Nov 12, 2019


ALIYAH - Obligation for Jews AND for Christians !

Just in case you missed it:

URGENT PRAYER ALERT Reversal of the Israeli Supreme Court decision on December 25, 1989 regarding Messianic Jews and the Law of Return.

If your argument is that it will only be by the power of the Holy Spirit that the Jews will be brought back into their own land, you may want to ask yourself why God so often uses nations and individuals to accomplish His purposes. Could He not have sent angels to evangelize the world? Instead He put His Spirit into the heart of individuals to be His instruments. There are some things that God does do himself alone and other things that He will not do for us. Other things he does in cooperation with man. He who called Cyrus His Anointed One (lit. His Messiah) and opened the door around 537 B.C.E. for some 40'000 Jews in Exile to return from Babylon (Isa 45:1; 2Chronicles 36:22-23) has brought the United Nations by 1947 to bring Israel back on the map. The miracles behind that story indicate that God is beginning to fulfill His prophecies after thousands of years. Today He is calling those who will help Israel to move back into their land. -
For more information on this topic, also click on the links below, which will take you to the Concordance of this website:
II.B.6 The Land is holy, if defiled it spews out its inhabitants and therefore needs to be cleansed III.A. Israel's choseness
III.A.3 Israel's land is part of God's covenant (see IV.B.2) with a people called to be holy (see II.B.1.)
IV Introduction - God is faithful to Israel 'for His name's sake.'
IV.B.3.d.xiv The unconditionality of His promises
IV.B.3.d.xvi The exile or diaspora was predicted. Disobedience was to result in scattering.
IV.B.3.d.xix.c Aliya as God's last powerful witness that He is the God of History (see also Section II)
IV.B.3.d.xx The Purpose of Israel's return to its land
VII.A.4 The irrevocable calling
VII.A.5.b The church (in its contrastive identity in comparison to Israel's) - The Christian's calling to be one of God's instruments in the Aliyah.
Books to read, Websites to visit:
Richard F. Gottier: Aliyah - God's Last Great Act of Redemption, 2002 (for USA: click here)
Operation Exodus, 2000, Gustav Scheller
Ezra International begun in 1995 by Mel Hoelzle
Return Ministries: "to encourage Jews and Christians to work together to fulfill God's plans and purposes for Israel and the nations according to the Word of God."
Claude Duvernoy: the Prince and the Prophet, Theodore Herzl and William Heckler
Also see the French publication by Pierre Despagne: "Israel dans la Prophétie"