Feb 17, 2020


Secular and Christian Anti-Semitic or Anti-Zionist Sites

These are Sites we've categorized as "Anti-" since in one way or another they are opposed to the Biblical teaching that is summarized in Romans 9-11.

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Site Name Description
Christian Zionism WARNING This is a counterfeit site!
Bible Prophecy This Wikipedia site on the basis of the false assumption that Biblical prophecy is a matter of "neutrality" seeks to compare Jewish, Christian and Muslim interpretations in order to invalidate Biblical prophecy, pretending that the site needs "additional citations for verification."
TKB, Terrorism Knowledge Base research tool of the MIPT, Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism
Walid Shoebat Walid Shoebat Foundation, exposing Anti-Semitism and Walid's personal testimony: From Hate to Love. Also see Jerry Rassamni's website
Simon Wiesenthal Center International Jewish human right association 'dedicated to repairing the world one step at a time.' Center for Holocaust Studies.
Victor Mordecai Dennis Avi Lipkin / alias Victor Mordecai, IDF Spokesman from 1989-2001,bio

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