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This page lists all the Sites (Messianic and otherwise) we've collected. This list does not imply that we associate ourselves with every site included nor that our categorization leaves no room for reassignment to one or more other categories. This list is entirely at the user's discretion.

The following classification is used:

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General, covering multiple groups One World Government
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Site Name Category Description
Olive Tree Ministries Messianic, Christian. Worldview Jan Markell's Radio Ministry, CDs. Highly informative weekly interviews, also as Podcasts, apologetic, run by Jan Markell etc..since 1975, a dispensationalist view of Bible prophecy, believes that the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be proclaimed "to the Jew first and also to the Greek" - that is to all peoples. Prophecy Watch Articles
Road to Jerusalem Christian Founded by Coach Bill McCartney, formerly with Promise Keepers, and Dr. Raleigh B. Washington. This organization is part of the ICCM, International Coalition of Christians and Messianic Jews.
Answers to Jewish Objections Messianic Answers to Jewish Objections to Jesus - An abridged version of Michael Brown's 4 volumes on the same topic.
Hebrew for Christians Messianic Resource for the Church regarding its Hebraic heritage - a website by John J. Parsons especially propagating his 'Hebrew Study Book' edited by Dr. Yigdal Levin of Bar-Illan University (Israel) and Dr. Zola Levitt and many other helpful resources.
David's Tent Messianic Avner and Rachel Boskey, see Final Frontiers
UMJC Messianic Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations- UMJC -(contains an elaborate links section), compare with MJAA and AMC
First Fruits of Zion Messianic Vine of David Remnant Repository. "Vine of David has collected hundreds of documents from pre-holocaust and early twentieth century Jewish believers."
King of Kings Messianic Messianic-Jewish Assembly in Jerusalem; Podcasts: weekly sermons from Jerusalem
Intercessors for Israel Christian and/or Messianic Prayer Letter Chuck and Karen Cohen
Jews For Jesus   (contains an elaborate links section)
Embrace Israel Christian  
Messianic Times Messianic a quarterly messianic-jewish paper in the USA
MBI Messianic Messianic Bureau International
Richard Harvey's Homepage Messianic Richard Harvey teaches Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies at All Nations Christian College in Ware, UK. Previously he had directed the London branch of Jews for Jesus. Dissertation: Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology
Tikvat Israel Congregation Messianic Tikvat Israel Congregation: History of the Holocaust on 16 DVDs (also see Bibliography (HOL)
Yasha Net    
Bridges for Peace Christian  
Christian Friends of Israel Christian  
Christian Friends of Israel, Canada    
Christians for Israel - c4israel Christian Why Israel?
God's Learning Channel Christian a Christian TV network with an emphasis on Israel
The Refiner's Fire Christian a hebraic faith website that challenges any person or organization...
Derek Prince Ministries Christian The Derek Prince Ministries international website. The FRench website is http://www.dpmf.net and for Switzerland http://ch.ibi-dpm.net
Christian Zionism Christian The True Story! Over a dozen Christian organisations, or instance ICEJ, and numerous links. (Warning: this website has a counterfeit website disguised under the same name in order to promote a Christian '''anti'''-Zionist position. It's address differs by a hyphen.)
For Zion's sake Messianic a non-profit Humanitarian Aid Organization (Bradley Antolovich)Jerusalem and Switzerland.
Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry Christian Elwood McQuaid, 30-Minutes weekly program, Magazine: Israel My Glory
Good News for Israel Christian  
The Jerusalem Connection Christian International Christian Zionist organisation
Jerusalem Connection Christian International Prayer for Israel
Zola Levitt Messianic TV Ministry, Dallas TX based. Free Audio and Video podcasts.
Tend My Sheep Christian  
Tzemach News Service News, Christian Site created January 2008, Radio, On-line TV. News, Bible Institute, Orlando FL. For the older site, "Tzemach Institute for Biblical Studies" click here The Tzemach site has been replaced by "Build up Zion" of the Fellowship Church and the Tzemach Institute of Biblical Studies, Winter Springs, FL.
Emet News Service Christian Lee Underwood led the Tzemach News Service for some ten years. It appears that he is no longer connected with it. See Tzemach which automatically changes to the site of the Fellowship Church and the Tzemach Institute of Biblical Studies, Winter Springs, FL- Also see Lee Underwood and his site a collection of valuable Documents and Papers Relating to Israel and the Jewish People: Peace Plans and Treaties. Basic Laws, UN Resolutions...
Bible-Light Christian a challenging influence for the Biblical roots of our Judeo-Christian heritage
Romans11.org Christian Promoting the study of the restoration of Israel and the Hebraic heritage of the Church" - (leaning toward) pretorism
Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary Christian pictures
Israel through the Eyes of Scripture Christian a free, unique 14 audio lectures course with excellent lecture notes, all downloadable and on CD, Tony Garland
Connections - Standing with Israel Christian  
Chosen People Ministries Christian  
Helps for Jewish Evangelism Messianic Elisheva's recommendations: '''Presenting Messiah to your Jewish Friend''', a pdf-text with book and website recommendation compiled by the Messianic-Jewish librarian of this site
The Xenohistorian   The Xenohistorian's Links to numerous History websites leading to incredible collections of other links.
