Mar 30, 2020


IV. D. God's covenant with Jacob

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Gen 35:11-12
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gimnco — 17 May 2012, 15:58

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gjoogoqdv — 15 May 2012, 09:47

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Alena — 15 May 2012, 04:46

Hey there, I'm the editor of My Little Dashie! I also sent the auhtor a link to this little review, so I'm sure a comment from him will show up here soon. Anyway, I guess I can answer the question to why the ending was the way it was. ROB wanted to create a bit of an open ending, so it can be whatever you think it is. Unless he went back and changed some things, it's only implied that Dashie might lose her memories.Also in terms of the protagonist, it's not a self-insert(though I got a LAWL out of you categorizing him as ROB), so you got it right in saying that he is someone you can relate to. That's what we shooting for. We did toy with the idea of the best ending ever, but it's not realistic, bro. And don't worry, I cried reading this too. I cried buckets of tears.