Apr 01, 2020


II. B. 10. God is righteous in His judgments

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Gen 15:16
Zec 1:14-15
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Migue — 11 October 2012, 12:25

- Hey Jill you're right. Your sroites (these sroites, their sroites) MUST be told. Thank you, sweet friend, for taking the time to tell them. You are saying, they matter. And they do.Did you know that I have a brother who was an alcoholic, an addict, and homeless for thirty years? He .is doing amazing. He now works for a mission thrift store (repairing appliances that come in) and his heart is so big and he cares for people so much. He touches lives that I will never touch. Someday I want to tell his story, too Love to you, and I am so sorry about your trials of late. God walks with you -