Prayer for Israel   Bromley/Kent, UK, since 1967
Prayer for Israel   7 Reasons why You should Pray for Israel.
For Your Glory   Barbara Richmond's teaching ministry.
Ahavat Israel Jewish  
Myths and Facts Online General by Mitchell G. Bard, Index of Myths
Berean Call general, Christian T.A.McMahon and Dave Hunt. Ministry for the purpose of encouraging spiritual discernment. See topics. Radio Ministry, YouTube, iTunes Audio and iTunes Video.
Armageddon Books   Armageddon Books over 750 products and 275 sites of every conviction
Lamb & Lion Ministries Christian  
Answering Islam Christian multilingual apologetic site
Historical Christian Antisemitism   Centre for the Study of Historical Christian Antisemitism
Pray for Israel    
Final Frontier Ministries Messianic Avner and Rachel Boskey of Final Frontier Ministries. See David's Tent.
Bible Gateway Bible Search Tools A Christian search engine.
Bible Gateway Bible On line Bible and devotional aids.
Crosswalk - OT-Hebrew Bible Search Tools, OT Hebrew The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon. Search with Strong's numbers
Crosswalk Bible Study Tools Bible Search NJV, TNIV, NIrV, ABS-GN and much more
The Israel Project (TIP) News, secular international, non-governmental agency for journalists and leaders with news from the Middle-East
European Coalition for Israel News, Christian 'a joint initiative by the four major international Christian pro-Israel organizations...to address the issue of growing anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in Europe.'
Test site News, Christian Test
Test2 News, Jewish Test 2
Test 3 News, Messianic Test 3
Google Map of Israel On-Line Maps
Messianic Prophecy Bible Bible Search Tools, Christian, Messianic See their list of the top 20 Messianic Prophecies. The Messianic Prophecy Bible Project will be distributing these Bibles to Jewish people around the world who do not believe in Yeshua (Jesus). Just logon to reserve your Free Bible today.
Understand the times Christian '''Attention''': Roger Oakland's website had been counterfeited by one with a similar name (understand'''the'''times) but with the .com extension. For this kind of attack see the history of our own site!
International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem News, Christian (subscribe by sending a blank page (free): icej-news-service-subscribe@icej.org.il); Frontpage Jerusalem
Koenig's International News News, Christian White House & World News
Religion News Today News, Christian (not specifically Messianic)
Jerusalem Newswire News, Christian (The journalists reporting for Jerusalem Newswire are Bible-believing Christians)
The Jerusalem Connection, International News, Christian a Christian Zionist organisation. See their links and read about TJCI.
Jerusalem Watchman News, Christian (Stan Goodenough; a Christian Zionist; a South African national; a journalist by profession; and a Bible-believer by God's mercy and grace.)
Zionist.com News, Christian Zionist.com is a critical examination of the Israeli-Arab conflict and the players involved in it in relation to the unfolding of biblical prophecy and God’s plan for Israel.
Ramon Bennett News, Messianic Arm of Salvationan was established in 1981, and is an indigenous Israeli Messianic ministry.
David Dolan News, Christian David Dolan is a Jerusalem-based author and journalist. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, he has lived in Israel since 1980.
Debka.com News, Jewish  
WorldNetDaily News, Secular includes Israel and the Middle East also
Lighthouse Trails Publishing Christian Exposing the Dangers of Contemplative Spirituality, Apologetics/Contemplative Spirituality; Ray Yungen - A Time of Departing; Roger Oakland: Faith Undone, the emerging church...a new reformation or en end-time deception; several books by World War II Holocaust survivors.
Anti-Semitism News, Jewish The Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center at the Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC)
Anti-Defamation League News, Jewish  
Committee for Acuracy in Middle East Reporting for America News, Secular  
Zionist Israel News Connection (ZINC) News, Jewish The Zionist Organization of America's Israel News Connection
Jewish Virtual Library News, Jewish  
Virtual Israel News, Jewish (includes Israelwire: an 'up-to-the-minute news service')
The Maccabean-Online News, Jewish Political Analysis and Commentary on Israeli and Jewish Affairs
The Wall News, Jewish Live Western Wall camera at Aish.com
Voice of Israel radio station News, Jewish  
Israel National News News, Jewish  
Jerusalem Post Radio News, Jewish  
IMRA Newsletter News, Jewish Independant Media Review Analysis (IMRA) - Middle East News & Analysis
Arutz Sheva Israel Broadcasting Network News, Secular in French, for English Israel International News
Barry Chamish News, Jewish Kabbalah, America and Mystery Babylon, Rapture, Maitreya
Victor Mordechai News, Secular The Sword of Islam
Palestine Facts News, Secular  
Jewish Zionist Education News, Jewish  
History in a Nutshell Two News, Secular - An educational tool - Basic facts about the Middle East conflict from 1250 BCE
Answering Islam News, Secular see 'Individual Authors'
Truth about the Middle East Conflict News, Secular  
Short History of the M.E. Conflict Media Bias Slide Shows, includes 'History in a Nutshell' (qv) and 'History in a Nutshell Too' (qv)
C.A.M.E.R.A. Media Bias (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America)
honestreporting.com Media Bias discusses an excellent article called "7 Principles of Media Objectivity"
Israelinsider Media Bias Israels daily newsmagazine
Herbert Eiteneier Media Bias German articles of special importance give access to the translator's American/English source (go to menu "Nahost-Infos")
Media Tenor Media Bias (Media Content Analysis Institute: Strategic Media Inteligence)
Palestinian Media Watch Media Bias (Self-Portrait of Palestinian Society)
The Cutting Edge One World Government  
Antipas Ministries One World Government  
prophezine.com One World Government (Pre-tribulational Rapture position)
Earthwatch Institute One World Government  
Spiritual Counterfeits Project One World Government  
Eye on the United Nations One World Government  
The Jewish Agency for Israel On-Line Maps The Arab Israel Conflict in Maps
Palestinian Facts maps On-Line Maps  
Maps of modern Israel On-Line Maps  
Maps of the Middle East On-Line Maps  
Other site maps of Israel On-Line Maps please consult GMI, the most extensive site for on-line maps and map software
Historic Maps of Jerusalem On-Line Maps - Ancient maps. These may take some time to load
Israel Insider On-Line Maps - Israel's Story in Maps - Home page has daily news
Geography as Masada.org sees it On-Line Maps  
Comparison Maps On-Line Maps compares the size of modern Israel with the size of many other countries to show how small Israel really is.
