Feb 26, 2020


HISTORY of Jewish-Christian Relations

HISTORY of Jewish-Christian Relations (JCR)

A Bibliography Collection

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  • The complete list of JCR-tagged works
  • JCR1 Christian Studies on Inclusion v. Replacement Theology
  • JCR2 Jewish Studies on Covenant Theology of Israel & Nations
  • JCR3 Ancient and Early Christian History
  • JCR4 Medieval & Reformation History
  • JCR5 Modern History to Holocaust
  • JCR6 Post Holocaust Jewish-Christian Dialogue & Ecumenism
  • JCR7 Views on Messianic Jewish Revival & Messianic Judaism
  • JCR8 Reconciliation between Jews & Gentiles in the Church (incl. the invisible church)
  • JCR9 Reconciliation between Arab Christians & Messianic Jews
  • JCR10 Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations
  • Anti-Christian Zionism (see ANT Bibliography)