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Concordance: VI. E. 5. Welcoming Yeshua as HaMashiah, King of Kings and Lord of Lords

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Reference Relevant Comments
Psa 118:26
Mat 23:39
Luk 13:35
Ezek 37:9

Tuesday — 02 April 2013, 10:00

That hits the target prefectly. Thanks!

tsrrsjvcg — 03 January 2013, 19:33

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xzcdnfcz — 01 January 2013, 11:22

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gqkfcgvh — 01 January 2013, 11:22

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Jess — 31 December 2012, 22:11

I Thank God for your gift of understanding Yvette! Just last night God spoke sothmeing to me concerning my future role. I googled the subject and it brought me right to your blogs. What you wrote about Apostles brought me to my knees. It was an exact description of where I am right now. I left my church a few months ago and people thought I was a little off. I've tried sharing what God has been showing me to my past church and even they gave me a tight eye. It was months before my wife believed what God has shown me in the word. Crazy was her first response now she's totally convinced. I just had my first in house bible study this past Sunday. I just wanted to share a little and let you know that God is truly without a shadow of a doubt using you. May the Lord bless you in ways un-imaginable!!!!!!! Thank you!

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