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VIII. A. 3. Specific prophecies in the process of fulfillment

Click here (new window) to display key OT statements (NIV, left side), or click each prophetic NT fulfillment (click right side) of the corresponding OT statement. (Opens a new window for each set.)

Reference Compare with:
Gen 49:8-10 (at a specific time: Judah will govern until Shiloh comes, i.e. until he comes to whom it (the scepter or the rule) rightfully belongs, Ezek 21:27,32, see W.C. Kaiser Jr. 1995, p. 51-53) compare with Rev 11:15; 12:10
Zech 12:10 (Israel looks to pierced Messiah) compare with John 19:34-37; Rev 1:7
Zech 8:23; Ezek 37:19(ten Gentiles and one Jew, and the restoration of the 'ten lost' tribes) compare with Acts 10:25-26
Ezek 38:15 (Invasion from the North) - Russia and Co.
Luke 21:24 (Jerusalem trampled by the Gentiles) - Note the change in 1967 yet part of Jerusalem is still 'trampled by the Gentiles'
Zech 12:2-3 (Jerusalem, the rock that will severely injure the nations) - the nations have finally come to realize that this is the crucial, final issue in the so-called 'peace process.' (see V.C.1.b.)
Isa 11:10 (Gentiles seeking Him) compare with Acts 10:45
Isa 11:11-12(see IV.B.3.d.xviii) - Declaration of Independence in 1948 and Note President Katzav's call for the worldwide diaspora to return to Israel (9/2000)
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pplruq — 08 April 2013, 16:12

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Bhaskar — 07 April 2013, 21:42

As I stated, I have to deal with the NT texts:1. Lord's Supper the bodloy death of Christ as displayed by the cup in the Lord's Supper is the basis on which the New Covenant is built and is possible, it does not declare the cutting of the covenant. Covenants are enacted and cut by the swearing of an oath, even if they are accompanied by a feast (There is a book in progress by RBP between three-four dispensational scholars dealing with the issue of the NC my ThD advisor is one of them this is the position he teaches). 2. Hebrews Hebrews 8 quotes Jeremiah for a specific reason to show that by declaring the New Covenant the Old Covenant became obsolete. As soon as Apple announced IPhone 3, IPhone 2 became obsolete.3. 2 Cor 3:6ff New Covenant is anarthrous, Paul is likening his ministry to a ministry like the New Covenant playing on words like tables of stone and tables of flesh. He is using methods of argumentation common within 2nd Temple Jewish thought arguments from analogies. The difference between Bob and I (and possibly you Andrew) is a question of hermeneutics can the OT stand on its own with what it says, or can/does the NT add/change/reinterpret/find deeper meaning/replace/supplement/supplant (I won't put this term in your mouth)to the OT? I would argue that the OT can be understood on its own, and that the NT is understood in light of the Old. I'm guessing that you would have some kind of canonical/complementary hermeneutic.