in der antiken Welt Berlin, S.1-30 1972 REM1
DANIÉLOU Jean Das Judenchristentum und die Anfänge der Kirche Köln 1964 REM1
DALMAN G.A. Kurzgefasstes Handbuch der Mission unter Israel Berlin 1893 REM1
DE LE ROI F.F.A. Die evangelische Christenheit und die Juden unter dem Geschichtspunkt der Mission Carlsruhe 1884-92 REM1
JUNG Martin Die württembergische Kirche und die Juden in der Zeit des Pietismus (1675-1780) Berlin 1992 REM1
Zugleich: Tübingen, Univ., Diss., 1990
KALKAR C.K. Israel und die Kirche Hamburg 1869 REM1
KJAER-HANSEN & KVARME Kai, und Ole C.M. Messianische Juden. Judenchristen in Israel Erlangen 1979 REM1
KRÜGER G.A. Une Eglise Judéochrétienne en Bessarabie Lausanne 1885 REM2
MENDRES DOS REMEDIOS   Os Judens en Portugal Coimbra 1895 REM3
KÜMMEL Werner Georg "Judenchristentum. I. Im Altertum" In: Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart, 3, S.967-972   REM1
LEVY M. Die Sephardim in Bosnien   1911 REM1
LIGHTLE Steven Der II. Exodus. Norden gib heraus! Asslar 1991 REM1
LUBAHN Erich Judenmission in heilsgeschichtlicher Sicht In: KREMERS, Heinz (Hrsg.): Mission an Israel in heilsgeschichtlicher Sicht, S. 92-103   REM1
LOEB I. La Situation des Israëlites Paris 1877 REM2
MAJER-LEONHARD Fritz Isaak Lichtenstein Stuttgart 1955 REM1
In: Ders.: "Christuszeugen aus Israel.
MAJER-LEONHARD Fritz, ed. "Judenchristentum. II. Im Mittelalter und in der Neuzeit" In: Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart, 3, S.972-976   REM1
MAOZ Baruch Christen und Juden: Getrennte Wege zum gleichen Ziel? Zur Lehre von den "Zwei Wegen" Evangeliumsdienst für Israel, Leinfelden o.J. REM1
In: BURCHARTZ,Alfred - MAOZ,Baruch: "Israel - unsere Liebe. Beiträge zur gegenwärtigen Diskussion um eine Erneuerung des Verhältnisses zwischen Christen und Juden". S. 15-27
MIMOUNI Simon C. Pour une Définition Nouvelle du Judéo-Christianisme Ancien NTS 38, p. 161-186 1992 REM2
MISSION unter Israel - auch Heute   Konferenz Bekennender Gemeinschaften in den evangelischen Kirchen Deutschlands Neukirchen-Vluyn 1985 REM1
Abgedruckt in: KREMERS, Heinz - LUBAHN, Erich
PERNOW B. "Judenmission" In: Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart, 3, S.976-979   REM1
RAINE Rosa The Restoration of the Jews and the Duties of English Churchmen London 1860 REM RJI4
SCHNEIDER J. Kirchliches Jahrbuch G. 1909 REM1
TELCHIN Stan Verraten! Witten 1983 REM1
3. Auflage 1987 durch den Evangeliumsdienst für Israel, Leinfelden
UNKNOWN   "Ueber 4000 Judenchristen in Israel" In: Idea-Spektrum 26, (25.6.1992) Wetzlar 1992 REM1
VOLTAIRE A.M. de Lettres de Quelques Juifs, Portugais, Allemands, Polonais Orléans 1991 REM2
3 vols.
