Apr 04, 2020


IV. B. 3. d. xvi. Exile predicted

(cf. III.D.2.)

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Reference Relevant Comments
Ex 20:23
Lev 26:32-33,38 God's increasing severity in case of disobedience
Lev 26
Deut 28:15-68
Ps 106:27
Jer 9:12-16 'Why is the land ... laid waste like a desert...?'
Jer 17:4
Jer 34:18-20, 22
Ezek 36:16-19
Joel 3:1-2 '... Israel, Whom they have scattered among the nations; And they have divided up My land.'
Matt 21:42-45 [falsely used in support of replacement theology; according to Rom 9:33 this must be interpreted as a reference to the remnant of Israel that together with the remnant of the Gentile Church produces the fruits]
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