Nov 12, 2019


How can Zionism be Christian?

If you do not agree, we invite you to reconsider the implications of those three passages in their context and if that still does not convince you, may we recommend that you read Claude Duvernoy's most important Book «The Zionism of God. A biblical view of history and meaning of Zion » This book has been out of print and is now available as a downloadable e-book.

Christian Zionism is THEO-logical

  • because the Hebrew prophets announce that the "Day" is coming when the Jews will return to their still Promised Land; that they will return from the four corners of the world: to stay there for ever!
  • because Jesus, in Luke 21, announces that the Jews, after a long time of dispersion over the whole earth, shall return to Jerusalem, and because they prayed for over 2000 years: "Next year in the reconstructed Jerusalem!"
  • because it will be in Jerusalem that Israel will recognize HIM (Zachariah 12) when HE will come for the second time, and then come as the Messiah, the King of Kings, whereas the first time HE had come as the Perfect Kippur (the Great Divine Pardon) for Israel and for the world.

Christian Zionism must be Biblical Zionism

Carefully note that the above recommended book by Claude Duvernoy links the concept of 'Zionism' to the God of History, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the biblical God. It may be helpful to examine some websites in the light of Biblical evidence for a concept of Zionism according to God's own view and you will see that 'Christian' Zionism had better be called 'Biblical Zionism' to avoid misguided forms of Zionism.
Biblical Zionism is most clearly evident in the Messianic Jewish Movement of the late 20th century. The time for it seems to have come with the reunification of Jerusalem. What most anglophone students of history ignore is the fact that the first occurrence of this movement can be traced back to Europe in the time of the second WorldWar. It has to do with the little known story of the Ukranian-born Jew Abram Poljak (1900-1963). He formed the first church-independent Jewish-Christian congregations antecedent to and independent of the later Messianic Jewish Movement. His mission statement is an early expression of Biblical Zionism: "The Jewish Christian Congregation is the will of all Jews who believe in Christ and the Mission of the Jewish people." The decline and disappearance of this movement in German-speaking Europe must be interpreted as an expression of its birth-pangs. Its time in Europe had not come yet. Instead, the return of the Jews to their Messiah and the formation of Jewish-Christian - messianic - congregations are the evidence that God is in the process of fulfilling prophecy on an unprecedented scale. In the last few decades more Jews have come to faith in Jesus/Yeshua as their Messiah than in the preceding almost 2000 years before. For more background to this statement, open the archive for Abram Poljak's writings which includes material translated into English. As a start we recommend his book "The Cross in the Star of David."
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