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III. E. 2. d. the concept of the "remnant", (1)

see VII.A.4.a.

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Reference Relevant Comments
1Kgs 19:14,18
2Kgs 19:31
Isa 7:3 [Shear-Jashub - a remnant shall return]
Isa 10:20-22
Isa 65:8 [the remnant of Israel compared to a cluster of grapes]
Amos 3:12
Amos 5:3 [rest=10%]
Micah 4:7; 5:3
Zeph 2:9-10
Zeph 3:12-13
Zech 8:6,11,12
Zech 13:8-9
Zech 14:2
Matt 7:21-23
Matt 24:9-13 [salvation requires endurance till the end]
Luke 13:24-27
Rom 2:28-29 [the faithful Israelites]
Rom 9:6-13, 26-27 [see context for verse 27]
Rom 11:4-5 [ the remnant of Jewish believers in Elija's and Paul's time]
Rom 11:18-22 [warning for Jews and Gentiles: consequences of pride and arrogance]
Gal 3:3-9,16,29 [the Christian remnant, those that put their trust in Abraham's seed, the Messiah]
Heb 11:6 [diligent trust as a prerequisit to salvation]
Heb 12:14 [holiness as a precondition to salvation]
Rev 7:9-17 ["tribulation saints," a remnant of the Gentiles saved during the tribulation period]

(1) In reference to the nations this concept is equally valid: see Amos 9:12 and compare with Amos 1:11-12(NASB) . In a negaitive sense it is used in Amos 1:8 where even a remnant of the Philistines shall perish.

Also see Bibliography on the Jewish Remnant throughout the ages, Overview, Key-Issue #3 (click on 'Don't Agree.')

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