Mar 30, 2020


VIII. A. 2. d. relating to His Death and Resurrection

Click here (new window) to display key OT statements (NIV, left side), or click each prophetic NT fulfillment (click right side) of the corresponding OT statement. (Opens a new window for each set.)

Reference Compare with:
Gen 28:13-15; Num 24:17,19 (through Jacob the star from Jacob) compare with Rev 22:16
Num 21:8-9 (to be lifted up as the serpent in the wilderness) compare with John 3:14-15
Psa 22:1(feeling forsaken by God) compare with Mat 27:46; Mark 15:34
Psa 22:15; 69:21 (thirsty during execution) compare with John 19:28
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