History in a Nutshell secular  
History in a Nutshell News, Jewish  
Pre-Trib Research Center , PTRC Christian pretribulation position, Dr. Tim LaHaye and Dr. Thomas Ice. See list of members. Contains Futurism vs Preterism: The Great Tribulation: Past (Gary DeMar) or Future (Thomas Ice), Free Download of debate held May 26, 2006 at a World View Conference in Toccoa, GA. Sponsored by American Vision, Gary DeMar's Ministry. Articles
Take a Stand Ministries Christian Eric Barger, Christian Apologist. Lectures on 'The Real Purpose of the Church' and many related topics. His Bio: From Rock to ROCK.
According to Prophecy Christian member of the PTRC, Don Perkins, leads to "Bible Prophecy Past or Future? An Analysis of Preterism and Hank Hanegraaff" A Biblical Analysis of the False Doctrine of Preterism, 3MP3s by Thomas Ice, also Telcasts by Ed Hindson and an article by David Reagan (Lamb and Lion Ministries) of th PTRC
CHRISTIAN ZIONISM Christian "a movement, largely among Gentile Christians, supporting the right of the Jewish people to return to the Promised Land which has, of course, happened right before our eyes during this century"
Worldview Matters News, Christian, Worldview downloadable and live with Brannon Howse,
A Hebrew - English Bible Search (According to the Masoretic Text and the JPS 1917 Edition)
bibleserver.com Search (Your Bible on the Net)
Logos Library System Search (over 100 books on CDs with LLS browser)
Bibleworks Hermeneutika Search (Bible search system)
Blue Letter Bible Search (free Bible search tools)
Christian Shareware Study Tools Search  
NetBible and Biblical Studies Foundation Search  
NetBible Search Bible Study Tools, Resources and Helps - in MP3 Podcasts and print, NEXT Bible etc.
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies Search (Focusing on the early Christian writings and their social world)
Laridian Bible Software Search Bibles for your PDA: Bible Software for Windows PC, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPod Devices
Crosswalk Directory Search (a Christian search engine)
Saltshakers Search Messianic (How Jews and Gentiles can meet and discover Messiah together)
Forcing Change One World a monthly intelligence journal and resource site documenting international trends toward globalization and world change. Membership requires payment of subscription fees. Editor: Carl Teichrib, Canada. Working together with Gary Kah’s Hope For The World and with Berit Kjos
Messianic Prophecy Timeline Timeline  
Timeline of Jerusalem Timelines a Wikipedia site
Timeline of Zionism Timelines this is a Wikipedia site
The Israel-Palestinian Conflict Timelines This conflict is often wrongly portrayed as a "cycle" of violence as if it had not had any beginning
Jewish History Timelines this is a Wikipedia site
Timeline of Messianic Prophecy Timelines this is a unique timeline absolutely unlike any other one
Wiki Timelines Timelines This is the Wikipedia list of timelines. Some of them may be relevant for our website here.
Jewish Remnant Timeline Timelines A Timeline: Jewish Missions,The Jewish Remnant, The Messianic Jewish Revival
Ebenezer Christian Ezekiel 36: Aliyah
Study Light Search Bible Study Tools Free on-line Bible Study tools and commentaries
Ariel Ministries messianic Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum's articles
The Association of Messianic Congregations messianic Founded in 2007. See their Links page. Israel and Zionism
Hope for Today Christian Dr. David Hocking believes that the nation of Israel has a special place in God's plan, and that all of the promises of God to Israel will be fulfilled." Bible Teaching Ministry with Radio Messages
Alpha News Daily News, Christian World News and Bible Prophecy. Links to The Prophecies
The Prophecies Christian features the book (downloadable in pdf format) The Prophecies. Site linked to Alpha News Daily
American Congress for Truth (ACT) General Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese Christian informing and educating Americans about terrorism against Americans and Jews. She was saved by the Israelis in the Lebanese war and loves Israel. Linked to ACT for America
Defend and Proclaim The Faith Christian; News, Christian continues the site Branch of David. John McTernan, 'contending for the faith,' Jude 1:3, refuting Replacement Theology. Apologetic. News-Updates
Caryl Productions general, Christian Caryl Matrisciana, veteran film maker, analyst of contemporary culture, helping to discern the times in which we live, for 23 years Marketing Director of Jeremiah Films. Videos, DVDs etc.
