Mar 30, 2020


Bible Search Tools/Engine Sites

These are just the Sites we've arbitrarily categorized as "Search."

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Site Name Description
Bible Gateway A Christian search engine.
Crosswalk - OT-Hebrew The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon. Search with Strong's numbers
Crosswalk Bible Study Tools NJV, TNIV, NIrV, ABS-GN and much more
Messianic Prophecy Bible See their list of the top 20 Messianic Prophecies. The Messianic Prophecy Bible Project will be distributing these Bibles to Jewish people around the world who do not believe in Yeshua (Jesus). Just logon to reserve your Free Bible today.
A Hebrew - English Bible (According to the Masoretic Text and the JPS 1917 Edition) (Your Bible on the Net)
Logos Library System (over 100 books on CDs with LLS browser)
Bibleworks Hermeneutika (Bible search system)
Blue Letter Bible (free Bible search tools)
Christian Shareware Study Tools  
NetBible and Biblical Studies Foundation  
NetBible Bible Study Tools, Resources and Helps - in MP3 Podcasts and print, NEXT Bible etc.
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies (Focusing on the early Christian writings and their social world)
Laridian Bible Software Bibles for your PDA: Bible Software for Windows PC, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPod Devices
Crosswalk Directory (a Christian search engine)
Saltshakers (How Jews and Gentiles can meet and discover Messiah together)
Study Light Free on-line Bible Study tools and commentaries Multilingual most powerful research tool. Also leads to Greek/Hebrew parallel text, NT-Interlinear Text and Scripture Text
AFII - Artists for Israel International Messianic Bible Society The Orthodox Jewish Bible. PDF-Version free download on PC and Mac. On-line Version. How to point to Yeshua in your Rabbi's Bible: PDF-version. Mobile OJB-version / or Mobile OJB-version for free download with many other versions. Messianic Archive page of Jorge Aquiñónez, AFII.
Biblia (Logos) some 50 Bible translations in several languages for online searching
Accordance Bible Powerful Bible Search Program for Mac users. Extraordinary research tool. Allows very versatile interlinear Hebrew and Greek displays for the Scholars Collection for Version 9 and Version 10. - Windows version promised for 2013.
Biblia Universalis Association Biblique d'Alsace: La Bible informatisée a website 'for the visually impaired.' Note that Mac computers allow enlarging any screen to the desired font-size via touch-pad and two fingers. - Users may want to google 'Conservative Bible' to evaluate the top version of this site.

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