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XI.B.áThe prophetic significance of the annual agricultural cycle of the God-prescribed times of celebrations


The chronology of the feasts symbolically encapsules God's plan of salvation both on a individual and on a national level, relevant for both God's Jewish and non-Jewish people, even with regard to world redemption. The feasts are to be celebrated by Jews and Gentiles (living among them) alike. For the Christian and prophetic meaning of the Jewish feasts, see the article The Feasts of Israel:Do they Have Prophetic significance? by Dr. David R. Reagan. This article also explains why the feasts move around on the calendar and what the significance of the number seven means in terms of what he calls "the rhythm of God."

"It is, I believe, a tragedy that the Christian community has not understood, for the most part, the wide heritage on which its faith is built." (Barney Kasdan, 1993. p. viii)

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Reference Relevant Comments
Exod 23:14-19 (three times a year; not empty-handed)
Lev 23 (the religious festivals, Mo'adim)
Deut 16:1-17 (three times a year; not empty handed)
Matt 5:17 (The Messiah has come to fulfill the Feasts)
Col 2:17-18 (the Feasts are foreshadowing what is to come) (1)

(1) The Messiah fulfilled the first two feasts. The last feast still waits its fulfillment.

Also see: Luzius Schneider, Jewish Feasts.

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