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Biographies of most famous Jews known to have believed in Messiah

This page lists the Biographies of Famous Messianic Jews. [This page will be brought up to date in January 2010]

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Page Last Name First Name Life Span Publications Sources
00001 ABU’L FARAJ Gregory 1226-1286 ''Book of the Dove'', ''Ethicon'', ''Chronography'' in Arabic ''Ta'rikh al-Mukhtasar al-Duwal'', ''Book of the Butter of Wisdom'', ''The Lamp of the Sanctuary'', ''Book of the Ascension of the Intellect'', ''Chronicum Ecclesiasticum'', ''Laughable Stories'' An Account of Gregory Bar Hebraeus Abu al-Faraj and His Relations with the Mongols of Persia by George Lane
00003 ADLER Mortimer 1902 - How to Read a Book (1940); The Common Sense of Politics (1971); Six Great Ideas (1981);  
00004 ALEXANDER Michael Solomon 1799-1845 "The Hope of Israel," 1831; The "Glory of Mount Zion," 1839; "The Flower that Fadeth," "Memoir of Sarah Alexander," 1841. Biographies of Eminent Hebrew Christians
00005 BARON David 1855-1926 The Scattered Nation; The Visions and Prophecies of Zecharia (1918); The Shepherd of Israel (2004); The Servant of Jehovah (2001); Rays of Messiah's Glory, Christ in the OT (2001); Anglo-Israelism Examined; The History of Israel; Israel in the Plan of God (1925/1983); The Ancient Scripture and the Modern Jew (2006/2007) Biography; Testimony
00006 ANACLETUS II Pope ?-1138   Biography
00007 ALON Gil     Testimony
00008 ANGEL ANGEL 1860-1929    
00009 AUGUSTI Friedrich Albrecht early 18th century    
00010 BARON Andrew Mark.      
00011 BEHR-SIGEL Elizabeth 1907-?    
00012 BEN MEIR Moshe Yimanuel   From Jerusalem to Jerusalem Gershon Nerel’s article “A Messianic Jewish Church in Eretz Israel?” in Mishkhan, Issue No. 29, 1998, search here.
00013 BERESFORD Gary     Testimony
00014 BERGSON Henri 1859-1941 ''Time and Free Will'' (1889), ''An Introduction to Metaphysics'' (1903), ''Matter and Memory'' (1896), ''Creative Evolution'' (1907), ''The Two Sources of Morality and Religion'' (1932) Biography
00015 BERMAN Harold J. 1918-2007 ''Law and Revolution: The Formation of the Western Legal Tradition'' (1983), Series of lectures at Boston University published as ''The Interaction of Law and Religion'' (1973), in ''Finding God at Harvard'' (IVP, 2007); Matt Sieger's article "Answering to higher authority: The life and legacy of Harold J. Berman" in Issues, Vol. 17:9, 2009 Article: The Holy Spirit:The God of History.''"
00016 BETTELHEIM Dr. Bernard 1811-1870    
00017 BIDA Alexandre 1823-1895 ''Souvenirs d’Egypte'' (1851), Edward Eggelston’s ''Christ in Art, or, The Gospel of Jesus Christ'' (New York: Fords, Howard & Hulbert, 1874), The Bible and its Story Taught by One Thousand Picture Lessons, edited by Charles F. Horne and Julius A. Bewer, published by Francis R. Niglutsch, New York, in 1910. Some of his work
00018 BIESENTHAL Joachim Heinrich Raphael 1804-1886 * Auszüge aus dem Buche Sohar, mit Deutscher Uebersetzung, 1837. Hebräisches Und Chaldäisches Schulwörterbuch Über Das Alte Testament: Mit Hinweisung Auf Die Sprachlehren, 1836-37. David Ḳimḥi's (in conjunction with F. S. Lebrecht), Berlin, 1838. "Ueber den Ursprung der Wider die Juden Erhobenen Beschuldigung bei der Feier Ihrer Ostern sich des Blutes zu Bedienen, Nebst Kurzer Darstellungdes Jüdischen Rituals in Beziehung auf den Genuss des Blutes," 1840. "The Book of Psalms; Hebrew Text, with a Commentary," Berlin, 1841. "The Book of Isaiah; Hebrew Text and Commentary," Berlin, 1841. "Chrestomathia Rabbinica sive Libri Quatuor, Complectens Analećta e Rerum Scriptoribus, Cosmographis, Grammaticis, Exegetis, Philosophis, Cabalistis et Poetis, Partim e Codicibus Sumta, cum Versione Latina et Vitis Scriptorum," part i., Berlin, 1844. "Zur Geschichte der Christlichen Kirche in Ihrer Ersten Entwickelungsperiode bis zum Anfange des 4ten Jahrhunderts." A Hebrew translation of the Epistles to the Hebrews and the Romans, with a commentary based on rabbinical lore. A Biography of Paul, 1857-58. HaDavar; Jewish Encyclopedia