Worldview Weekend News, Christian; general, Christian, Worldview President, Founder: Brannon Howse, Christian Worldview Network, see Worldview Matters daily broadcasts; conferences, courses etc.
Christians Standing with Israel News, Christian Christian Zionist website; Israel Articles and links
The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism Jewish CFCA, Israeli State Forum monitors antisemitic activities around the world; coordination of countermeasures against anti-Jewish activities
Joel Rosenberg messianic Joel C. Rosenberg, an evangelical Christian from a n orthodox Jewish heritage, Eschatological fiction writer, author of his non-fiction book Epicenter: Why the current rumblings in the Middle East will change your future. Ezekiel 38-38 FAQ
Arabs for Israel Christian founded by Nonie Darwish for Arabs and Muslims who support the State of Israel and the cause of Peace in the Middle East. French site: Des Arabes pour Israel
Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries Christian An Apologetics Ministry Centered on the Bible, Dr. Ron Rhodes, President
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs news, Jewish; Jewish an independent institution, since 30 years devoted to key problems of the Jewish world. Key Issues, Problems and solutions vital in Israel's fight fore survival. Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism: Online Antisemitism 2.0. Anti-Semitism and the World Council of Churches
Zionism on the Web Jewish See comment on website Zionism on the Web, Dr. Andre Oboler
Caryl Productions Christian DVDs relevant to Bible prophecy
Israel National TV news, Jewish  
CMI, Congdon Ministries International, Inc Christian see Dr. Robert Congdon, 2007: Biblical understanding
SPP, Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America One World North American Economic Union
Berean Club Christian, Worldview Contains many MP3 files relevant to Biblical prophecy
Minnesotans against Terrorism News, Christian combatting terrorism, linked to Terrorism Knowledge Base, a research tool. See 90s overview.
Moriel Ministries News, Christian News, Messianic Director: Jacob Prasch, teaching at Midlands Bible College UK: Israel & End Time Prophecy
BMJA, British Messianic Jewish Alliance Messianic Constitution; Chai Magazine
From Jihad to Jesus Messianic Christian Jerry Rassamni, featuring his book of the same title - An Ex-Militant's Journey to Faith. (Jewish-Arab reconciliation in Messiah). Also see Walid Shoebat
Hebrew for Christians Messianic-Jewish John J. Parsons, Teaching Hebrew, worked for Zola Levitt Ministries
Critical Issues Commentary Christian Pastor Bob DeWaay at times on air with Jan Markell on apologetics issues. Lists article on 'Pre-Millennialism and the Early Church Fathers.' Author of ''
Truth for Muslims Christian a comprehensive, biblical response to Islam in America
Truth for Muslims Christian a comprehensive, biblical response to Islam in America. Also see link Jerry Rassamni
Kjos Ministries One World Government, Christian, News Christian Brit Kjos, Bio and purpose, apologetics, many useful links on New (Age) Spirituality and its exponents. Lists links to websites that promote World Government. - Archive of articles
John Ankerberg General, Christian Ankerberg Theological Research Institute, an apologetic ministry, Ankerberg TV Show, Online Programs
Jewish Voice Ministries International Messianic Founder: Jonathan Bernis
MJAA Messianic Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (compare with UMJC, Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations and AMC, Association of Messianic Congregations). The Joseph Project.
ICN Ministries Messianic Dr. Michael L. Brown is founder and president of ICN Ministries, which is devoted to taking the message of repentance and revival to Israel, the Church, and the Nations. (Resources!)
Brown, Michael L Dr Messianic see ICN Ministries
AMC Messianic Association of Messianic Congregations, A Historical Survey of Prominent Jewish Believers in Messiah Yeshua, doctrinal position. Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum and many others. Also see MJAA and UMJC
CUFI Canada Christian Christians United for Israel, Canada, Dr. John Howarth. Training Ambassadors for Israel in partnership with Canada Christian College in Toronto: "The Biblical Theology of Christian Zionism."
Endtime. Politics and Religion News, Christian Irvin Baxter, Jr. is the pastor of Oak Park Church Of Jesus Christ in Richmond, Radio Talk Show called 'Politics and Religion;' Video series on the book of Revelation. Comments on Wikipedia. Selects "Today's Top Headlines."
