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Son of Elijah BENDOR-SAMUEL and brother of Harcourt BENDOR-SAMUEL. He married to Dorothy Ruth and after her death he remarried Alison. Theodor had two sons John and David (by Dorothy Ruth), ten grandchildren and twenty-one great-grandchildren. He was pastor of West Worthing Tabernacle, Perks Memorial Mission, now Winchester Evangelical Free Church, Putson Baptist Church, Hereford, Lansdowne Evangelical Free Church, West Norwood then in 1955 director of the Messianic Testimony in the UK. He was active in the organisation of the FIEC as a Council Member in 1935, Assistant Secretary in 1944 and Honorary Secretary. He was a founder member of the British Evangelical Council and a governor of the London Bible College. He lectured for many years at Redcliffe Bible College, and was on the council of the Hebrew Christian Alliance (now BMJA), the Campaigners, the Evangelical Alliance, the Central Asian Mission and the Spanish Gospel Mission. During the final twenty years of his life, he served as an elder of Carey Baptist Church, Reading. Elijah Bendor-Samuel’s great-grand-daughter and works at a Bible College . She wrote: "As to Messianic Jewish identity, Grandpa (Theodore) certainly had a strong sense of his Jewish culture and presumably this influenced his decision to leave the pastorate and go to Messianic Testimony. The next generation were aware of our Jewish roots and have always taken a keen interest in Jewish ministry. Several in this (3rd) generation are still involved in Jewish work. Over the generations this has weakened. The 4th and now emerging 5th generations are involved in wider mission work but not specifically in Jewish ministry and probably as much influenced by the culture in which they grew up. I guess for my generation (4th) there is still something of a root there but this has not been nurtured or cultivated specifically."

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