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IV. God and his covenants (unconditional/non-negotiable and conditional aspects) (see IX.)


The concept of 'Covenant' (hebr. b'rit) is foundational for the study of Israel in Prophecy. God revealed Himself as the covenant-keeping God (I.A.7.). Although there is more than one covenant in the Bible, there is basically only ONE covenant, yet with different aspects revealed across time. The New Covenant "could just as accurately be referred to as the Renewed Covenant because it was nothing more than a renewal of both the Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants made with the house of Israel, carrying on the elements of both those covenants..., in which the Torah is written upon the believers' hearts.(Jer 31:33)" The different aspects of this covenant can be compared to a suzerain treaty (suzerain/vassal), a national constitution (sovereign/subjects), a marriage contract (Mal 2:14, see VII.B.1. bride/wife), a father-son relationship (see Exod 4:22; Hosea 11:1; Rom 8:29; Heb 12:5; Proverbs). [see Berkowitz. 1998, p. 40 and Berkowitz, HaYesod: FFOZ, 1999, L.7]

Since the concept of the Covenant is foundational in God's plan with Israel and leaves its trace through the Bible like a red thread tying together the history of salvation the reader is invited to consider the project of a Covenant Bible edition proposed by Robert Rand. Click here to see this alternative presentation of this aspect of Israel in Prophecy. Click here for his Preface.

God acts for the sake of His name, because of His faithfulness (see covenant relationship and jealousy, I.A.3.a-d.; III.A.; III.D.4.; IV.B.3.b.)

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Reference Relevant Comments
Lev 26:44-45
Deut 4:27, 30-31
Deut 32:26-27
Ps 138:2
Isa 43:25 for My own sake
Isa 66:22
Jer 3:22; 30:11; 31:20, 35-37; 33:23-26; 46:27-28
Ezek 36:21-27 not for your sake ...but for the sake of my holy name
Hosea 11:8-9 For I am God, and not man -
Zec 2:8
Mal 3:6-7
Rom 11:28-29
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