Discerning the Times Christian, One World Government Michael Koffman, Ph.D. - "Discerning the Times is a subsidiary of Environmental Perspectives, Inc. an educational-research organization that since 1992 has been helping citizens across America to understand the dangers of the Environmental Movement and how false environmental catastrophes like global warming are being used to justify the need for world government and religion. " He is the founder of Environmental Perspectives
Environmental Perspectives Christian, One World Government a sister organisation of Discerning the Times, Dr. Michael Koffman
The Great Global Warming Swindle Christian, One World Government Order the DVD 2008 for £9.99. This website makes numerous scientific articles available to expose this environmental swindle.
The Omega Letter News, Christian Jack Kinsella, "a subscription-based intelligence newsletter service", "information from public and private intelligence sources from across the internet:" Israel/Middle East, Globalism/Ecumenism, Terror/Islam, Prophecy/Signs, and articles for use as witnessing tools. Subscription: USD 120/year.
Rapture Ready Timelines Christian Timelines These are included for information only, not as examples for wiki timelines.
Sid Roth Institute of Anti-Semitism Christian, Messianic Statistics of Anti-Semitism, Annual Reports
JEWCY.COM News Jewish Article on WHO IS A JEW? [ Israel's State-Sanctioned Persecution Of Messianic Jews Must End, by Roi Ben-Yehuda, April 28, 2008 ] - "The website, "Jewcy" is rather edgy, but it's supposedly the third most widely read Jewish online publication on the internet - after Haaretz and Jerusalem Post." (R.R.)
UN WATCH One World A non-governmental organization based in Geneva, monitoring "the performance of the United Nations by the yardstick of its own Charter."
AZURE Jewish Quarterly Journal in English and in Hebrew; Azure: Ideas for the Jewish Nation "presents the best in Jewish thought from Israel and around the world."
Legacy Institute Training! Christian Norman L. Geisler, Christian Classical Apologetics, contains valuable teaching online-videos, Essential Theology: The Second Coming of Christ
Grace Thru Faith Christian Who is Ikvot ha'Mashiach? (Hebr. "Footsteps of the Messiah"). Jack Kelley's Links page. over 100 articles on Prophecy and the End Times. An article about this website's eschatological time line. Downloadable MP3 files.
Eternal Productions Christian Jim Tetlow, 101 Last Days Prophecies - each with many links; access also to other witnessing resources, Catholic, Creation, each with many links, all read on-line or/and order, Mormons. Radio Ministry. List of all these materials in these languages.
Zionism and Israel Information Center Jewish contains Christian Zionism and a history of Christian Zionism.
ISRAPUNDIT News Jewish one of the largest collections of Israel-related websites of every category, articles, documents and blogs
Eye On Israel On-line Israel maps  
Paul Sperry secular See Bibliography
UCI, Unity Coalition for Israel News, Christian, Jewish The largest network of pro-Israel groups in the world. Daily TV-News in English: JerusalemOnLine DotCom. Weekly News summaries. Israel on YouTube, videos.
Friends of Israel Institute of Jewish Studies Christian William Krewson, Director of Jewish Studies. "We believe that the nation of Israel and the Jewish people are central to God’s plan of salvation for the world and that one cannot understand the Bible, the current world situation or prophetic events correctly without a proper recognition of Israel’s role in the purposes of God."
El Shaddai Ministries Messianic Pastor Mark Biltz, Washington. Specialized in watching the solar and lunar eclipses as signs in God's calendar possibly pointing to Messiah's second coming. Compare the seven thousand year NASA Eclipse calendar with the Jewish religious-civil calendar and watch the interview with Mark Biltz, and part II
Torah Observant Messianic Congregations Messianic Directory of Congregations
Prophecy in the News Christian Dr. J. R. Church and Gary Stearman; Satellite-TV Program on Sky-Angel; Magazine, Books, Interviews. Mark Biltz, Mark Hitchcock, Thomas Ice, Rabbi Menachem Kohen a.o. calling the Churches to be watchful for the Return of the Messiah
Abiding Word Ministries Christian The Rev. David R. Barnhart , Director. "Calling the Churches to Revival and Reformation." Newsletter and books. See Living in the Times of the Signs... also see David Barnhart
Tikkun Ministries Messianic Tikkun Ministries International. Daniel C. Juster, Director. Vision Presentation: "A network of emissaries in Israel and around the world, working toward the restoration of Israel and the unity of Jew and Gentile in the Body of Messiah." Jerusalem and Gaithersburg MD. Connected Ministries: Revive Israel (also in Germany), humanitarian aid organisation Tents of Mercy under Eitan Shishkoff, Gateways Beyondwith the handbook of their Cyprus based Training School under Matthew Rudolph.
The End Times Project Christian a post-tribulation site. Summary of its vision. It's main publication: The Kingdom of the Beast by Jc Alexander can also be read on-line. Alse see Jeffrey A. Manty, A New Revelation for the Last Days.
Jerusalem World News Christian News Dr Mike Evans: "The stories you need to read, from the Middle East and around the World"
Lamb and Lion Ministries Christian Dr David Raegan. See America the Beautiful, 2003 and the interview by Jan Markell of June 21 08 Hour 2.
Doomsday List General List of false prophecies or doomsday predictions
Mid East Truth Jewish News to install MideEastTruth toolbar on your computer
Underrstand the Times International Worldview "The Understand The Times daily five-minute radio programs are carried by a number of radio stations as a daily commentary bringing biblical insights for contemporary issues."
