Apr 04, 2020


V. C. 5. b. The river issuing from the temple

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Ezek 40:1-43:27
Hag 2:6-9
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lojmdzl — 01 April 2013, 10:59

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Marine — 31 March 2013, 10:25

When Left Behind became a huge succses for the christian community, many authors did jump ship and dabble in the whole Godly realm. But Christians are fickle, some will either love you one minute and hate you the next, like look at William Young's The Shack. Even though this book is poorly written, Christian's will either want to praise him or hate him to the core of their being. You should see the Amazon.com reader's review of the book. I guess some people can't seem to see God as a fat black woman, who speaks Ebonics, Jesus being a Middle Eastern Carpenter, and the Holy Spirit being an Asian Woman. As for Meyer's Twilight? You know what I think of that horse shit.