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We've collected a few links over the years. If you think we need to add some, send us the link in the comments below.

  1. The Big List.
  2. Just the Messianic Jewish* Sites
  3. Just the Christian sites
  4. Just the Jewish Sites
  5. Jewish-Christian Relations
  6. Some of the many Pro-Israel Prayer Ministry Sites
  7. Secular and Christian Anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist Sites
  8. Some of the Bible search engines/tools we've found useful
  9. Nice Online maps
  10. News Services - Christian and/or Messianic
  11. News Services - Secular and/or Jewish
  12. Media bias "watchdog" sites
  13. One World Government "watchdog" sites
  14. Links to Wiki Timelines
  15. Israel (Culture and Worldview) in Prophecy

Most sites lead to further links.

(*) there are at least two kinds of messianic Jews: those who believe that the Jewish Yeshua is the Messiah and those who don't (see Jewish sites)

Also see the comments column in the Bibliographies for additional links that may not be listed here.

Feel free to leave us comments below. Please restrict them to comments about this page only, and the references on it. There are other places to add comments about other pages and topics.
Thank you!

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Nate Mildren — 10 February 2016, 21:59

Please add a link to Kehilanews.com Kehila News is an online centralized portal for the Messianic community in Israel, publishing articles and videos from over 100 congregations and ministries, all in one easy place. The Hebrew word "kehila" means community or congregation. Kehila News lets you see the news in Israel through the eyes of the believers that live in Israel. You can contact me at nate@kehilanews.com

yijvddwr — 03 April 2013, 21:08

CsBJuI <a href="http://wdbrrsbvuuvq.com/">wdbrrsbvuuvq</a>

Ahmed — 02 April 2013, 12:54

Ha, do I have more than you now? I have abandoned MJPassages, relaly. The intention of that one was especially to take many of the series of posts I had done and various topical categories and arrange things.I will someday soon start making mini eBooks out of blog series and offer them dirt cheap for people with eReaders. That may be a better way. It could be worth 49 cents to have the whole text of a series like Non-Jews and Torah available on one's computer or eReader or 99 cents for a host of articles on the topic of the Jewish context of Yeshua's life.Yes, the number of sites gets overwhelming at times. But I have to say that the many people I converse with by email and social media shows me that there are many thousands out there who want some context in the Bible reading and practice. I just wish I had a full-time assistant or something!Derek Leman

mybyhco — 31 July 2012, 16:59

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pqxyyp — 30 July 2012, 19:30

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Jessica — 29 July 2012, 23:02

A Vision of Submission and LoveI had been in search of what i then cllead the church for a number of years prior to my receiving the vision that i will now share with you. In that search i heard many preach and speak of the need for husbands to love their wives .Ephesians 5:25 was the prime reference for such preaching. Husbands, love your wives, even as The Messiah also loved the ecclesia(church), and gave Himself for it. Love is not a husband and wife sharing their natural affection for one another, which is referred to as coming together again in 1 Corinthians7:5.And Eph 5:25 was preached and preached, again and again, and i wondered, why is it that Ephesians 5:25 was recorded after and not before 5:22 , and why is it no one preaches a message concerning those verses just prior to Ephesians 5:25 ?Eph 5:22-25 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Master(Lord). For the husband is the head of the wife, even as The Messiah is the Head of the ecclesia(church), and He is the saviour of the body. Therefore, as the ecclesia is subject unto The Messiah, so let the wives be subject unto their own husbands in every thing. Husbands, love your wives, even as The Messiah also loved the ecclesia, and gave Himself for it .Well the why no one preaches concerning the verses just prior to Eph 5:25 was readily answered as i began to recognize the manipulative processes used by women who desired to dominate the men folk within their particular ecclesia. And yes, that domination began at the home . However the question of verse order, why verses 5:22-24 prior to verse 5:25? was one thing i still could not comprehend.And today i yet remain thankful to GOD that i could not comprehend the verse order because that caused me to cry unto HIM for understanding, and HE provided such understanding in a vision, a revelation! In the vision there were two hands, a right hand and a left hand. And there was a person running about, to and fro in the left hand, and it was revealed the left hand was mine and that the one running about, to and fro, in the left hand was I in days that were thankfully long since gone. Days when I was doing my own thing seeking my own way, self-willed indeed and Truth. And the right hand in the vision?It was revealed that the right hand in the vision represented The Hand of GOD!It was then revealed that in those times past, when i was seeking to do my own thing , sadly, i did not know that GOD loved me. I did not know GOD. I was my god'. Then by the Grace of GOD, the time came when HE revealed HIMSELF unto me.And then HE led me to HIS Son, and HIS Son, The Messiah, led me back to the One i once knew as GOD . However, the One i had known only as my GOD , i now knew as Our Father ! The GOD and Father of The Messiah was now Our GOD and Our Father!All Thanks, Glory And Praise Be Unto Our Father !Then it was revealed that when i submitted unto Our GOD, when i was delivered from my own hand, seeking my own will, and into HIS Hand, desiring HIS Will, it was at that moment i knew HE Loved me.Yes, Our GOD and Father even Loved me when i was not submitted unto HIM, yet I could not experience, receive, or believe HE Loved me until I submitted unto HIM, HIS Will, HIS Way! And then it was revealed that it is the same with a husband and wife. When the wife submits, only then does she realize that her husband truly loves her. Oh, he loved her all the time, it's just that she could not believe, receive, or experience the love her husband had for her until she submitted unto him.And so the simplicity of, and the need for, the verse order was revealed.Apart from submission, Love can not be received, GOD to Messiah, Messiah to man and man to woman. Love is given, yet only in submission can Love be received.Men and women are not the same and Thank GOD for the difference. Our Father has HIS Order, HE is The HEAD of The Messiah, The Messiah is the Head of the man, and man is the head of the woman .(ICor11:3) So why question The ONE GOD, Father of ALL ? Apart from the Spirit of GOD, The Spirit of Truth, women rule over men, and as they seek and desire to dominate, they scream, you don't love me, you don't love me ! For until a wife submits unto her husband she can not receive and experience the Love her husband was given, to give unto her.Yet there is hope for such women, and the men that are dominated.There is Hope that there would be those who see !For Miracles do happen!Hope is there will be those who experience The Miracle that is receiving love of The Truth for they will see that The Only True GOD is a GOD of Order not dis-order, and The Life is only realized by those who submit too, and abide in, HIS Order. Father Help! and HE does .Peace, in spite of the dis-ease(no-peace) and dis-order that is of this wicked world, for the WHOLE world is under the control of the evil one (1 John 5:19) indeed and Truth .Truth is never ending .

Hila — 28 January 2011, 00:02

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Richard Harvey — 01 January 2009, 01:11

Elisheva's poem is great - I would be interested in using it in my next book, Principles of the Messianic Jewish Faith. Can you give me some more biographical and literary details? With best regards,

pmeier — 11 March 2008, 18:06

This site needs an additionl section for GENERAL entries that are pro-Israel 'in general' like Brigitte Gabriel's 'American Congress for Truth' - not specifically related to Bible Prophecy

bernie — 05 February 2008, 07:49

I've rearranged these links as "Links" group.