Probe Worldview See Probe's Mission Statement; many articles touching on 'Israel in Prophecy': read or instance History Written in Advance by Richard Milne
Jude 3 Worldview See 'About Us'
Koinonia House Worldview Chuck Missler's website
Christian Worldview Network Christian, Worldview See Worldview Weekend Sites; Worldview Weekend Tube
Hope for the World Christian, Worldview. One World Gary Kah's website, 'in-depth coverage of today's global events;' see products
Elijah Prayer Army Prayer Lars Enarson's website, Articles
Advocates for Israel Jewish "to strengthen support for Israel by ensuring that the public receives factual information;" powerpoint shows for speakers' training classes! Middle-East books
Pavilion Prayer Tower Jerusalem Messianic, Prayer King of Kings Assembly, Jerusalem; Posdcasts
Intercessors for Israel Christian, Messianic, Prayer, News Jerusalem-based group under leadership of Eliyahu BenHaim, Chuck Cohen, Ofer Amitai, Lance Lambert a.o. Purpose; this site has mirror sites in several European languages.
Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry Messianic Jewish Founder: Jospeh Shulam; Shepherd of Israel Congregation, Jerusalem. Restoration, Resources; MP3 Audio Lessons, Publications: see for instance 'Hidden Treasures' - The First Century Jewish Way of Understanding the Scriptures; Rediscovering the first century faith; the only Hebrew Radio ministry: Kol Ha Yeshuah, Voice of Salvation.
EuroMed and the Media Christian; One World Government; Culture and Worldview English / German / Danish site of Anders Bruun Laursen watching developping globalism: List of his articles
Accuracy in Media secular a watch-dog website
BIBLOS.com Multilingual Bible search engine tools most powerful research tool. Also leads to Greek/Hebrew parallel text, NT-Interlinear Text and Scripture Text
Fill the Void Ministries Christian Articles: Bible Prophecy, N.W. Hutchings. Prophecy section of this site lists fulfilled and unfulfilled prophecies - as seen from a pre-millennial perspective.
Your Israel Connection Christian / Jewish Connecting Israel and the Church: lists its speakers with their own webites
TIP - The Israel Project News Services - Secular / Jewish a resourceful non-government organisation providing "journalists and leaders accurate information about the Middle East." Extensive links page, also see
Israelpundit News Services - Jewish "News and Views on Israel, the Middle East, the war on terror and the clash of civilizations." Editor: Ted Belman.
Out of Zion Messianic Reason for this site by David Silver
Classical Hebrew.com Jewish sites Teaching Biblical and Modern Hebrew. "We teach students all over the world through our language program with Live teachers from the Holy Land."
Israel Always Christian, News ICEJ, Earl Cox, TV network, Operation Lifeshield (concrete bomb shelters). Short video with Earl Cox's Challenge to the Church Daily News-updates on Frontpage Jerusalem Radio
ASK DR BROWN Messianic Click here to find out. To find his books please enter his name in the search box on the left.
JWR Jewish news Jewish World Review Mission statement "
Summit Ministries worldview "Summit Ministries® is an educational Christian ministry whose very existence is a response to our current post-Christian culture." President: Dr. David Noebel. Conferences, Institutes, lecture series. Worldview Dictionary, seven different worldviews, Faculty
The Genesis Files Christian "The Genesis Files web site utilizes modern Bible related resources that include the use of maps, satellite imagery, and graphics to aid in understanding the Scriptures." Bible Atlas linked to Google Atlas. Archeology and Remote Sensing For related Christian Ministries see Resources.
Prophecy Matters Christian, Culture and Worldview Jim Fletcher, see his book: The End of the World as We Know it.
Project Shofar Jewish sites Gary Cooperberg, Voice of Hebron: "Project Shofar exists solely for the purpose of sounding the alarm to make people aware of the ongoing process of Biblical Redemption." Interview with Gary Cooperberg
Focus on Jerusalem Christian, Culture and Worldview, maps "Journey through Bible Prophecy with Darrell G. Young" Powerpoint shows and maps
Focus on Jerusalem maps See "Focus on Jerusalem" access to 'History in a Nutshell'
Masada 2000 maps History of Israel & 'Palestine.' "ISRAEL 101: A SURVIVAL KIT FOR DUMMIES" contains a 5s fly-over video of Masada
AIJAC - Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council News, Jewish "the premier public affairs organisation for the Australian Jewish community" - lists the excerpts of Julius Stone's book "Israel and Palestine - Assault on the Law of Nations" by Ian Lacey, B.A., LL.B. 'International Law and the Arab-Israel Conflict"
AIJAC maps Modern history, chronological sequence of maps in section 7. of the excerpts (pdf, 41 pp) from Julius Stone's book "Israel and Palestine - Assault on the Law of Nations" (maps of the Website of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Legal documents.
