Apr 04, 2020


I. A. 2. He knows and reveals the future, cf. I.A.11., IV.B.3.a.ii

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Reference Relevant Comments
Deut 4:25-31
Deut 28:15-58
Deut 29:14-24
Deut 30:1-10
2Kgs 19:25
Job 12:22
Isa 13:8-9
Isa 41:22-23
Isa 42:9
Isa 44:7-8
Isa 45:11,21
Isa 46:8-10 This passage like many similar ones indicate who the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is: There is no other God who knows the future. Compare this with the unbiblical theology of Open Theism (1)
Isa 48:3,5
Dan 2:22,27-28
Amos 3:7

(1) The dangers of Open Theism and Norm Geisler's DVD

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xvafoilw — 30 July 2012, 03:02

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Neha — 29 July 2012, 20:47

Correct except of 2 contus:1/ Unbiblical' most Open Theists believe what they do because of the weight of Biblical evidence.2/ and therefore is in someways dependent on the world Open Theists don't believe that. God stands alone in the company of His Trinity. He is not dependent on us for anything. Perhaps another way of saying it is that God chooses (He didn't have to, but opted to) to cooperate with man in the playing out of history. Ultimate choices (eg the second coming) are His alone.Its not helpful to just shoot from the hip' and say something is unbiblical. Open Theists believe in the Deity of Christ, the efficacy of His death and Resurrection all the stuff that is supported by the creeds. There is discussion and difference between Christians on all sorts of stuff eg Baptism but we choose to get on nonetheless. Without saying they are unbiblical'. Instead we say, they have come to a different interpretation of what the bible says here.Bless you. Can I recommend to you the Greg Boyd book God of the Possible'. Its a good primer of Open Theism theology.

admin-pem — 13 November 2007, 14:31

PLEASE How to create links that will open I.A.11., IV.B.3.a.ii ???