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Concordance: VII. A. 1. Israel's calling is to be the instrument for the salvation of entire nations and for universal blessing

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Reference Relevant Comments
Gen 12:3
Isa 2:2-4
Isa 25:6-7
Isa 42:1+4
Isa 51:5
Isa 52:8-10
Isa 60:3,12
Isa 62:2
Isa 66:18-19
Mic 4:1-3

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Xuanlinh — 15 May 2012, 19:13

My question is why is Easter or Resurrection Day not cereblated. My understanding of christmas not being cereblated is because it was an ancient ritual? I can see why not to use a tree, but what about celebrating the birth of Jeshua coming into this world? Please do not post my name.

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