Mar 30, 2020


IV. B. 3. d. xxi. The reason for their return

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Zec 10:6
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vdgwochtiw — 03 April 2013, 20:57

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Puto — 02 April 2013, 13:18

...I'm not convinced that any gay has a strigaht identical twin. How do we know all thse strigaht identical twins are not just closeted homosexuals?How do we know everyone isn't a closeted gay? How do we know most gay dudes aren't just pretending to be gay so they get stuff from the gay billionaires who you think help other gay dudes out?More seriously, family reaction to the first twin coming out might mediate whether the other twin does, if he is gay. If homosexuality is more concordant for twins from families that are accepting of the gay one than in less tolerant families, that might point towards closet cases reducing the concordance. If a dude's gay, and his identical twin brother is too, why not at least tell him? Identical twins tend to be pretty close. With 56% concordance, about half of gay men with openly gay twin brothers would have to be closeted. I dunno if half of gay men are on the DL. What could possibly happen growing up that would make one twin gay while the other remains strigaht?A pathogen, getting hit on the is for figuring stuff out.