Feb 17, 2020


Judaism(s) and Jewish Identity

Judaism(s) and Jewish Identity (JID)

A Bibliography Collection

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  • The complete list of JID-tagged works
  • JID1 Secular Judaism
  • JID2 Religious Judaism and the Threat of Assimilation
  • JID3 Denominational Quagmire
  • JID4 Crypto-Jews
  • JID5 Yeshua's Jewishness & Messianic Jewish Identity
  • JID6 Jewish Identity and the Christian Church
  • JID7 Jewish Identity and Jewish calling
  • JID8 Psychological and Sociocultural Studies
  • JID9 Chosenness: We Choose or God Chooses?
  • JID10 Through the Eyes of Famous Jews
  • JID11 Jewish Identity in the Nation of Israel
  • JID12 Jewishness and Conversions to Judaism in History
  • JID13 Religious or Ethnic? Joseph or Judah? Universal or National?
  • JID14 Jewishness in the Diaspora