Apr 04, 2020


I. A. 3. c. It is not religion (outward form, religiosity, ritual without personal holiness) that he desires (see VI.B.1.b.)

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Reference Relevant Comments
1Sam 15:22-23
Ps 24:3-4
Ps 50:7-15, 22-23
Isa 1:10-17
Isa 29:13
Isa 57:15
Jer 7:4-11
Ezek 33:30-33
Hos 6:6; 7:14
Amos 5:21-24
Mic 6:6-8
Zech 7 [traditionalism, fasting that God did not ask for, in stead of social justice, see Isa 58]
Mal 1:7,8,10,14
Mat 9:13; 15:8-9
1Cor 7:18-19 [no circumcision for Gentiles]
Col 2:16-23
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