Jan 28, 2020


One World Government

These are just the Sites we've arbitrarily categorized as "One World" as they watch over religious and political developments that will eventually lead to a One World Government.

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Site Name Description
Antipas Ministries  
Spiritual Counterfeits Project  
Eye on the United Nations  
The Cutting Edge  
Earthwatch Institute  
Kjos Ministries Brit Kjos, Bio and purpose, apologetics, many useful links on New (Age) Spirituality and its exponents. Lists links to websites that promote World Government. - Archive of articles
prophezine.com (Pre-tribulational Rapture position)
Hope for the World Gary Kah's website, 'in-depth coverage of today's global events;' see products
Discerning the Times Michael Koffman, Ph.D. - "Discerning the Times is a subsidiary of Environmental Perspectives, Inc. an educational-research organization that since 1992 has been helping citizens across America to understand the dangers of the Environmental Movement and how false environmental catastrophes like global warming are being used to justify the need for world government and religion. " He is the founder of Environmental Perspectives
Forcing Change a monthly intelligence journal and resource site documenting international trends toward globalization and world change. Membership requires payment of subscription fees. Editor: Carl Teichrib, Canada. Working together with Gary Kah’s Hope For The World and with Berit Kjos
UN WATCH A non-governmental organization based in Geneva, monitoring "the performance of the United Nations by the yardstick of its own Charter."
Environmental Perspectives a sister organisation of Discerning the Times, Dr. Michael Koffman
Steel on Steel Alternative News Broadcast covering political, economic and religious issues; hosted by John Loeffler - use pw 4jan for podcasts - 40 days free. USD 7.-/month
EuroMed and the Media English / German / Danish site of Anders Bruun Laursen watching developping globalism: List of his articles
SPP, Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America North American Economic Union
The Great Global Warming Swindle Order the DVD 2008 for £9.99. This website makes numerous scientific articles available to expose this environmental swindle.

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