00019 BIRNBAUM Solomon      
00020 BLOCK David, Dr.     Testimony
00021 BOHR Niels      
00022 BRENNER Yoseph Chaim 1881-1921   Biography
00023 BRONSTEIN David   ''Peniel Portrait'' (1943)  
00024 BUSKIN Norman      
00025 BENDOR-SAMUEL Elijah 1870-1956 ''Israel and the Blessing of the Tribes'' (1937), ''Introductory to Hebrew Bible'' (1931), ''The Prophecy of Zechariah-Chapters I and II'' (1929), ''Palestine-Turkey-and Egypt'' (coauthor with Francis L. Denman 1915), ''David Baron and the Hebrew Christian Testimony to Israel'' (coauthored with David Baron 1943), ''The prophetic character of Job, or The solution of a great problem" (1954), ''Old Testament Criticism. When and by whom Deuteronomy was written'' (1927), ''The Prophetic Character of the Psalms'' (1935) RoshPina Project
00026 BENDOR-SAMUEL Theodore     RoshPina Project
00027 BENDOR-SAMUEL Harcourt Samuel O.B.E   These Hundred years; ''History of the International Christian Hebrew Alliance'' RoshPina Project and Mishkan 14
00028 BENDOR-SAMUEL John, Dr. ?-2011    
00029 BENDOR-SAMUEL Paul      
00030 PRATENSIS Felix 145?-1639 ''Psalterium ex Hebræo ad Verbum Translatum'', a Latin translation of the Psalms published in Venice, 1515. Jewish Encyclopedia
00031 CAPPADOSE Abraham 1795-1874 Among Capadose's writings, the most noteworthy are: Testimony
00032 CASPARI Carl Paul 1814-1892 In Norwegian he published a translation of the Book of Concord (Christiania, 1861); an essay upon the Wandering Jew (1862); a commentary on the first six chapters of Isaiah (1867); a historical essay on the confession of faith at baptism (1871); on Abraham's trial and Jacob's wrestling with God (1871); on Abraham's call and meeting with Melchizedek (1872); a volume of Bible essays (1884); etc. With his friend G. C. Johnson he established in 1857 the Theologisk Tidskrift for den evangelisk-lutherske Kirke i Norge, of which a volume appeared annually till shortly before his death. Most of the articles were written by the editors, and in this and other periodicals a large number of Caspari's writings were originally published. HaDavar
00033 CASSEL Paulus Selig 1821-1892 "Juden Geschichte" in Ersch and Grüber (1847), "Magyarische Altertumer" (1848), "Von Warschau bis Olmutz" (1851), "Thüringische Ortsnamen" (1856-58), "Eddische Studien" (1856), "Rose und Nachtigall" (1860), "Weihnachten, Ursprünge, Bräuche und Aberglauben" (1862), "Die Schwalbe" (1869), "Drachenkämpfe" (1869), "Vom Wege nach Damascus" (1872), "Name und Beruf (1874), "Löwenkämpfe von Nemea bis Golgotha" (1875), "Das Buch Esther" (1878), translated by the Rev. A. Bernstein into English and published by T. and T. Clark of Edinburgh (1888), "Vom Nil zum Ganges" (1879), "Christliche Sittenlehre" (1880), "Aus Literatur und Geschichte" (1885), "Aus dem Lande des Sonnenaufgangs" (1885), "Kritische Senschreiben über die Probebibel" (1885), "Wie ich über Judenmission denke" (1886), "Das 900 jährige Jubiläum der russischen Kirche" (1888), "Aletheiam, Vorträge" (1890), "Das 1000 jährige Reich" (1890). For Lange's Bible-Commentary he wrote the expositions on the books of Judges and Ruth. His works against anti-Semitism were "Wider Heinrich von Treitschke für die Juden" (1880), "Die Antisemiten und die Evangelische Kirche" (1881), "Ahasverus" (1885), and "Der Judengott und Richard Wagner." Dr. Cassel composed many poems under the title, "Hallelujah," containing 188 hymns, and also some dramas (Vom Konige, Das neue Schauspiel, Der Weiner Congress, Paulus at Damascus, Paulus at Cyprus, &c.). From 1875-91 Dr. Cassel edited and published a weekly paper, "For Christian life and knowledge," entitled "Sunem." HaDavar
00034 CHALMERS Thomas M.   Article in God News, Vol. 20:11 November, 1929: Rebuilding Zion /Mid Storm and Strain  
00035 CERULLO Morris   Christ your Healer, 1993 Ministry website
00036 HAMASHIACH (The Christ) Yeshua (Jesus) 0-33   The 4 Gospels. For further study, see The Messianic Prophecy slide-show.
