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Last Name
First Name
Michael Solomon
Life Span
"The Hope of Israel," 1831; The "Glory of Mount Zion," 1839; "The Flower that Fadeth," "Memoir of Sarah Alexander," 1841.
Biographies of Eminent Hebrew Christians
Jewish Expositor, July, 1828, p. 260.
Jewish Intelligence, 1842, p. 127.
German rabbi baptized in 1825 after concluding that rabbis had concealed the truth about Jesus; seven years later he became Professor of Hebrew and Rabbinical Literature at King's College, London. He translated the Anglican liturgy into Hebrew, headed a list of sixty Messianic Jews who lodged a formal protest against the Blood Libel. His name came first on the long list of those who signed a "protest of Jewish Christians in England" against the accusation that Jews used Christian blood in Passover rites. When the British Parliament endowed the position of Bishop of Jerusalem, the appointment went to Alexander; in Jerusalem, he built Christ Church in 1849, next to the British Consulate near the Jaffa Gate. Then he opened both an institution for the training of Jewish Christian missionaries and a hospital for poor, sick Jews. Thirty-one Messianic Jews honored him at his funeral in Jerusalem in the nineteenth century. More details here: MJWiki
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