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jewish, maps most extensive collection of maps
Voice of Revolution News, Messianic Dr Michael Brown's webpage. Also see Ask the Rabbi
Spiritual Research Network Timelines contains a list of the timelines of various religions, founders and cults
Community of Reconciliation Messianic, Christian Community pursuing reconciliation in Yeshua/Jesus between Jews and Christians, Jews and Arabs. German, French and English site with sermons and teaching articles. Leader: Marcel Rebiaï (Gemeinschaft der Versöhnung). See: "Islam, Israel and the Church."
The Vine and Branches Christian  
Frontpage Jerusalem News Services - Christian produced by ICEJ, downloads, potcasts
Steel on Steel News Christian, One World Government Alternative News Broadcast covering political, economic and religious issues; hosted by John Loeffler - use pw 4jan for podcasts - 40 days free. USD 7.-/month
Hebrew for Christians - The Jewish Feasts Jewish sites, Christian, Messianic best site concerning the JEWISH FEASTS
Day of Discovery Christian and/or Messianic TV/Radio, DVDs - numerous DVDs and TV programs that are relevant to this Israel-pro.org site. See for instance "Signs of the Endtimes"
Radio Free Church Christian, News Speakers include David Hocking, Jacob Prasch, Roger Oakland, Bill Koenig, Rick Oliver, Dave Hunt, John Higgins, and many others. We want to take advantage of the available technology and reach the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. - Linked to ITD In the Days, Current news events in the light of Biblical prophecy.
Jihad Watch Media Bias Robert Spencer's website
ICZC - International Christian Zionist Center Christian Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Website of IsraelMyBeloved; Site Map
BIBLE PROPHECY TODAY Messianic-Jewish, Culture & Worldview David Brickner, JFJ; with collaboraters: "News and Commentary from a Biblical Perspective"
Fire For God Christian and/or Messianic site important de publications, enregistrements et livres chrétiens et messianiques en français - téléchargement gratuit
International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation Christian Messianic The Christian Allies Caucus IIACF: "Pioneered by MK Rabbi Binyamin Elon, the International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation (IIACF) is dedicated to the purpose of promoting communication and information sharing between parliamentarians and legislators the world over who share a belief that the State of Israel has the right to exist in peace within secure borders."
Toward Jerusalem Council II Messianic Christian Prayer "an initiative of repentance and reconciliation between the Jewish and Gentile segments of the Church"
Apologetics Index Christian "The Apologetics Index (apologeticsindex.org) 'family of web sites' provides nearly 43.000 pages of research resources on religious cults, sects, new religious movements, alternative religions, apologetics-, anticult-, and countercult organizations, doctrines, religious practices and world views."
Caspari Center Jerusalem Christian / Jewish "Our vision is to see a strong and growing presence of Jewish believers in Jesus in the midst of the Jewish people and in the body of Messiah throughout the world." Open Lectures
Messianic Good News Messianic Jewish On the meaning of the term "Messianic" see Peter Cohen's comments here. This organisation traces its roots to the late Dr. Arnold Frank in Germany: "Messianic Good News is a registered non-profit organisation, incorporated in terms of South African law. We proclaim the good news of salvation in Jesus the Messiah to Jewish and other seekers, primarily in the written format." It was founded in 1950 by John Düring, a Jewish Christian who fled to South Africa after the second World War. It has a GERMAN outreach as well and produces publications in Russian and in French.Note that MGN eschatology deviates from the majority view in that Daniel 9 was completely fulfilled in Jesus'/Yeshua's time."The time of Jacob's trouble...took place in A.D. 70." MGN Peter Cohen believes that another 'time of distress ...will come' according to Rev 3:10.
Critical Issues Commentary Christian Pastor Bob deWaay's evangelical apologetic ministry; TwinCity Fellowship, St.Louis Park, MN.Bless Israel Ministry.
AFII - Artists for Israel International Messianic Bible Society Bible search The Orthodox Jewish Bible. PDF-Version free download on PC and Mac. On-line Version. How to point to Yeshua in your Rabbi's Bible: PDF-version. Mobile OJB-version / or Mobile OJB-version for free download with many other versions. Messianic Archive page of Jorge Aquiñónez, AFII.
Vine of David Messianic A website under "First Fruit of Zion." "Vine of David has collected hundreds of documents from pre-holocaust and early twentieth century Jewish believers." Messianic Jewish Remnant Bibliographies contain the following numbers of articles (as of April 2011): Abram Poljak (3), Alexander McCaul (1), David Baron (11), Emanuel Yispe (1), Ezekiel Margoliouth (2), Franz Delitzsch (3), Heinrich Christian Immanuel (Samuel) Frommann (4), Instititum Judaicum Delitzschianum (1), Isaac Lichtenstein (11), Joachim Heinrich Biesenthal (18), Joseph Rabinowitz, Miscellaneous (1), Paul Philip Levertoff (33), Rabbi Daniel Zion (1), Rabbi Yechiel Tzvi Lichtenstein (4), Theophilus Lucky (7)
Prophecy News Watch Christian and/or Messianic a premillennialist Christian news site
Miskan Book Store Christian Messianic Many valuable books and issues with articles and reviews on topics related to Israel, such as #62 on the new Anti-Semtism. The Mishkan Article index lists hundreds of titles.
