Jan 29, 2020


Secular and Jewish News Sites

These are just the Sites we've arbitrarily categorized as "Secular News " or "Jewish News".

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Site Name Description
Des Infos Content. Français, Anglais, Allemand etc
Dreuz (France) Antisémitisme, Génocide, Terrorisme - plusieures auteurs non-conformistes, Guy Millière etc.
Israel Info Net Israel infos : Actualites Israel, Presse monde juif, Informations communauté juive francophone
AIJAC - Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council "the premier public affairs organisation for the Australian Jewish community" - lists the excerpts of Julius Stone's book "Israel and Palestine - Assault on the Law of Nations" by Ian Lacey, B.A., LL.B. 'International Law and the Arab-Israel Conflict"
Answering Islam see 'Individual Authors'
Anti-Defamation League  
Anti-Semitism The Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center at the Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC)
Arutz Sheva Israel Broadcasting Network in French, for English Israel International News
Barry Chamish Kabbalah, America and Mystery Babylon, Rapture, Maitreya
Committee for Acuracy in Middle East Reporting for America  
History in a Nutshell  
History in a Nutshell Two - An educational tool - Basic facts about the Middle East conflict from 1250 BCE
IMRA Newsletter Independant Media Review Analysis (IMRA) - Middle East News & Analysis
Israel National News  
Israel National TV  
Israelpundit "News and Views on Israel, the Middle East, the war on terror and the clash of civilizations." Editor: Ted Belman.
ISRAPUNDIT one of the largest collections of Israel-related websites of every category, articles, documents and blogs
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs an independent institution, since 30 years devoted to key problems of the Jewish world. Key Issues, Problems and solutions vital in Israel's fight fore survival. Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism: Online Antisemitism 2.0. Anti-Semitism and the World Council of Churches
Jerusalem Post Radio  
JEWCY.COM Article on WHO IS A JEW? [ Israel's State-Sanctioned Persecution Of Messianic Jews Must End, by Roi Ben-Yehuda, April 28, 2008 ] - "The website, "Jewcy" is rather edgy, but it's supposedly the third most widely read Jewish online publication on the internet - after Haaretz and Jerusalem Post." (R.R.)
Jewish Virtual Library  
Jewish Zionist Education  
JWR Jewish World Review Mission statement "
Mid East Truth to install MideEastTruth toolbar on your computer
Palestine Facts  
Robert Maginnis Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Robert Maginnis, National Security & Foreign Affairs Specialist - many links and articles on national security issues, also see Bible Prophecy Blog
Test2 Test 2
The Israel Project (TIP) international, non-governmental agency for journalists and leaders with news from the Middle-East
The Maccabean-Online Political Analysis and Commentary on Israeli and Jewish Affairs
The Wall Live Western Wall camera at Aish.com
TIP - The Israel Project a resourceful non-government organisation providing "journalists and leaders accurate information about the Middle East." Extensive links page, also see
TKB, Terrorism Knowledge Base research tool of the MIPT, Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism
Truth about the Middle East Conflict  
Victor Mordecai Dennis Avi Lipkin / alias Victor Mordecai, IDF Spokesman from 1989-2001,bio
Victor Mordechai The Sword of Islam
Virtual Israel (includes Israelwire: an 'up-to-the-minute news service')
Voice of Israel radio station  
WorldNetDaily includes Israel and the Middle East also
Zionist Israel News Connection (ZINC) The Zionist Organization of America's Israel News Connection
UCI, Unity Coalition for Israel The largest network of pro-Israel groups in the world. Daily TV-News in English: JerusalemOnLine DotCom. Weekly News summaries. Israel on YouTube, videos.

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