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Concordance: I. A. 5. Evidence of God's love in the face of rebellion

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Reference Relevant Comments
Deut 5:29
Deut 28:7,1-14
Lev 26:7-8
Ps 78:38-39;52-54
Ps 81:8-16
Isa 26:9
Isa 50:1-2
Mt 23:37-39
Lk 19:41-44
Ro 9-11, 11:28

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Elaine--thanks for your encouraging words. Isn't it great how God can bless ohrets when we think to share how He's blessed us? I know His word is in your "fingertips" and He will continue to bless ohrets through you.Beth--Thank you so much for stopping by and for your gracious words. Thank you also for being obedient to His call on your life. I know it isn't easy and fun and glamorous; there is great responsibility that goes with teaching His word. Thank you for your words of blessing to my son--"from your mouth to His ears!"Mrs.Proverbs31--I'm so glad you found me and I hope you'll come again. I have a soft spot for the Proverbs 31 lady myself; you'll see more of her around here from time to time. (check out to her from my point of view).And may your hen house be snake free!

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