Mar 30, 2020


III. C.áThe reason for God's gift of land to Israel

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Reference Relevant Comments
Deut 7:1-8
Deut 9:4-6
Deut 20:16-18
2Kgs 17:8,11
2Chron 28:3 (because of "the detestable ways of the nations," NIV)
Ps 105:44-45
Zec 10:6
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Vishwa — 30 March 2013, 17:56

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Lais — 31 December 2012, 08:14

Angela, I'm really geinttg addicted to my daily reading. It IS tempting to keep going past the 12 pages some days. Unfortunately I am still behind you guys. I've just completed day 19, and I really regret that b/c I want to share in the weekly discussions with you. I'm going to try to read a little ahead this weekend and maybe over the course of the next few days, I'll be caught up. I think it makes the journey more enjoyable when you can share your thoughts and insights with others.This reading has DEFINITELY caused me to be more conscious of my daily walk with God. I'm more conscious of my actions. Again I say, thank God for sending Jesus thank God for forgiveness.Reading God's Word everyday has caused me to feel much closer to God, you know? Like I'm seeing Him in a whole new light, a whole new level.I see the way the Israelites continued to have to FIGHT to keep ownership of what God promised them. And even though it was b/c of their own sin, one thing I realized is that what's worth keeping is worth fighting for, even if you're the one that caused yourself to almost lose it! Does that make sense?David is geinttg ready to be anointed King. I can't wait to read tomorrow. I really AM going to try to catch up. Give me til the end of next week!

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