Dec 10, 2019


On-Line Maps and Tools

These are just the Sites we've arbitrarily categorized as "On-Line Maps."

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Site Name Description
AIJAC Modern history, chronological sequence of maps in section 7. of the excerpts (pdf, 41 pp) from Julius Stone's book "Israel and Palestine - Assault on the Law of Nations" (maps of the Website of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Legal documents.
Apologetic maps in defense of Israel "Mark Langfan is a New York-based attorney who writes frequently on Middle Eastern affairs and security issues confronting Israel. He has created a three-dimensional topographical model of Israel to explain the implications of strategic height and depth for Israel's security."
Comparison Maps compares the size of modern Israel with the size of many other countries to show how small Israel really is.
Eye On Israel  
Focus on Jerusalem "Journey through Bible Prophecy with Darrell G. Young" Powerpoint shows and maps
Focus on Jerusalem See "Focus on Jerusalem" access to 'History in a Nutshell'
Geography as sees it  
Google Map of Israel
Historic Maps of Jerusalem - Ancient maps. These may take some time to load
Israel Insider - Israel's Story in Maps - Home page has daily news
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs most extensive collection of maps
Lexilogos French sources
Maps of modern Israel  
Maps of the Middle East  
Masada 2000 History of Israel & 'Palestine.' "ISRAEL 101: A SURVIVAL KIT FOR DUMMIES" contains a 5s fly-over video of Masada
National Geographic Maps comments on these maps may not be neutral
Other site maps of Israel please consult GMI, the most extensive site for on-line maps and map software
Palestinian Facts maps  
The Jewish Agency for Israel The Arab Israel Conflict in Maps

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