Mar 30, 2020


IV. B. 2. d.áConditions for foreigners (non-Jews) to live in it,

same rights and obligations (see IV.B.3.d.viii; VII.B.2.)

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Reference Relevant Comments
Deut 10:19
Deut 27:19 (rights)
Deut 31:12,19,21 the SONG OF MOSES about the people and the God of all the earth - the foreigners had to learn this song and to submit its teaching as well: Deut 32:1-49
Ex 12:49
Ex 22:20
Ex 23:9,12
Lev 19:33 cf. Ezek 14:7-8
Num 9:14
Num 15:29,30
1Chron 22:18b-19
Isa 56:3-8
Jer 12:14-17
Ezek 47:21-23 cf. Is 56:3-8
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