Mar 30, 2020


IV. B. 3. d. xviii. Return from the four corners of the earth (1)

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Reference Relevant Comments
Deut 30:1-8
Ps 105:7-11
Ps 107:3
Isa 11:10-12 (Second Exodus)
Isa 14:2
Isa 43:5-6
Isa 49:12
Isa 60:4+8
Isa 66:20
Jer 3:15-18
Jer 16:14-18 (Second Exodus)
Jer 23:3-8 (Second Exodus)
Jer 31:7-10
Jer 32:37-44
Jer 46:27-28

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Reference Relevant Comments
Ezek 11:17-20
Ezek 20:32-38
Ezek 28:25-26
Ezek 34:13
Ezek 36:1-12
Ezek 36:22-29
Ezek 37:21-23
Ezek 39:25-28
Hos 2:2
Hos 3:4-5
Hos 11:10-11
Joe 3:5-7
Am 9:14-15
Ob 17ff
Mic 2:12-13
Zeph 3:20
Zec 2:6-8,10-12
Zec 8:7-8
Zec 10:6,9-10

(1) The reason why the NT/B'H is silent on the promise of the land is that a) it is based on the OT/Tanach that is taken for granted, see for instance John 3:10 where Jesus expects Nicodemus to remember what is written in Ezek 36:26, b) that the promises were never annulled, and c) that the nation was still in the land at that time. Heb 11:10, 13-16 has been interpreted as a proof that the OT promise of the land is no longer relevant in the NT. Yet Heb 11 is the chapter about faith that looks beyond temporal fulfillments. The heavenly Jerusalem - Rev 21:1-2 belongs to the New Heaven and the New Earth, to eternity when time will be no more.

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