WAGNER Siegfried Franz Delitzsch. Leben und Werk München 1978 REM1
2. verbesserte und erweiterte Aufl., Giessen 1991
WOLF & SALOMON J., und G. Der Charakter des Judenthums Leipzig 1817 REM1
WRESCHNER Lily Wie Gott mein Suchen nach Wahrheit erfüllte Kreuzlingen 1988 REM1
ZELLER P. Die Juden Berlin 1799 REM1
BERNSTEIN Aaron Some Jewish Witnesses for Christ London: Operative Jewish Converts' Institution 1909 REM
IsraelUnique Webshop Reprint by Keren Ahvah Mishihit. Also download full text. Finally check out MJWiki
KIRSCH Adam Benjamin Disraeli Schocken 2008 REM
Amazon Review/s
ZOLLI Eugenio Before The Dawn : Autobiographical Reflections Ignatius Press 2008, Reprint ed. REM
Available at Amazon
MISHKIN David The Wisdom of Alfred Edersheim: Gleanings from a 19th Century Jewish Christian Scholar Wipf & Stock Publishers 2008 REM
Amazon Review/s
WURMBRAND Sabina The Pastor's Wife Living Sacrifice Book Co. Reprint 1979 REM
Amazon Review
WURMBRAND Richard Alone With God Living Sacrifice Book Co 1993 REM
Amazon Review/s
WURMBRAND Richard & Sabina Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand: The Underground Pastor and His Wife DVD Vision Video ? REM
Available here
WURMBRAND Richard If Prison Walls Could Speak Living Sacrifice Book Co 1993 REM MOH3
Amazon Review/s
WURMBRAND Richard With God in Solitary Confinement Living Sacrifice Book Co., Rev. ed. 1991 REM
Amazon Review/s
WURMBRAND Richard Christ on the Jewish Road Diane Books 1970 REM MOH3
Voice of the Martyrs
WURMBRAND Richard From the Lips of Children Living Sacrifice Book Co 1992 REM MOH4
Amazon Review/s
WURMBRAND Richard In God's Underground Living Sacrifice Book Co 2004 REM MOH3
Amazon Review/s
NESHER Hannah Grafted in Again D'var Emet 199? REM
Voice for Israel
NESHER Hannah Journey to Jerusalem D'var Emet 199? REM
Voice for Israel
TEC Nechama In the Lion's Den: The Life of Oswald Rufeisen Oxford University Press 2006 REM JID6 JID11
Amazon review/s
JACKSON Bernard "Brother Daniel: The construction of Jewish identity in the Israel Supreme Court" International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, Volume 6, Number 2 1993 JID11 JID6 REM
Full-Text article
SCHOEMAN Roy H. Salvation Is from the Jews: The Role of Judaism in Salvation History Ignatius Press 2004 MOH3 JCR8 REM
Amazon Review/s
BERGER Ruben Le VraI Visage Du Christ Emeth Editions 2000 REM1
Amazon and Emeth
BERGER Benjamin und Ruben Der Weg, Der gute Weg...unseres Lebens mit Jeschua im Land Israel echad-verlag   SHR REM1 JCR1 JCR7 JCR8 JCR9 MTH1
Die Auto-Biographie der Berger Brüder, die ihren Weg aus dem Judentum zu Yeschua als dem Messias fanden. Ihre priesterliche Berufung und prophetische Schlüsselrolle im Land ihrer Väter und unter den Nationen. Ihre Begegnung mit dem TJCII.
GER Steven C. "The Remnant of Israel in the Church Age: Theological and Practical Considerations for the Church" Sojouner Ministries 2010 MTH JCR8 REM
Download this article at Sojouner Ministries
BARON & BENDOR-SAMUEL David & Elijah David Baron and the Hebrew Christian Testimony to Israel. Unknown Binding 18?? MTH REM
SCHONFIELD Hugh J. The History of Jewish Christianity: From the First to the Twentieth Century London: Duckworth 1936 REM
Full text
Zamir & Benhayim Ilan & Menahem The Sulha: Reconciliation in the Middle East Purple Pomegranate Productions 200? REM JCR9
Purple Pomegranate webstore
GLAZER & SHORE Mitch & Alan Remnant and Renewal: The New Russian Messianic Movement New York: Chosen People Ministries 2006 REM MTH
Amazon and Chosen People Min.
NEREL Gershon "From Death to Life: The Restoration of Jewish Yeshua-Believers in the Land of Israel Online article 2007 PRO3 MTH REM MOH3 JID11
Full Text.
ROSEN Ruth Called to Controversy: The Unlikely Story of Moishe Rosen and the Founding of Jews For Jesus Thomas Nelson 2012 MTH REM JCR8 JID5 JID7
Amazon Review/s and A NOTE FROM DAVID BRICKNER: What's So Controversial About Moishe Rosen?
HOBERMAN Michael New Israel/New England: Jews and Puritans in Early America University of Massachusetts Press 2011 MOH3 REM
Amazon Review/s
Wright Fred Israel...His People, His Land, His Story Thankful Books 2006 PRO3 RJI3 REM3 JCR8 AIC3 MOH3
Amazon Review/s
HAAN & DeYOUNG Mart de & Jimmy Following Jesus in a Land of Conflict: An Arab and Jewish Conversation (DVD) RBC Ministries 200? REM JCR9
Purchase 4-part DVD from DOD Webstore
TURNER David S. When Your Face Was Your Destiny: The Fruchtenbaum Family Story as told by Holocaust Survivors San Antonio, TX: Ariel Ministries 2011 REM HOL
Purchase E-Book or print from Ariel Ministries
FRUCHTENBAUM Arnold The Remnant of Israel: The History, Theology, and Philosophy of the Messianic Jewish Community San Antonio, TX: Ariel Ministries 2011 REM MTH JCR8
Ariel Ministries webstore and Amazon Review/s. Based on a 2002 messianic Bible Study entitled: ''The Remnant of Israel: past, Present, and Future'' with PDF outline and excerpt (39 p.) and MP3 CD (2010)
BALESTON Mottel Messianic Jewish History (3-DVD SET) San Antonio, TX: Ariel Ministries 2007 REM
Ariel Ministries webstore with PDF outline
LCJE   Ninth International LCJE Conference: Proceedings 2011 Online articles 2011 JCR8 MTH REM
Full-Text online proceedings.
LCJE   Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism: Proceedings 2010 Online articles 2010 JCR8 MTH REM
Full-Text online European, South African, North American proceedings.
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