00037 HEYDECK Juan Joseph   Defensa de la Religion Christiana. 4 vols quarto, 1797  
00038 BEN SHEMAYA (CHRISTFELSS) Mordechai (Phillip Ernst) 1671-1759 Neues und Altes Judenthum. 7 vols. (1735-39) CEJSH abstract from Kwartalnik Historii Zydow (Jewish History Quarterly) 2009, 3(231), pages: 269-289; Chad Gadya controversy from מבחר כתבי מ"ג שנאבר לעווינזון
00039 BEN SAMUEL (CHRISTIAN) Malachi (Paul)      
00040 CHRISTIANI Friedrich Albrecht 165u-172u (1) "Zebaḥ Pesaḥ" (The Sacrifice of Easter), 1677, an account of the Jewish celebration of Easter in the time of Jesus and at the present; (2) "Se'udat Purim" (The Meal of Purim), 1677, a description of Jewish fasting and feasting; (3) "Ẓaḥaḳan Melummad u-Mitḥareṭ" (The Scholarly Gambler Repenting), 1683, a German translation of the work of Leon of Modena on gambling; (4) Abravanel's commentary on the first Prophets, with a Latin index, 1686; (5) the text of Jonah with Targum, Masorah, and the commentaries of Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Ḳimḥi, and Abravanel, and a Hebrew-Latin vocabulary, 1683; (6) "Iggeret" (Letter), 1676, the epistle of St. Paul to the Jews, translated from the Greek into Hebrew; (7) "Traktat von dem Glauben und Unglauben der Juden," 1713. Jewish Encyclopedia.
00041 COHEN Hermann 1821-1870 Le Catholicisme en Angleterre, a speech delivered at Mechlin, also in English (Paris, 1864). Gloire à Marie (1849). Amour à Jésus (1851). Fleurs du Carmel; Couronnement de la Madonne; Thabor (1870). five collections of sacred songs with accompaniment, pious but somewhat shallow; this also holds good of his Mass (1856). Catholic Encyclopedia. With more details: Hebrew Catholic
00042 COHN Leopold 1862-1937    
00043 COMFORT Ray 1949- Hell's best kept secret, 2004. Way of the Master, 2006. Nothing Created Everything:The Scientific Impossibility of Atheistic Evolution, 2009. You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think, 2009. Hitler, God, and the Bible?, 2012. Wikipedia. School of Biblical Evangelism. Living Waters
00044 COURNOS John      
00045 DA COSTA Isaac 1798-1860 He wrote fifty-three longer and shorter poems. Amongst his other works are - "Israel en de Volken" (2nd ed. Haarlem, 1848-49), a survey of the history of the Jews to the nineteenth century, the third volume dealing with the history of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews. The work was translated into English under the title, "Israel and the Gentiles," by Mary Kennedy (London, 1850), and into German by a friend of God's Word (Miss Thumb), published by K. Mann, Frankfurt, A/M. 1855. He also wrote two papers, "The Jews in Spain and Portugal, and the Jews from Spain and Portugal," in 1836; "The Von Schönberg (Belmonte) family," in the "Jahrbuch fur Holland," 1851; and "The noble families among the Jews." (Navorscher, 1857). HaDavar
00046 COMPIEGNE De VEIL Ludwig      

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