Feb 26, 2020


Wiki Timelines


The term timeline covers a spectrum that reaches from arbitrarily selected particular events aligned in chronological fashion to a string of deliberately selected events recorded in their sequence of occurrence. Not only the selection itself but the very sequential alignment may reflect an interpretation that lends meaning to history.

We live in a time when new historians are rewriting histories in order to manipulate historic facts for their political or religious purposes. While it is true that it is the task of historians to select and interprete the facts of history it is also true that each interpretation depends on the worldview of the historian concerned. This is true in the case of each particular event as well as in terms of a chain of cause and effects. In most cases one needs to discover the worldview of the historian unless the historian discusses his or her own presuppositions.

The links of our website are offered at the discretion of the reader. Caution is necessary for all links to timelines of history.

These Sites we've categorized as Wiki "Timelines" because they reflect the open source concept of the Wiki format.

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Site Name Description
Timeline of Jerusalem a Wikipedia site
Timeline of Zionism this is a Wikipedia site
The Israel-Palestinian Conflict This conflict is often wrongly portrayed as a "cycle" of violence as if it had not had any beginning
Jewish History this is a Wikipedia site
Timeline of Messianic Prophecy this is a unique timeline absolutely unlike any other one
Wiki Timelines This is the Wikipedia list of timelines. Some of them may be relevant for our website here.
Jewish Remnant Timeline A Timeline: Jewish Missions,The Jewish Remnant, The Messianic Jewish Revival
Bible Prophecy This Wikipedia site on the basis of the false assumption that Biblical prophecy is a matter of "neutrality" seeks to compare Jewish, Christian and Muslim interpretations in order to invalidate Biblical prophecy, pretending that the site needs "additional citations for verification."
Rapture Ready Timelines These are included for information only, not as examples for wiki timelines.
Spiritual Research Network contains a list of the timelines of various religions, founders and cults

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