Mar 30, 2020


XVI. K. for many other reasons

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Reference Relevant Comments
Num 10:35 Rise up, o Lord!
Ps 83 enemies to be defeated
Ps 85 Shalom in all its aspects, His glory
Ps 102:12-17
Ps 122:6 peace and prosperity
Jer 29:11-14, 17-19 His plans for Israel; a future and a hope
Jer 33:16 Renewal (Jerusalem = 'the Lord our Righteousness')
Ezek 47:21-23 also for the non-Israelites in their midst
Rom 11:15 Prayer for Israel is the condition for revival
Rom 11:36 salvation for "all" Israel
Rev 22:20 for the Missiah to come back for "His Bride"

Intercessors for Israel click here (new window) for websites that are specifically addressing prayer for Israel.

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Moises — 29 July 2012, 15:49

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admin-pem — 13 November 2007, 13:53

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