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Concordance: II. B. 8. a. those in the immediate vicinity

according to the principle of herem (Hebrew for curse)

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Reference Relevant Comments
Gen 15:13-16
Ex 23:32-33
Ex 34:11-16
Lev 18:24-30
Num 21:2-3
Deut 2:34
Deut 3:6
Deut 7:1-2
Deut 9:4-5
Deut 18:12
Deut 20:16-18
Deut 25:17-19
Josh 6:21
Josh 8:26
Josh 9:7,14
Josh 10:28
Josh 11:11
1Sam 15:2-3
Est 3:8-11
Ps 106:34

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Adnan — 31 March 2013, 04:27

Wow!!! Such cheery lonoikg colours and what a great dress and hair piece the bride wore! She is gorgeous. Kara, you capture the moments and make it feel like we were there and like we know the people .amazing detail!!

ysdqeyz — 04 August 2012, 07:28

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kshtdo — 01 August 2012, 14:40

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Love — 01 August 2012, 06:22

Rosemarie & Paul - WOW what else can we say WOW!!!Mariann, you captured the love and betauy that was all around us that day. Brava!!!!We can't wait to see the entire collection.Our deapest thanks goes out to you and your assistants for all of the hard work and long hours spent with us that day.With all our love,Rosemarie & Paul

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