CANA Christian Christian Answers for the New Age (CANA): Marcia Montenegro - helpful introduction to New Age with its many deceptive facets and her biography. Including section on Feng-Shui
IBA Israeli TV-News Service English Israeli News Daily Israel-TV News in English
National Geographic Maps Online maps comments on these maps may not be neutral
Lexilogos Online maps French sources
Contender Ministries Christian Messianic old and new religions, sects, Christian heresies -
Israel Info Net Jewish News - francophone Israel infos : Actualites Israel, Presse monde juif, Informations communauté juive francophone
Prophecy Depot (Bill Salus) Christian News and Bible Prophecy, see his book Israelstine
Prophecy Depot Christian Bill Salus: Radio
Bible Prophecy Blog Christian commentaries on the news from a biblical perspective
France-Israël Jewish French news on Israel. "l'Association France-Israël est l'héritière de l'Association France-Palestine fondée en 1926." Voire l'Association.
Azure - Ideas for the Jewish Nation Jewish Azure: Ideas for the Jewish Nation presents the best in Jewish thought from Israel and around the world. Azure is a quarterly journal published in English and Hebrew editions in Jerusalem by Shalem Press-the publishing division of the Shalem Center. Azure offers essays and criticism on Israeli and Jewish public policy, Jewish philosophy, cultural trends, religion in public life, Zionist history and much more. Since its founding in 1996, Azure has brought together a wide range of young and established writers united by a commitment to the richness of Jewish tradition and the centrality of a strong, free, and Jewish State of Israel.
Des Infos Jewish News Content. Français, Anglais, Allemand etc
Line of Fire Messianic The podcast / Radio Minsitry of Dr. Michael Brown
Israel in Prophecy Jewish No to be confused with the messianic-Jewish-Christian site of the same name. One of the major differences is that the Jewish Messiah is indeed the one whom the Messianic-Jews and the Christians expect except that He is coming for the second time. Further details are found in the book of the prophet Zacharias ch. 12-14.
Land of Israel Jewish "Bringing the Truth & Beauty of Israel to the World - Israel Inspired TV & Radio from Jerusalem"
Apologetic maps in defense of Israel (strategic) maps "Mark Langfan is a New York-based attorney who writes frequently on Middle Eastern affairs and security issues confronting Israel. He has created a three-dimensional topographical model of Israel to explain the implications of strategic height and depth for Israel's security."
IMJA, International Messianic Jewish Alliance Messianic Formerly IHCA
Messianic Judaism Wiki Messianic 'Encyclopedia and cultural repository' (site started in 2012)
Des Infos Jewish "frei verfügbar und kostenlos, um Ihnen echte Informationen über Israel zu geben" Französisch, Englisch, Deutsch und andere Sprachen
Pro-Israel Jewish Th portal to friends of Israel worldwide. Editor Daniel Katz
Jewish Christian Relations Jewish/Christian Relations "Insights and Issues in the ongoing Jewish-Christian Dialogue" a multilingual site (excluding Hebrew)
Jewish Christian Dialogues jewish-christian dialog "Insights and Issues in the ongoing Jewish-Christian Dialogue" (a multilingual site, excluding Ivrit)
ICJS, Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies Jewish-Christian relations "Discovering our Common Ground, Celebrating our Differences" - see List of Signatories of Dabru Emet (2007.08.10) - Jewish Response (to speak the truth; Zech 8:16)
Israel Hayom Israel News About this paper (click on HAYOM for English Text)
Heart of God Ministries Messianic Aliya promoting ministry by Carolyne and Richard Hyde
Robert Maginnis secular news Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Robert Maginnis, National Security & Foreign Affairs Specialist - many links and articles on national security issues, also see Bible Prophecy Blog
Dreuz (France) News services, secular and/or Jewish Antisémitisme, Génocide, Terrorisme - plusieures auteurs non-conformistes, Guy Millière etc.
Biblia (Logos) Bible search online some 50 Bible translations in several languages for online searching
Accordance Bible Bible Search Powerful Bible Search Program for Mac users. Extraordinary research tool. Allows very versatile interlinear Hebrew and Greek displays for the Scholars Collection for Version 9 and Version 10. - Windows version promised for 2013.
Biblia Universalis French Bible Search Association Biblique d'Alsace: La Bible informatisée
Guysen Jewish News and Blogs  
Israel's Archeological Archives Jewish Israel’s Antiquities Authority (IAA) has launched a new Israel Archaeological Archive, to be accessible on the Internet in English, with a general explanation also available in Hebrew." (January 2013)
Jerusalem on the Line Messianic News from a messianic perspective, Barry Segal. Watch the video from Ashdod and Iron Dome.
AJC Archives Jewish American Jewish Committee Archives
JForum Juif - les News sur Israël Le Portail Juif Francophone
Prophecy Dude Christian An Assemblies of God Church website with discussions on topics about Biblical Prophecy.Statement of Faith
Jerusalem on Line News Daily TV News from Jerusalem in English
BibleVerses.com Bible search engines a website 'for the visually impaired.' Note that Mac computers allow enlarging any screen to the desired font-size via touch-pad and two fingers. - Users may want to google 'Conservative Bible' to evaluate the top version of this site.

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